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Firing of Rockets on Israel Part of Arabs' War Against Jews?

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Hefker is the Hebrew words its meaning is abandoned, ownerless. It also refers to spilling Jewish blood with no consequence.
When it comes to spilling Jewish blood, the world's apathy is alarming. As much alarming is also the obvious that when it comes to international law, it does not apply to Israel the same way it applies to all other nations in the world.

Today, once again, rockets were randomly fired from Gaza toward Israeli towns; a rocket fired from Gaza scored a direct hit on a home in the town Netivot. The daily war that is launched on Israel from Gaza, via the firing of rockets, must not be tolerated. Yet, Israel has been putting up with it for years, rather than leveling the Gaza Strip as any other country would have done long ago. Under International law, the terrorist enclave Gaza has no right to exist.

The Israeli news outlets reported today that three Grad rockets exploded in southern Israel overnight and early morning, prompting Beersheba and Ashdod mayors to shut down their towns' school systems. Three people were hurt while running for shelter and four treated for shock. The home in Netivot sustained an extensive damage and luckily the resident, alone at home at the time of the hit, was left unhurt.

The Arab-Palestinians firing rockets into Southern Israel are an act of war and must be stopped for good.

Just after the state of Israel was founded the government issued a decree against the Nazis and all those who assisted them in their crimes against the Jews; it ordered to capture them and bring them to trial. Even though the crimes were perpetrated before Israel was declared a state, the decree was to be applied retroactively, beyond all borders and without any boundaries. Wherever a Nazi was found he would be brought to trial in the Jewish State. This decree was accepted by the international community.

Israel acted according to this law when it captured Adolf Eichmann, who was hiding in Argentina, and brought him to trial and justice on her land.

The state of Israel also dictated a law against terror and terrorism, which also has no boundaries and borders. When, in 1972, the Black September terror group murdered the eleven Israeli Olympians who came to compete in the Games, that were held in Munich, Germany, then Prime Minister Golda Meir ordered to hunt and eliminate, without a trial, each terrorist and those who assisted them.

The international community adopted Israel's law in the war on terror. After the 9/11 terror attack on America's soil, the USA acted according to this law when it went after al-Qaeda and as of recent when it eliminated Osama bin-Laden.

Israel was successful to force on the international community, without protest, these two decrees against the Nazis and terrorists.

The firing of rockets on Israel is part of the Arabs' war against Jews and the rule of no boundaries and borders applies to it too. The firing of rockets on Israeli civilians is a triple crime: a crime against the state of Israel, a crime against the Jewish people and a crime against humanity.
Based on the above mentioned triple crimes, it is time for Israel to enact a new law that will carry heavy consequences to those who fire rockets. The essence of the law is that from where the rocket has been fired, the Arabs will lose their right to that land; that land will be automatically annexed to the Jewish state's sovereign land and all those who live on it, with no exception, will have to leave, and Jews will be able to settle there. The longer the Arabs keep on firing rockets and shooting at the Jews, the Jews will keep on pushing them out. The choice is theirs.

Since Hamas leadership in Gaza does not recognize Israel's "right to exist," with this law, their existence will end.

Another event took place in Israel today. A mass Arab attack on the Jewish village Esh Kodesh. Hundreds of Arab-Palestinians assaulted Jewish villagers in the Binyamin region, Samaria; the Jewish children cried as the Arab mob screamed, 'Yitbach al Yahud' [Slaughter the Jews].

The attackers apparently came from the nearby Palestinian Authority town of Kotzra.

And so, again, based on the above mentioned triple crime, along the enacted new law, the place from where these Arab-Palestinians came will be sequestered by Israel with a strong warning to all the neighbors that the law will be extended to the entire area if such terror attacks will continue being perpetrated; in this case all the houses of the attackers from the town of Kotzra shall be sequestered. Additionally, the house of the Arab who, today drove over and killed an Israeli security personnel who tried to stop him as he was delivering illegals into Israel, must be either sequestered or demolished and whoever lives there expelled.

The way Israel has been going about to achieve peace with the Arab-Palestinians has been a colossal failure and thus will never come to fruition. Negotiations require, at least, two parties. Other than Israel, who is the other party?

Another approach is now required.

I then return to the beginning of this article. From now on, with the new law and the new approach Jewish blood ends being Hefker and the terrorists will begin to understand, one sequestration at the time, that over 100 years of terror will finally bear real consequences. The new law will control the mayhem and make the difference.

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to Read more stories by Nurit Greenger.

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