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Somalia's Top League to Resume on New Year's Day

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The Somali Football Federation announced Sunday that the country's Nation Link Telecom Championship will officially resume on Wednesday, January the 1st 2014, With Jeenyo United taking on defending champions Elman FC on the resumption day.

According to the released schedules, the Somali Police-owned Club Heegan will encounter Savana FC on Thursday as Dekedda will face Banadir Sports Club on Friday. The Jeenyo-Elman Clash on Wednesday and that match of Friday are said to be the week's hottest matches and are expected to attract large crowds.

The competition will resume from match number 8, as shown in the rewritten schedules.

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The Nation Link Telecom Championship which is Somalia's most popular sporting event was put on hold in November, with respect to Ocean Stars' calendar of the year, according to Somali Football federation Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab.

"The National team calendar of the year finished just nearly two weeks ago, but the SFF executive committee decided to resume the league after we have done our annual congress due to be held in the capital Mogadishu on Monday 30th of December 2013" Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab noted in a press statement on Sunday.

The country's most popular event is now being played at an international style facility and due to that fact, the number of Somali football spectators increased incredibly with everyone wanting to see what the artificial turf looks like.

Official logo of the first match

"At Stadium Banadir we always meet with so many teenagers thanking FIFA and SFF for the great task whilst some of them do not even now what the word 'FIFA' was abbreviated from, but they only heard in the media that FIFA rebuilt the beautiful facility for Somalia" Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab said in his press statement.

The statement praised local and international media for the professional coverage of the competition whose interest has been exceedingly growing amongst the Somali people both in and outside the country.

Shafi'i Mohyaddin Abokar is the NewsBlaze Somalia reporter. Contact him through NewsBlaze. Read more stories by Shafi'i Mohyaddin Abokar.

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