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EU to Provide Political, Economic, and Security Support to Israel and Palestine

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The EU's foreign ministers have promised for unparalleled support for Israel and the Palestinians if a peace accord is signed.

At the monthly meeting in Brussels, the 28 EU foreign ministers agreed to provide an unprecedented package of European political, economic and security support to both parties in the context of a final status agreement.

The support entails enhanced political dialogue and security cooperation will also be offered to both states.

US welcomes the support expressed by EU

In a press statement in Washington DC, Deputy Department Spokesperson Marie Harf said the US welcomes the EU Foreign Affairs Council's (FAC) announcement that EU will provide an unprecedented package of political, economic, and security support to both the Israelis and Palestinians in the context of a final status peace agreement.

She reiterated that Secretary Kerry has made clear how important it is for Israelis and Palestinians alike to envision the benefits that peace will bring.

"The EU's announcement today makes that picture even brighter." - Ms. Harf

She explained that the vision of increased access to European markets, closer cultural and scientific links, facilitation of trade and investments and business-to-business engagement will help strengthen and expand the economies of Israel and of a future Palestinian state.

US urges parties to remain focused on the end goal

Ms. Harf urged both Israel and Palestine to stay focused on the end goal for peace for both sides.

She added that the final status agreement must end the conflict and must create a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

"This end goal includes a new vision for the region ---a prosperous Israel living side by side in peace and security with a prosperous Palestinian state." - Ms. Harf

Ms. Harf pointed out that EU has sent a strong message of their intention to help further integrate Israel and Palestine into the international community and a message of the possibilities that peace can bring.

US Endorses Two-State Solution

The United States of America has served as a mediator to end the decades-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict and pressed for the so-called "two-state solution."

The process would establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip coexisting peacefully alongside the Jewish state.

Reports say the continued Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank constitutes one of the problems on the way to peace between the two countries.

Another hindrance to the peace process is that Palestinians are divided between the moderate Fatah and the militant group called Hamas. Israel and the United States refuse to engage and negotiate with Hamas. Even though the US considers Fatah to be moderate, the group runs a facebook page which it uses to glorify murderers and terrorists that it lauds as symbols of the nation.

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