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Kate Winslet-aka Mrs. Rock N' Roll: Top 10 Hottest Actress of Our Time


The most beautiful actresses of our time not only bare their beauty on screen with their presence, but the living greats of our generation, which we here salute, also bare their soul. A great actor, like a great script, can make us laugh or cry. And these TOP 10 HOTTEST ACTRESSES OF OUR TIME made this elite list not only for their looks, but for their ability to move us in ways that only a great actor can; with their voice, their figure, their actions, and of course, with their face, and its every expression and nuance. While our industry is filled with plenty of amazingly talented and beautiful stars, these women are at the pinnacle, the forefront of greatness and all it embodies in Hollywood. They above all others are the reason why men and woman alike intrigue or obsess about Hollywood. They are Hollywood, in its greatest form.


Charming, elegant, sophisticated, strong, and immensely talented, the beautiful Kate Winslet defines glamour and stardom to its core. As one of the finest actors of our time, from her roles in films from the iconic and classic, to the equally respectable obscure and independent, her work includes motion pictures including; 'Revolutionary Road,' 'The Reader,' 'Little Children,' 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' 'Heavenly Creatures,' 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court,' 'Sense and Sensibility,' 'Jude,' 'Hamlet', 'Hideous Kinky,' 'Holy Smoke,' 'Quills,' 'Faireies,' 'Enigma,' 'Christmas Carol: The Movie,' 'Iris,' 'Pluge: The Movie,' 'The Life of David Gale,' 'Finding Neverland,' 'Romance and Cigarettes,' 'All the King's Men,' 'Flushed Away,' 'The Holiday,' 'Carnage,' 'Contagion,' and many more.

One day, a little picture was underway called 'Titanic' by a director by the name of James Cameron in 1995. At the age of twenty two, a young Kate Winslet landed the part after auditioning, and later reportedly calling James Cameron one day and enthusiastically telling him she 'was' Rose, the character she played, and asked him, 'Why are you even auditioning any one else?!' Who could argue? Mr. Cameron didn't. Her talent, beauty, and perseverance paid off. She got the role of a lifetime, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, who she also reportedly campaigned for to Mr. Cameron as well. The two actors remain friends to this day. Titanic had the highest budget of any film made at the time, of over two hundred million dollars, and has grossed as of today's date, well over two billion dollars, with its recent new 3D version released by Mr. Cameron.


To say that the film made Kate Winslet a bone' fide star, would be an understatement. One of the highest grossing films of all time, 'Titanic,' second only today to James Camerons' latest, 'Avatar,' rocked the world, and Kate Winslet and her co-star were at the helm of it's success along with their producer and director. Every film critic and millions of households around the world then knew her name, and her status as a legendary actress was cemented with the films' release two years later in 1997, in her mere twenties.

Hailed as the best English actress of her generation, she is also one of the world's best on any continent or country. 'Kate the Great,' as she is often praised in the media, has won hearts around the world, for a mastery of her craft beyond question, and a penetrating beauty that is beyond skin deep. Attracted to many difficult roles which include bearing her body as well as her soul, the fact of her talent can not be argued with even by her harshest critics as the real reason for her success, rather than mere sex appeal.

Granted, audiences and critics alike have not shied away from many of her provocative and sexual scenes, and she reportedly stated once of doing nude scenes, "I like exposing myself. There's not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I'm the kind of actress that absolutely believes in exposing myself." And yet, as any one who has viewed her work can attest, her talent as an actress surpasses any fleeting notion that she is just another pretty, sexy blonde on screen.

Without uncertainty, she is an actress that has earned her place among kings and queens. Indeed, The Queen of England herself personally presented Kate Winslet with the CBE medal for her 'services to drama.' Who ever said the royals don't have taste?! The Queen reportedly told Kate Winslet that she was delighted to be presenting her with the award and then asked whether she liked her job. Kate Winslet, who was extremely honored by the Queen, reportedly told her "I told her that I loved it but I love being a mum even more. "At which 'The Queen reportedly said 'Yes, that's the only job which matters.' To which Kate Winslet reportedly declared, "What a genuinely lovely thing to say! And I couldn't agree with her more.'

Dignified, refined, elegant, and with a look and a talent that is out of this world, Kate Winslet-aka Mrs. Rock N' Roll, is without a doubt one of Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest Actresses of our time.

To see the other actresses selected for Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest, visit the archives section.

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Bruce Edwin is editor of The Hollywood Sentinel and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity model and talent firm. Contact Bruce at Read more stories by Bruce Edwin.

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