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The Latest, Latest Foreclosure Crisis: Criminal Rico Foreclosure

By Deborah Breuner Davis

Only this has probably been going on for years and never exposed while the victims may not even have been aware and have since died in the streets.

Yes, you should be very, very afraid.

But whatever happens, it's not your fault.

Imagine this.

So you are approved for the first loan of your life, a line of credit for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars given to you personally.

And that name would be, Deborah Breuner Davis.

Now why would I need a loan when I'm worth a few million dollars...cash?

Because I'm going through a divorce and my personal assets are frozen until the divorce is over.

Now why would that be?

Because my soon to be ex-husband is a Trustee along with our family attorney.

My divorce attorney however, allows my assets to be frozen for two years instead of just having the Trustees sign off on their responsibilities.

Now why would the divorce attorney do this when he has a choice?

Gee, I don't know.

But, as a wife; mother of three daughters; now a grandmother of four and settler of the Trust I'd always been just that, for twenty-four years so I'd never had an eight to five job?

I had the income from my Trust, which is now being frozen...for two years.

I do have the beginning of a new career, but this takes time to grow.

My Trust owned, Sun Valley, Idaho property worth over two million dollars is owned free and clear; appreciates monthly and has nothing to do with the loan the bank gave me...the line of credit was given to me personally.

Remember this. It's important.

In fact my personal Trust owns two properties...the second, in Michigan on a lake is worth two million dollars as well, owned free and clear, other than my divorce attorney's lien for his services.

So the properties go on the market, I'm set for life if I spend within my means and live in a less expensive home.

With everything sold I'll be worth over five million dollars, plus I have a new career; my debts just two hundred and fifty thousand dollars...plus the lien.

The added bonus to this is that my prominent Bloomfield Hills, Michigan divorce attorney; John F. Schaefer is guiding me.

My prominent Sacramento, California attorney, Anthony M. Kennedy made sure my assets were protected by a Trust, before he became a Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America.

Hey, no problem, right?

So let the games begin.....

Mr. Schaefer advises that I move my assets from Paine Webber to McDonald Investments; McDonald Investments, Tripp Bozart advises KeyBank as my source to retain that two hundred and fifty thousand dollar loan.

You remember the loan, right?

Never mind that I find out sometime after this that eighty- million dollars had been embezzled from my Trust over twenty-four years by my Trustees...that's another story.

Anyway, I sell the Sun Valley property within two weeks of it being on the market for over two million dollars and it goes into a three-month escrow.

Mr. Bozart of McDonald Investments then advises that I retain a commercial bridge loan from KeyBank to purchase a new less expensive residence.

"It isn't advisable that you use funds from your Trust account. I need those funds to create an income. Thebridge loan will be paid off when the Sun Valley property closes."

I'm a fashion designer not a financier so I don't argue...I do what I'm advised to do by the experts...the elite.

Ah, but the Sun Valley property falls out of escrow exactly one hour before closing.

Now what do I do?

"Wait, does my soon to be ex-husband have something to do with this?

"Never mind," Matt Loren from KeyBank says, "We'll just renew the loan and you put the property back on the market."

In the meantime the Michigan property sells for one million six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This is because my ex-husband, once Trustee had been trashing it... so I couldn't get the price I had hoped for.

Unfortunately John Schaefer couldn't stop this massacre.

Why? I don't have the answer yet.

However, John Schaefer got his two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fee paid from the sale of this property in spite of the fact that he had hidden the accounting on my Trust during the divorce...the embezzlement of eighty million dollars. Not to mention we never went to court on Mr. Schaefers' advice.

But that's another story. Right?

During the next four years I sold my now three million-dollar Sun Valley property three more times to approved buyers.

Each sale was for more money.

KeyBank wouldn't allow the sales to take place.

Mr. Bozart is forging documents to release huge amounts of funds from my account...fifty thousand dollars at a time.

Mr. Glassford is threatening that KeyBank is going to foreclose on the Sun Valley property. When I ask why, Mr. Glassford says, "We don't need a reason."

Then I find out that John Schaefer had hidden something else.

McDonald Investments is owned by KeyBank and McDonald had a business relationship with my now ex-husband for years. They helped him sell his failing business for eighty million dollars...the exact amount of funds embezzled from my Trust.

Hmm... laundering my money I see.

So I hire a California attorney, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite to file suit against the embezzlers and to stop KeyBank who is now foreclosing on my Sun Valley property using the line of credit loan of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

This is a federal crime, just one amongst many so far.

KeyBank hired a Utah law firm to circumvent my Trust, which would otherwise force them to foreclose judicially, where a Judge would oversee the event, obviously stopping them.

KeyBanks' in house records show they forged documents, by removing the Trust's name from thecommercial bridge loan application.

So KeyBank forecloses non-judicially using the line of credit claiming I'm in default on this loan.

I know I'm not.

However, KeyBank/McDonald stopped sending account statements on both loans and the brokerage account eighteen months earlier.

Paine Webber has ignored my written requests for account statements for years.

Oh, and guess what, Mr. Catanzarite decides to not honor his fifty percent contingency fee with me and just doesn't bother to show up in court in Michigan for the embezzlement of the Trust. So the Judge dismisses my case with a letter basically saying, "for lack of evidence."

It's not until two years later that I learn, "for lack of evidence" means my attorney wasn't at the Judges hearing.

Such a play on words, don't you think?

However, I was aware that Mr. Catanzarite was withholding evidence from the Idaho Judge concerning the KeyBank case and reframing from doing the depositions. When I'd ask him why, he'd merely give me a bunch of legal jargon until all the discovery time was up...then he withdrew for no reason.

At settlement with KeyBank, I find out I was indeed current with payments on my line of credit.

In fact I was paid up for a year ahead.

There never should have been a foreclosure.

But, never mind.

KeyBank still takes my three million dollar home with one million five hundred thousand dollars of equity in it; all the cash from my McDonald account, amounting to a couple of million dollars; took my furniture and has destroyed my growing business.

Mr. Catanzarite took almost every cent of the KeyBank settlement through fraud, which he called his costs; another five hundred thousand dollars; evicted me from the new residence I bought to reside in, destroying a million dollars of equity; fifty percent of my furniture and belongings; took a family owned piece of property in the Sierra Nevada's, potentially worth millions of dollars, against legal documents protecting the property, while leaving me homeless and penniless.

Yes, I live in a tent today with my credit, unlawfully destroyed. And, it's been three years since Catanzarite took my residence by pure unadulterated federal crimes.

It's been two years since KeyBank foreclosed on my Sun Valley property where there should never have been a foreclosure.

Catanzarite annihilated California Civil Code 1695-1695.7 in his California ruled contract.

What's worse, I find out that Mr. Catanzarite had been advertising thirteen fraudulent credentials on his website for the last thirty years...two of these credentials are fraudulent State Bar Specialties.

And, the State Bar had charged him in 1998.

The California State Bar hides this information from the public.

Yuck, now there are many federal crimes and ethical violations concerning KeyBank/McDonald, Trustees and multiple attorneys.

"They'll all go to prison," I say to myself, and to anybody who is listening.

I'm wondering why all these entities would so obviously and arrogantly commit these many crimes...as if they know they'll never be held responsible.

At a deposition KeyBank held, the only deposition ever done between us, John Ward, otherwise known as "Skelator," one of three arrogant KeyBank attorneys in Idaho asked me, " Ms. Davis, do you keep a budget to live on because obviously you are spending beyond your means?"

My response was something like this as I recall, "Well gee how could I do that when KeyBank/McDonald have reframed from sending my account statements to me for two years; removing thousands of dollars from my account by forgeries and being paid thousands more in forbearances to stop a foreclosure that is against the law. No, my budget apparently isn't working for me these days."

Skelator just, "laughed," like a hyena.

Of course the US Attorney General, as well as three State Attorney Generals; the FBI; all the financial watchdogs in the country; three State Bars; Governor Schwarzenegger and three local Economic Crime Units know all about this and have for six years.

I get the feeling our, "Protectors Of The Public" all sat back and watched this since 2004 as if it were a sideshow. They certainly knew about it back then, and heard from me many times since.

However, they refuse to even investigate, but I get form letters directing me elsewhere.

Yet I've gone there and they have ignored me as well.

The Orange County District Attorney sent my file to be investigated by the Anaheim, Police. Sergeant Nichols wrote me in June 2010, "This isn't serious enough for the APD to investigate, but I'll hang onto your file until someone else complains."

The California State Bar after eleven months of so-called investigation of Catanzarite writes, "We don't have the resources to charge this man."

The California Supreme Court refuses to read the Verified Accusation I filed disputing the California State Bar decision.

Sooooo, I write my Congressman, Assemblyman and three US Senators... two in Arizona because California US Senators have ignored me. I'm trying to encourage them to get Attorney General Browns' attention....perhaps he missed my many letters.

He's such a busy man...you know with an actor who took drugs accidently killing himself.

Woops, then Attorney General Brown found out the drugs actually weren't the cause.

Wait, did he apologize for spreading this rumor?

US Senator Kyl, in writing responds, " I can't help you with this, but if you ever have an issue concerning the federal government don't hesitate to contact my office."

Gee, I thought my issue concerned the federal government?

But never mind, "I'll contact the press."

Nope...they'll have nothing to do with this after I called hundreds of newspapers and other media outlets, including the non-partisan media watchdogs.

One Sacramento, California reporter, Brian Joseph of the OC Register spent about three months with my documents of proof. He called one day and said, "Yep this all checks out to be true. I'll get back to you if I have any more questions. What a story."

So I guess he liked it.

A few months later, Mr. Joseph sheepishly calls by phone and says, "Nah, I'm not writing about this."

I can only assume his editor didn't want the story to reach the public.

Now I know why the United States of America is considered to have a third-world judicial system and the economy is what it is today. I know why ninety percent of the American people don't have a clue to what's going on around them.

And, guess what? It isn't their fault.

There's nobody watching the henhouse, but wolves and they love to eat chickens and eggs.

The moral of this story is, if you have any money....take it out of the bank and bury in a volt somewhere, under ground, make sure you're the only one with the key, and never ever take out a loan from a bank.

You can write all the Congressmen and Congresswomen you please, even President Obama, but they won't do a thing to help.

I can only surmise that they know about all the crime and don't care.

They like it like this.

Your petitions won't help and neither will the Tea Parties. I'm not faulting them, because I know they are trying. They just don't know what I know.

We need a revolution in this country, by the people.

And this, ladies and gentlemen is the United States of America.

God Help America.

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