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Nancy Cartwright - Voice of Bart Simpson Invites Public to Party to Help Kids


The famous, and longest running sitcom, scripted prime time series, and animated T.V. show of all time, The Simpsons, is led by the brilliant talent of Matt Groening and that beloved voice of Bart Simpson, played by actress Nancy Cartwright.

When Nancy Cartwright is not helping to create one of the most famous, iconic voices in the history of entertainment, she is spreading the celebration of life and love in an even more personal way; with her very own important, powerful charitable organization which helps to educate children to make the right decisions while growing up, in order to be healthy, happy, successful young adults who avoid the pitfalls of society including crime, drugs, and prison. This program called 'Good Choices,' is part of the 'Happy House' foundation, which has proven successful time and time again, throughout schools and homes across the nation, bettering the lives of children, and strengthening families, and as a result; the world at large.

Nancy Bart

Happy House: The Mission

The mission of Happy House is to help bring about a safer community by "Building Better Families." A "family" in this case can be small or large; it can be a school, church, business, neighborhood or even a country. Nancy Cartwright of Happy House states, "We are here to help, not to tell people what is right or wrong or to set down any rules. We use the 21 common sense values found in 'The Way to Happiness' as a base. People from all walks of life, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background, have used these tips to help themselves and others live happier, calmer and more productive lives."

Nancy continues, "The values and suggestions found in 'The Way to Happiness' will be familiar to most of you, like old friends. As you read them, you will almost certainly think of someone who would be better off if they applied these values in their lives. Happy House volunteers come from a broad spectrum of religious experience and faith. We want to work with any individual or group that is, or has a desire to, help others."

She adds "Our goal is a healthy world where people can trust one another and not live in fear, where there is mutual respect and a true sense of community. This 'healthy world' already exists in many families and neighborhoods, in many congregations and businesses but, sadly, is very difficult to maintain in this modern world. We are here to support the efforts of those who are doing good deeds. We want to make it easier for everyone to live a life that creates happiness for all." - Nancy Cartwright; Co-Founder Happy House


With that, Nancy Cartwright is now hosting her very special, once a year only fundraising party for Happy House, this year on May 17th, 2014, as detailed here.


One of the special items for this year's party will be a live auction. One of the items will be a very rare, limited edition Simpsons Lego set. (The trailer to that new, related episode, can be seen here in the clip below at the bottom of this page). To make the Lego set even more great and valuable, it will be signed by Nancy Cartwright and other members of the cast and crew of The Simpsons. One lucky winner will get to bring the set home.

There will also be a delicious BBQ, live music, games for the kids, a putting green, a cigar lounge, more great prizes and raffles, organic food sponsored by Whole Foods, a live auction for some great gifts, and also, a chance to win a 2014 Convertible Ford Mustang. As if that weren't enough to get you out of the house, Nancy Cartwright herself will be hosting the event. In other words, attendees will get to hear the voice of Bart Simpson talk live in person, which for any Simpson's fan, is very cool.

Nancy Cartwright's awesome party will also host her annual Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, with a growing list of amazing prizes. In the back, guests will find a whole family area, including swimming for the kids. So kids who go with their Mom and Dad are reminded; "Bring their towels!"

It is not often that a person gets to see a star in real life. Whole industries are built around people just 'hoping' to get a chance to do that, on 'celebrity tours' and similar. The fact that one can have the chance to not only catch a glimpse of one of TV's biggest stars, but to attend her own VIP party live, and for a great cause, is nothing short of incredible. So, if you live in Los Angeles, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now to the party of a lifetime, and most importantly, help make a positive difference in a child's life.

For more information on The Happy Choices Fundraiser Party, hosted by Nancy Cartwright, visit: happyhouse.org/site/donations/happy-house-poker-fundraiser/.

Legal: Tickets are available only while supplies last. This story is copyright, 2014, The Hollywood Sentinel, all rights reserved, except content in quotations which is copyright, 2014 Happy House and Good Choices, all rights reserved, and the trailer of 'The Simpsons,' which is copyright, 2014, Fox, created by Matt Groening, all rights reserved. The Office of The Hollywood Sentinel, Good Choices, Happy House, Fox, Matt Groening, Nancy Cartwright, Bruce Edwin and affiliates do not endorse any advertising that may appear on or in connection with this story.

Bruce Edwin is editor of The Hollywood Sentinel and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity model and talent firm. Contact Bruce at www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com. Read more stories by Bruce Edwin.

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