Benevolence Captivates Human Heart Better Than Force


The story of Cain and Able in the bible is a story of negative greed that eventually leads to murder. When we read this story we sometimes wonder what really went wrong with Cain and why his offering was rejected and his brother Able’s offering was received. Many think it was because he offered wheat from the field and not a lamb or some other animal that could be sacrificed.

Adolf Hitler believed the only way to success was through force. The only way to obtain peace is to force people and through force peace can be obtained. This psychology conquered a good share of Europe and eventually involved the United States into WW II. Hitler believed that by force everything was possible.

Freedom was not a choice because men were not intelligent enough to make right choices. He believed you can take anything in this world by or with force; the calculated use of force can gain a person anything they want and there will be no shame because it will be done in the sacred name of freedom.

In today’s world, many of the basic beliefs in the bible are not used for schooling. The very idea that common sense is part of religion is viewed as false thinking. The political solution to help others is to take from the affluent and give it to the less fortunate.

To believe or not to believe in the bible is a matter of a person’s own taste but to ignore the great stories and the basic fundamentals illustrated with words in this text is to overlook the value of the great messages contained within its framework.

captivating heart
Captivating an honest heart

History teaches us how good or terribly the human race can act when correct principles are used and how far off course we go when these principles are ignored.

In the New Testament, we read about the Good Samaritan. How many passed the fallen victim before one person would stop and help? When we examine this analogy or parable we understand how important it is for we humans to be caring for the unfortunate. In this parable we see both force and benevolence in action.

I remember several years ago, I was driving home from work in Denver Colorado. Then for some reason I began to remember one time when I was younger how a man stopped to help my father with his car that was stalled along the highway. This gentleman stopped and offered help and then took us to a gas station to buy a fan belt and then brought us back. Dad was very impressed with this man’s benevolence and charity … I remember my father offering him money for stopping and the man refused, telling him it was his blessing to help.

My trip home grew close to the turn off leading to my home and family. I noticed a women standing behind her car parked along side of the very busy road … She was very distressed and tried to keep her four children in the car while she opened the hood to see the problem. I stopped and asked if she needed help.

She seemed relieved and asked me not to repair her car but to drive to her husband’s work place and notify her husband she was stranded. Since the car’s hood was up I looked under the hood and saw her radiator was leaking and her car was over heated. I told her I had some water in my car trunk but she seemed frantic for me to notify her husband.

I told her that I would be glad to take her to his job. She smiled and told me she was frightened of her Husband. I asked the dumb question then. Why are you afraid of your husband? She looked at me with her blue tearing eyes and told me he would probably hurt her again for having another man bring her to his job.

Force rules nothing because it works through fear. No person, who honors good deeds, will force anyone to submit or comply with their will by force … Cain was not forced to comply to the commandment but he did not heed God’s will. His desire to be recognized by others forced him to show he was as good as or better than his brother. The others in this case was Satan.

When force rules, it never conquers every person. There will always be those who will never be conquered by force. Benevolence conquers no man but captivates the honest at heart and softens the hard hearted to another way.

The four human traits which everyone possesses are:

Positive-Negative, attitudes

Active-Passive, traits

Most people are made up with these four ingredients of human nature. To know one self a person must understand which of these personality traits are the strongest in their nature. Are you more Positive or Negative?

Are you more Passive or Positive as you deal with life?

If you are Active Positive you deal with life in a very strong positive personality. If you are Passive Negative you deal with life with a losing attitude. A person with an Active Negative personality can use force very easily. A Positive Passive person looks at life with ease and not much bothers them.

Every person has a little of each trait in their system so we can all understand our own personality and correct or use our intellectual ability to change or help ourselves become a better person.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.