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In early 2005, with most media only reporting the bad things happening in Iraq and none of the good, NewsBlaze started the "Support Our Troops" section, to show the other side of the story, with soldiers in Iraq sending stories.

Travel back in time, to see stories of Iraqis receiving clean running water where none was before, schools opening, health improvements, local economies improving. Stories of Iraqis, living just miles apart who never spoke to each other, working together to improve their own security, coached and encouraged by American heroes.

Stories of Iraqis helping to find bombs, insurgents, weapons caches; stories of Iraqi soldiers, learning to serve their country and learning to think for themselves rather than being told what to do, as they were under Saddam. Discover the hidden truth.

Especially see how the sons and daughters of America give their all for their country and the world, in ways the complainers cannot understand. We love them all.

Support Our Troops, Read Their Stories

In addition to reacting to multiple training scenarios focused on containing situations quickly and with minimal force, Soldiers gained a solid understanding of the different equipment and capabilities.
07:02 Mar 13, 2014
Maj. Kopczynski will succeed Lt. Col. Marcus Thomas, who has served as the director since March, 2010.
16:59 Feb 8, 2014
Problems addressed by the students included topics such as the correlation between sleep and grades, eye color and the ability to see colors, or the effects of genetically modified organisms.
14:39 Jan 23, 2014
It can be difficult to give time, money and resources, but Soldiers in a local Army unit manage to do all that for a good cause.
04:06 Jan 15, 2014
Candidates for the SAMC spent numerous hours committing themselves in preparing for the board proceedings. Being a member of the SAMC is about being a strong disciplined leader that positively represents the U.S. Army.
07:56 Jan 9, 2014
The South Carolina National Guardsmen performed tasks on the Avenger Trainer and Stinger Training. This completed the second phase of their four phase training exercise to validate the unit for their deployment.
10:15 Jan 8, 2014
To give the kids more contexts, Benitezpenuelas also invited Soldiers from Alpha Battery, Fires Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment to give a demonstration on the M777A2 Howitzer.
09:49 Jan 8, 2014
The 11th Aviation Command recognized that there were aviation maintenance personnel from the New York National Guard mobilizing at Fort Hood and created a mutually beneficial arrangement: a hands-on training opportunity for the National Guard Soldie
19:11 Jan 7, 2014
During this last step of a deployment, understanding the process will assist the military personnel and their families effectively navigate the return home.
12:32 Jan 5, 2014
Over 150 spectators braved freezing temperatures and 15 mph winds to watch 166th Aviation Brigade's second Annual Turkey Bowl at the Smith Middle School stadium
00:46 Dec 22, 2013
The ride teamed experience with inexperienced riders, but it gave all the motorcyclists an opportunity to gain group experience on their ride to Cloudcroft, N.M.
04:31 Dec 13, 2013
Col. Thombleson will succeed the current Director, Col. Jerry Hadley, who retires at the end of December after 28 years of distinguished military service.
17:19 Nov 30, 2013
When an email was sent out from the Fort Bliss School Liaison Office asking for volunteers from Fort Bliss to help the school, Redhawk and Black Scorpion decided to step in and help the community.
02:45 Nov 29, 2013
In his role as the national-level personnel director for both Army and Air National Guard, soon-to-be Brig. Gen. Denton will be responsible for plans, programs and policies associated with individual and unit readiness
23:42 Nov 28, 2013
Col. Shatto is a career engineer officer graduating from the US Army Officer Candidate School in 1987. He is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a career full-time employee of the Indiana National Guard.
04:32 Nov 28, 2013
For every soldier killed on the battlefield this year, about 18-22 veterans die by their own hands, 349 suicides in 2012, about one a day. More soldiers are dying by their own hands than in combat.
18:52 Oct 28, 2013
The 174th Infantry Brigade, part of First Army Division East, is a multi-composition Brigade comprised of Active duty and mobilized Reserve component Soldiers, and is made of active duty and reserve battalions.
20:07 Oct 23, 2013
Andrews relinquished responsibility to Command Sgt. Maj. Sam Young.
19:42 Oct 22, 2013
Like many tales of Hollywood, all that glitters isn't gold, at least that is what Jamie learned during her rise and fall and rise again. Her tale could almost be an E True Hollywood Story.
15:23 Oct 13, 2013
First Army Division East partners with Army Reserve and National Guard leaders to advise, assist, and train Reserve Component units to support overseas military operations.
06:16 Oct 10, 2013

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