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Has Israel Lost Its Courage and Its Purpose?

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It is said that one have to stand for oneself. But no one has to stand for oneself more vigorously than Jews and Israelis, as, when it comes to Israelis and Jews no one will stand for them, really no one.

Israel is definitely an abuse state and Jews are abuse people. Read and assess for yourselves why. Today's Ynetnews headlines - are shouting: Mideast Quartet - The foursome, comprised of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations - is alarmed by Israel settlement plans. They are concerned about Israel's recent approval of thousands of housing units in east Jerusalem and Ariel.

What is so alarming? First Ariel is part of Israel, no matter what, even if there will ever be an Arabs state is parts of Judea and Samaria. So why Israel cannot build there? Second, there is no "east" Jerusalem and Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab entity and according to international law the entire city belong to the state of Israel. So what is the brouhaha? Why the Quartet is not having the same commotion about the fact that the Arab-"Palestinians" do not want to negotiate with Israel and do not want to have peace with Israel and they say and act it loud and clear? After all the Arab-"Palestinians" are planning to ask the U.N to unilaterally declare their statehood, thus bypass any and all need to negotiate with Israel.

This unilateral move for their statehood will legally abrogate any and all agreements the Arab-"Palestinians" ever signed with Israel; why is the Quartet so silent on that? Why the Quartet displays such despicable duplicity and double standers proving how much one sided they are? More disturbing is the fact that the Quartet will not face the truth and publically admit that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) / Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah are all genocidal terrorists with one goal in mind, which is to destroy Israel and they say it loud and clear.

Why does the quartet want Israel to negotiate with terrorist? After all they will not negotiate with terrorists, or will they? Why does the Quartet want Israel to negotiate with people who are not willing to negotiate? Why is the Quartet in such a rush to help the Arabs destroy Israel? Why is that all this "peace" process a one sided process with Israel being clobbered until it falls? Another issue: why, after Anders Behring Breivik massacre tenths of his own Norwegian people, on 08/04/2011 did the Jerusalem Post apologized to Norway, one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe? - 'Apology to Norway'
? What a deranges Norwegian who went berserk has to do with Israel for her to apologize to his country?

One would have thought that the Jerusalem Post had achieved the lowest possible point of reporting during the Ehud Barak and Editor Horovitz eras, as the Jerusalem answer to Tel-Aviv's Ha'aretz, but not, it is a bottomless pit of media that only harms Israel's interests. Since the Oslo Accords the Israeli character has changed. It has no pride or dignity. It is now a character of apology and act along constant attempts to try please the world, chasing and making gestures and concessions to the Arabs, represented by Abbas, while Abbas, the Arabs and the entire world spit on Israel and work on her destruction. Today, the IDF recommends the release of Fatah prisoners. The Israeli Defense establishment presents a list of gestures towards Palestinians to prevent violence ahead of September U.N vote for a "Palestine".

Has Israel lost its courage and its purpose? A country where the president of France and the Prime Minister of Britain end their speeches at the Knesset demanding the division of its capital Jerusalem and get applauded for it is not a healthy country, in fact a very sick country, very sick. Can you imagine if the Prime Minster of Israel stood in front of the British or French Parliament and demanded that a part of London or Paris be given to the Moslems who want to take over Europe and have Islamic rule? Israel is a country that is very confused, or has no wish to live or both.

A suicidal country! And who made it that way? Israel! For "peace" the Israelis threw out of their homes thousands of Jews who lived in Yamit, Sinai, and Gish Katif, Gaza. What did Israel get for it? After Israel gives the Arab a state on its land with part of Jerusalem as its capital, and the Arabs will be on their last phase of destroying Israel, where will the Israelis move to when the Arabs have managed to turn the entire world against them? When the countries from where their parents or grandparents ran away from will not take them back? Will they move to anti-Semitic Sweden? To Norway, that presents the Nobel Peace Prize? The "big deal" Peace Prize, with names like Barack Hussein Obama, Desmond Tutu, Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres are holding to this Prize that represents racism, bigotry, and terror. The Jew never learns, does he?
Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to

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