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Americans and Jews Must Immediately Unveil Clarity and Stop The Charade!

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On what side of history are you?

With one voice, one heart and mind, and with one purpose, the American People and the Israeli-Jews People must immediately embark to unveil clarity and stop the charade or we are disaster-prone.

Standing up to Hitler is exactly like standing up today to terrorists and bullies!

This can be done by only two Nations: The American People and the Israeli-Jews People, as both their countries' fait are tightly intertwine.

The United States Do-It-Today List:

First they came to kill the Jews - in every nation, in every generation. Then the British Authorities, in British Mandate Palestine, prevented the boats, loaded with Holocaust survivors Jews, from delivering them to the Promised Land. And now that the Jews have their own Homeland, their sovereignty, in which to thrive in peace, they want to take that from them.

For all practical purposes, the pipe of peace that has been passed down from one US President to the next has become nothing but a truncheon, used by the Arab world for Israel's destruction. After more than 20 years of fruitless dialogue with the Arab states and their emissaries, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, the vultures of death are now circling over Israel and she is surrounded by the messengers of the angel of death on all sides.

While Obama is making a final push to establish another terrorist Islamic state with "east" Jerusalem as its capital, incredulously, the USA congress is working tirelessly for Israel to sign away her sovereignty, in exchange for a terrorist-land peace swap one, that would lead to her execution by their "moderate peace partners," the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

What kind of mediator would choose a peace partner for Israel that declares it will never recognize Israel, will never have a Jew on their soil, and would persist in demanding their "refugees" breach the barrier and overtake Israel?

Yet, Congress constituents to embrace the insidious notion that the terror organization, PLO, and Democratic sovereign country, Israel, are equal partners.

America, is this what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they formed this Republic, that future generations would bow down to terrorists?

Congress must declare that Israel has no partner for peace as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that had morphed to the Palestinians Authority (PA), Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, et al are all genocidal terrorists.

The United States must stop treating the State of Israel like the Dregs of Earth, because it is lacking courage to stand up for truth and with it feel discomfort standing up to the Islamofascists oil co-ops.

With one voice, one heart and mind, and with one purpose we must unveil clarity and stop the charade or we are ill fated.

The State of Israel Do-It-Today List:

We, Jews, will not be treated like the drags of earth because the world is lacking courage to stand up for truth and with it feel discomfort standing up for the Islamofascist oil co-ops.
One courageous Israeli leader must muster his/her courage, take the lead, stand up and say these four things:
1.There will never be an Arab state on Jewish Land and point out to the Mandate for Palestine: from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

2. We will never negotiate with liars again; we learned that lying is the fascists' way to accomplish their agenda. The Arabs have lied from the day they signed the Oslo Accords, still lie, now more than ever.

3. We will never, again, negotiate with terrorists who want to annihilate us; we allowed ourselves to be fooled for years, because we really wanted peace, all at our unfathomable cost, and the Arabs took advantage of our well meant approach, all to our detriment. While we made extreme moves for possible peace, the Arabs prepared generations of terrorists ready to fight and die to destroy Israel.

4. We made a mistake conceding to the name "Palestinian," a name that was invented to advance Arab cause, all at the account of Israel's existence. Therefore, we now acknowledge that the people who as of late are calling themselves "Palestinians" are Arabs who are welcome to go back to where they came from. On the other hand, we Jews, returned home, to the land of our Forefathers, Israel, and home it is!
With one voice, one heart and mind, and with one purpose, and one purpose we must unveil clarity and stop the charade or we are ill fated.

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to

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