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Is 'Summer' McStay Hiding Something?

Comment on story There is Something 'Fishy' Going on With Summer McStay

Hi Bobbi,

I could not agree more with your sentiments regarding "Summer" McStay. I too have thought she had been hiding something. I am almost embarrassed to say it but I got a hinky feeling about her when the story first broke ... PRIOR to the revelation that she had "several" aliases.

Summer McStay Changed Name Too Many Times

True, people change their names but usually not more than once. Also a red flag was that the brother-in-law, that was so close to the family. I had no idea she was born with another name. How could that have never come up. Also the sister did brush over the name change and how Summer changed her name and moved because she wanted a new start. What was wrong with the original start. Then there is the almost visceral response to the mention of going to Mexico on vacation with no explanation to friends as to too dangerous.

How many middle-class families have $100,000.00 dollars in their CHECKING account. They did not say it was in a interest bearing business account but rather the family "checking account".

Did She Wear Sunglasses Permanently?

Obviously the report is not telling the whole story but it does seem that starting with "Lisa's" history could be the key. Finally and again I am embarrassed about this. But the thing that initially disturbed me about Summer is the dark glasses that almost looked like a prop in every photograph. Are there no pictures of this woman from any other time in her life where she might not be in sun glasses or in different glasses.

The woman is missing. It might be helpful to see her actual face. Wouldnt her parents have such a photo and want it circulated. The glasses seemed like an alias to me.

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