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'Tit for Tat' -Nepalese Maoist Worker Attacked their Leaders


Republic, Secularism and Federalism

Yes! 'When we do evil to others, the evil comes back at we.' Actually, the Maoist leaders and workers are in same position. Both were and are playing the criminal activities in the name of republic, secularism and federalism. These three agendas are the causes of evils to break the Nepalese unity and to disturb the Nepalese identities and bad relation with India. Now, due to the notorious activities of Maoist leaders, who are passing their days luxuriously, looting the country and the Nepalese people.

'Tit for Tat' - when the leaders deceive their workers, it is possible to attack by the workers. So, Nepalese Maoist Worker Attacked their Leaders-Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. It is not good to attack own leaders. But, who can ovoid the degree of fates? Both leaders exposed earning money, looting and are using Indian Govt. RAW and diplomats.

Communist Authoritarianism?

Nepal and India do not want any kind of communist authoritarianism; they aspire only to full democracy. The concerns of both countries are political stability, peace and good governance. The reality of the grand design of Maoists has been exposed from Dr. Bhattarai.

I am sorry to write that it was a great blunder of Indian diplomats- Shyam Saran- former Indian ambassador and former foreign Secretary of India (who is widely credited with bringing the present instability in Nepal), and Sive Shankar Mukharejee, former foreign minister, KB Rajan- former Indian ambassador Rakesh Sood- former ambassador, Prof.SD Muni (RAW strategist) and other officials who not only blundered in their assessment of the Maoists but also did much harm to Indian's interests in Nepal. Due to the blunders of the culprit Nepalese leaders and the Indian diplomats, nationality and democracy of both countries is in danger. I think, due to the Indian Maoist (Naksalite) the Indian security force is becoming weaker day by day.

The fact is that during the insurgency in Nepal the Nepalese Maoists, enjoyed the Indian soil as safe shelter and also received enough funds and underground trainings for its fighters for arms and explosives in the Indian camps. Through the 12-point agreement, India became a decisive factor to remove the institution of monarchy with the help of the Nepali Maoist, which was declared terrorists by India. India played a double game while dealing with terrorism. Then, why India is opposing the activities of these Maoists now?

What is The Answer of Indian Politicians and Diplomats?

In such condition, what is the answer of Indian politicians and diplomats? Without analyzing assumptions, why have the Indian leaders supported the Nepalese Maoist's hypocrisy? 'Crows are never white from washing.' The Indian Govt. and its diplomats should realize their diplomatic mistakes that the level of anti-Indian sentiment, has been increasing in Nepal and in all over the world. So, India should study why such sentiments have been increasing.

The source of manipulation of the two senior Maoists- Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai is clear as a destructor before everyone. In spite of such clear facts we must question why NC and UML are busy acting in sycophantic way to the Maoists. They have also become Indian cards. Will the nation find a solution when such contractors are bent on preventing the nation from progressing? The crow will never become white by bathing. A donkey will not transform into a cow by bathing. Should we or should we not call them traitors who bargain off the nation for money and position? Nepal faces such a plight for failing to bring these traitors to people's trail. The nation must be able to take action against such corrupt traitors in time.

State Power is Not for Individual Gain

The Himalayan Times daily newspaper's editorial writes in 10 Sep.2012-' Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has been revealing his true colors. When he came to head the government, there were high expectations which never were met. Here is a man who is showing his authoritarian tendency, which is unbecoming for someone who holds the highest post in the administration. State power is not for attaining the wants for individual gain. The country's politics is at the crossroads and desperately in need of an outlet, which has proved elusive so far. The Prime Minister seems to be clinging to power at all cost and the lure for power seems to have gone into his head.

The state power that Bhattarai talks about is what the Maoist party has all along been talking about, which is aimed at the creation of an authoritarian regime-the vilest political system possible. The intentions are filled with malevolence for the peace loving Nepali people who made the grand mistake of reposing faith on him. However, the evil designs are not going to materialize because the people will not let him play with democracy. The Maoist leaders have repeatedly been making known their intentions for ultimately capturing state power. This is indeed shameful, particularly now that the country is in a difficult transient period and could better do without such statements or rather intentions. With these intentions, he does not have a role in diffusing the country's woes.'

Maoists Transfer Nepalese Money from India to Switzerland

Please open> Maoists Transfer Nepalese Money from India to Switzerland< Then we can see the real faces of the Maoist leaders. In fact, the leaders of Maoist are traitors who are very active to destroy all the democratic norms of democratic sense. Actually, they are not Maoists. China has listed in black list both the leader Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. China knows- the Maoist leaders are using EU and CIA for their benefits. So, now all the workers are furious with Maoist leaders. I think, the workers of Maoist will not stop to attach them. The workers want to chase away them from Nepalese politics.

So, not only the Maoist workers, we Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors under the premiership of the controversial Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai. There is no any other alternative for the nationalist elements to unite and fight against the foreign tools. Nepal could remain an independent and sovereign country only because of monarchy with Hindu & Buddhism. The monarchy was pivotal in integrating Nepal, establishing democratic and just society at par with the modern world. So, there must be reinstated the benevolent constitutional monarchy. Only this option will open the doors for political resolution in Nepal. Then we can able to chase away the traitors' regime.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, who writes from Kathmandu. Contact him through NewsBlaze.

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