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Accurate Review of The Amateur

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Political Posturing

The media and the left despise this book, mainly because they don't like what it says.

The left-right, Democrat-Republican controversy seems to be in total fruition. Nowhere else does it seem so much in play, as in Edward Klein's new book - "The Amateur". Obama's first 4-year presidential term is covered in detail.

For over a year Klein interviewed over two-hundred people close to Obama. He had over one hundred-fifty help him write this book, sources from forty-six separate bibliographies, and had quotes from at least twenty separate author interviews.

Media Matters, the New York Times, and the New York Post - some of the most liberal publications around - have ostensibly characterized the book by saying The Amateur is filled with falsehoods and distortions.

dont be an amateur g man

But many conservative publications have expressed extreme satisfaction. Even Dick Cheney (former VP), has read the book [Dick Cheney endorses "The Amateur"] He knows almost everything in the book is absolutely true.

Democrats Chastising Obama

One Chicagoan Klein interviewed was a staunch Democrat - Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama's personal physician for twenty-two years. Despite his leftist-leanings, Dr. Scheiner became one of Obama's most severe critics. He stated, "My main objection to Barack Obama is that he is a great speaker and a lousy communicator." He isn't showing that he really cares. To this day he hasn't communicated with members of Congress. On why Scheiner thought he had been such a dismal failure: "I can really relate to people, but I never really related to him."

Klein did unequivocally state Obama opposed laws banning late-term abortions. Never showing up at committee hearings, Obama was responsible for babies still alive left for dead in soiled utility rooms, and voted against the bill twice.

During the calamitous oil spill by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, Democrat strategist James Carville lambasted Obama for his "political stupidity" by his lack of response.

Even Obama acknowledged, "There's no such thing as shovel-ready projects."

Other details not known, were Obama's close ties to Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jewish donors, and many Black leaders. Somehow, he managed to upset each group sometime during his presidency. Totally, it adds up to a dismal failure in presidential leadership.

Two Women Supporting Obama

Klein makes a strong case Valerie Jarrett, a holdover from the Daley machine days in Chicago, was Daley's Chief of Staff. She was also known as "the public black face" of the Daley administration. Known in the White House as "VJ", Jarrett is directly responsible for much of the dysfunctional Obama administration. Lack of leadership in this presidential "vacuum" begins with Obama's failure to extricate himself from these two "mother hens" [Valerie and Michelle], who have turned this presidency into a laughing stock.

With VJ as the "quintessential insider," or "point person", she was Obama's trusted watchdog. Failing upward, VJ was always careful not to put her fingerprints on anything.

Sources told of Obama's total lack of character, arrogance, extreme haughtiness, excessive pride, amateurism, and sense of superiority encouraging his messianic impulses. Suffering from that complex (America's savior), and being a by-product of Chicago-style politics (nepotism, bribery, and corruption), has relegated American politics to what it is today.

However, Klein admits Obama seems quite good at 'crooning' (singing), playing golf, and likely excellent at being a Muslim dictator. He also admits to beliefs by the Obama administration he could win in 2012 by diverting attention from his incompetence, and slimming his Republican opponent. Wanting to raise a record $1 billion campaign chest, he knew his only chance was to get down in the mud, and wage the ugliest campaign in American history.

Obama Told Early On About Election Loss

On 2/24/12 (Gallop Poll) 51% of Americans said Obama's views were too liberal. That changed from only 37% right before the 2008 election. Also according to Gallop, Democrats lost their solid political party affiliation advantage in 18 states since 2008, while Republicans gained a solid advantage in 6 states.

Klein actually stated Obama and his advisers concluded after the 2010 elections he would lose in 2012, if the election was a referendum on the economy. That turned out to be true.

Most Americans disagreed with Obama's policies changing the country's direction. Knowing this, and 2012 results, one has to wonder "What happened?" After polling returns, we think we know.

A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. As an orthodox Catholic, Roeten appreciates the juxtaposition of the two supposedly incompatible subjects. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), and writes for numerous blogs (Nolan Chart, Allvoices) and newspapers, including USA Today. A collaborator in the book Americans on Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture (Jason Wright and Aaron Lee), he is also an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics. Read more stories by Kevin Roeten.

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