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Missiles Hit Dissidents In Camp Liberty


Following the return of Maliki from Tehran, and while his administration has not yet returned the bodies of 52 slain Camp Ashraf residents, a few hours ago, at 9:15 pm local time, on 26 December 2013, Camp Liberty was attacked with dozens of missiles of different types.

The attack occured after Nuri al-Maliki's trip to Tehran and is payback to the religious fascism ruling Iran, to enlist the mullahs' support for Maliki's third term as Prime Minister.

Killed under Missile attack 26 December 2013
Unarmed people killed in a deadly missile attack in Camp Liberty, on 26 December 2013

Many trailers and facilities in Camp Liberty were destroyed in this fourth missile attack. As of 10:00 pm Baghdad ocal time, two were reported killed during the missile attack on Camp Liberty as detailed in a press statement by the opposition.

It is widely believed that this retaliation was because of the recent Spanish court order which blamed the National Security Advisor to Nouri Maliki, for crimes committed against the international community, Faleh Fayad. In that previous deathly attack, 52 unarmed residents were executed while hand cuffed and on hospital beds, and 7 were taken hostage by the Iraqis.

This deadly attack has also been a response to world support for the Iranian opposition in its quest to find those responsible for the horror and to bring back the 7 hostages to safety. During the quest, more than 950 people began an unprecedented hunger strike which ended after 105 days.

It is believed this attack would waken world anger and distrust of the Iraqi government, known best to be a good friend and loyal supporter of the Iranian fascists ruling Iran.

1- Camp Liberty Attack, December 2013

Mahin Saremi escaped from Iran, after arranging for her husband's memorial ceremony and seeing her son in Camp Ashraf. She was under surveillance, but escaped before she could be taken to Evin Prison. One of the organisers of the 2009 uprisings, she transferred video clips and news to the outside, avoiding government censorship. Many of her friends are in prison and on trial for Moharebeh. Mahin has first hand news of the real situation in Iran and also what is going on with the real activists there. Read more stories by Mahin Saremi.

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