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New Cyber Security Center Helps Businesses Defend Data Attacks


CIS Cyber Investigation Services LLC a global provider of cyber security investigations, litigation support and technical services has announced the launch of a Managed Cyber Security Services Center in Tampa Bay for the purpose of helping businesses prevent, monitor and defend against advanced threats and targeted attacks.

According to CIS's Co-Founder and CEO Bruce Anderson they have spent the last four years helping their client's defend themselves against active cyber attacks and intrusions and now are launching CIS Cyber Security Services in the Tampa Bay area to provide preventative solutions and 24/7 active defense and monitoring services for local business owners. Mr. Anderson sees over 1500 cases a year involving data breaches, and hacking of business and personal devices. These interruptions are very costly, time consuming and devastating to the individual business owners and companies they run. "We are no longer at a place that we can install an anti-virus endpoint solution and a firewall and expect our businesses to be safe."

The CIS Cyber Security Platform enables businesses to identify the cyber risks to their company, and then protect themselves from unknown malware, detect zero-day threats, internal and external attacks, data exfiltration, and privilege escalations, in real-time 24/7 through their Managed Cyber Security program. Mr. Anderson states that one of the biggest challenges business are facing is the "false sense of security" that they have, as they under the impression that their information is being protected from Cyber attacks by their IT manager, enterprise anti-virus packages, cloud services or company firewall when in most cases that is just not the truth.

He goes on to say that even some of the most recent newsworthy data breaches of companies like Target and Michaels could have been prevented if the proper security controls were active and put in place. Be aware, do not be fooled, and make sure you aren't on your way to becoming the next statistic!

CIS Cyber Security is a Tampa based company focused on educating, securing and business against advanced security threats. Utilizing industry standard best practices, IT security audits, penetration testing, state-of the art next-generation technology, data-breach investigation experience and 24/7 real time monitoring, they are able to help protect companies networks, data and users from real world cyber attacks.

Shannon K. Rose is President of Eclectic Media PR Firm. A Professional Speaker, he Ring Announces for various wrestling companies. He is a Hollywood Reporter, Radio Personality and Publicist with insider connections in Television and Radio. Read more stories by Shannon K. Rose.

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