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Obama Administration Stealing The American Dream?

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What is the Magna Carta? It is the charter of liberty and political rights obtained from King John of England by his rebellious barons at Runnymede in 1215!

One cannot help oneself but to grieve over the results of the election. The American dream and exceptionalism was defeated when the people agreed that Barak Obama will preside over them for four more years. Now we have a radical Leftist Czar in the White House named Barack Hussein Obama.

The majority of voters in our country made a choice in favor of more government involvement in every American's life, NONE spoke for me as before election I wrote:

Enough! Let us rebuild America the way ALL Americans will be free to reach the heights they want to reach, with freedom, with liberty and with Washington as far away from us as possible and with limited power.

We need to rest in us, the people, and us only. It is the second war of independence. Go for it America!

The people voted for more taxpayer's funded entitlements, and thus less individual responsibility and more dependence on the government. This is a very sobering fact.

Unlike Europe, today mismanaged by the central government of the European Union, America was built on the power of the individual; it is the ability to risk, to have responsibility, get reward or fail... all are part of the freedom we have enjoyed thus far. When we have opted for dependency on the government, we have sacrificed all we have stood for and thus we become enslaved by depending on government that has no interest in the interest of the individual. Since when a master has an interest in his slave but how he can serve him best for his own interest only?!

Unlike Europe, America was designed by the Founders to have a small government and to cherish individual freedom; that was almost the second religion of our Founding Fathers. The American voters though expressed a desire for more government... and MUCH less freedom. What do you call it? Foolish, self destruction, regression from the enlightenment achievements, misguidance, ignorance? Which one or all of them as one?

In addition, there is a growing virulently anti-Israel faction metastasizing within the Democratic Party. We have all witnessed the loud booing on the floor of the Democratic convention when the pro-Israel language was literally FORCED, without real approval, back into the party's platform. No other country has been rejected by the Democrats but Israel. Can we finally call it the Democratic party tendency to collective anti-Semitism?!

Please don't console me. I love the country, people do not!
We have witnessed the voters' repudiation of the foundational principles of America that so many died for! It is because the Left that oppose all that they believed in is in every vein of our education system and culture and thus the next generation will not know George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and what they bequest to us.

Every American needs to start crying and fearing as the dismantling of what the Founding Fathers gifted us has begun and you have not seen anything yet.

Barack Hussein Obama is a failed president, perhaps the most failed president since the Republic was established. Those who have not figured it out yet and needed four more years to live through it so they can realize how bad he is for the country were given that ominous chance at the account of all Americans, at the account of preserving the exceptionalism of the United States.

It is the voters' repudiation of the foundational principles of America that you should grieve. We, the People, have lost much more than we realize...but sooner than soon we will grasp the damage we have done!

For the matter of altruism we have produced narcissism!
Time to go back to basics; time to educate oneself of the Constitution and then educate others.

Do not allow the misguided to steal from you the American dream. Do not!

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to nurit.4.nuritg@gmail.com Read more stories by Nurit Greenger.

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