Bill Looman’s ‘No Hiring Until Obama’s Gone’ Signs Stir Controversy


Your Latter Day Iconoclast can’t help but notice that Bill Looman III of Waco, Ga., had a rotten, bad, terrible day Tuesday.

After word got out about his hanging signs on his pick-em-up trucks saying “Official Company Policy, No Hiring Until Obama is Gone,” Bill had to disconnect his phones. His friend at American Crane Works in Charlotte, N. Car., Rodney Ashley, scrubbed Looman’s name and company from the American Crane Works website, where he had been listed as an “affiliate.” And, poor misunderstood Southern boy that he is, he found himself having to scrub, scrub and then rescrub his Facebook page.

He did find time for a brief interview with a Georgia television station. They didn’t ask him any of the questions we asked, and Looman has changed his original story. Gone was the hate-filled, islamophobic, liberal-bashing Looman. He was replaced by an “aw, shucks, I don’t know why folks is mad at me fer speakin’ my opinion” backwater boob.

Let’s review.

When a caller from Americans Against the Tea Party asked him about the signs, Looman told him “I’ll start hiring again when there’s no Muslim in the White House.”

The Georgia television station (video above) asked some softball questions while failing to ask Looman about his other associations, such as those we brought to your attention in our first story about him Monday evening. He wasn’t asked, nor did he elaborate about his connection with far right wing websites that call for violence if Obama is reelected, such as The Regulators Anti-Socialism Vigilance Committee.


Poor Bill Looman III. The bad thing about the First Amendment is that you are free to say whatever you want to say. But you are also free to suffer the consequences thereof. We notice that Bill changed his story from, “No hiring while there’s a Muslim in the White House” to “Ah cain’t afford to hahr nobody nohow” once the TV cameras arrived. He can fool a softball throwing TV station. He can not fool the Latter Day Iconoclast.

Now, the story is he just can’t afford to hire anybody, and it’s Obama’s policies that are to blame. Not that he won’t hire anyone while there’s a Muslim in the White House.

Again, we sent Mr. Looman a list of 14 questions he has refused to answer.

1. When were you in the Marines?

2. Where were you stationed?

3. Do any time overseas? Iraq? Afghanistan?

4. What was your rank at discharge?

5. What was your MOS?

6. Why do you seem to have this inexplicable hatred of Muslims?

7. Why do you believe the President is a Muslim when he has said time and time again he is not?

8. As a former Marine, don’t you feel any qualms about attacking your fellow Marines’ commander in chief?

9. What proof do you have that the President is a Muslim?

10. If you say, as you did yesterday on your Facebook page (before you scrubbed it, but I have the screen cap) that you would hire if Satan were president if you could afford it, then why take this jab at Obama?

11. You say you have two new customers who signed up with you because of your views. Who are they and how can I contact them to verify your story. If this is true, you would think they would be proud of it, right?

12. Why, last night, did you just pick up your phone and hang it up, instead of talking to people who were rightfully outraged by your position?

13. Don’t you think it’s irresponsible, in this economy, to refuse to hire someone because you don’t like the president?

14. What do you think of your friend in Charlotte, Mr. Ashley, who lists you as “an affiliate” on his American Crane Works website, but then told me in a telephone interview last night that you are NOT an affiliate?

We tried calling him Monday night, but he just kept picking up the phone and hanging up. We gave him the opportunity to answer these questions (and extend the invitation yet again), but he has refused to acknowledge them.

Oh, but he does have two or three supporters out there who are willing to speak up FOR him…

Ronv Lopez (not a misspelling, oddly enough…) accused us of harassing Looman.

Yep, you are free to do it, but you are also free to show how small and petty you are. Professional journalist? Professional nothing.

Baltimore Liberal Examiner below the Wedding Examiner and just above the Massage therapy Examiner. I’m outta here, thought this was an important site!

What military were you in, Schmallfeldt?

Note, your Latter Day Iconoclast is not correcting the spelling, grammar or punctuation of any of these folks. However, he did get 3,278 page views on his Examiner site yesterday so he thinks it is, in fact, an important site. (Your LDI was in the Navy for two hitches, 1973-1977 and 1981-1985 when a service connected injury resulted in a medical discharge.)

CLynn Lopez (his wife? Alter ego? Who knows?) was just as kind in her questioning.

What, 76 people read your stuff?? REAL professional to toss out insults, harass and harangue. That’ll get you LOTS of interviews. (Hardy har har!). I looked at your list of ‘interview questions”. Did you have a ten year old write them? When you get a moment, you should post your code of ethics. Seems like you need a reminder! I just laugh. You’re no journalist, writer, blogger, nor columnist. You’re a man with a small, little mind and you’ve proven it over and over again. One final point? When’s the last time you’ve seen/read/heard…a REAL journalist make such comments as “Billy’s Butt Buddy’? Do you have a fixation on being an asshole so much that it carries over into your ‘professional writer career’…if that’s what you call your ‘examples’ of ‘writing’???

What credentials for ‘journalist do you hold? Who is your actual ‘boss’? Do you have an office? Do you have colleagues? Were YOU ever in the military? What branch and when? So, you write for free? I highly doubt your writing career has placed you within the 1%, but how about a ball park figure for your writing ‘salary’. (From $10 to ??????? or do you write for free?) Name the largest, most impressive publication you’ve ever written for. Post link to the article. Why do you have in inexplicable hatred for anyone who holds different beliefs than yours? How do you feel, deep down inside, about being an asshole? What ARE the code of ethics for the BLE? What are your personal code of ethics? How can you possibly think you’re contributing to an exchange of ideas, when it seems apparent by your comments that your method of ‘writing’ is that of a complete imbecile? Final comment? Be proud, you’re a shining example of all that is so terribly wrong with the tactics of the left. And be proud, that you’re examples of ‘fine journalism’ have been the source of many laughs. Thanks for continuing to hold up the banner of idiocy, self centeredness, and basic stupidity, Mr. Professional Journalist!! Now, I’ll let you continue on, I’m sure you’ve got lots of important things on your schedule. Hope you don’t get lost finding that free turkey dinner that’s sure to be offered somewhere in Baltimore. Happy Thanksgiving, Buddy!!

There are more, but you get the point. We only hope that should the day come when we make a public ass of ourselves like Bill Looman III did, we have as many crazy friends come to our support as he did. But we would be all too happy to answer any questions that were asked of us, as we did CLynn. And we certainly would not disconnect our phones, hide behind our friends or lie to a nice, softball-question-asking TV reporter.

But that’s just us, we suppose…