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TANSTAAFL - Climate and Economy, Can You Hear me NOW?


Perhaps one of the saddest of human conditions occurs when you can see friends, neighbors, and entire countries fighting for the steering wheel but as each one takes over the head not for rational safety but only for a different disaster.

You can see dozens of examples in the nightly news but here are just a few.

To those who are now suffering from heatwaves and droughts in the U.S. - do you believe in climate change yet? Is God just punishing you? If so, could it be for driving a gas guzzler and wasting the planet's resources? Or, was it a liberal conspiracy building inaccurate thermometers?

University studies have shown that in the face of facts - even facts which they admit - most people refuse to change long-held opinions and beliefs.

That's why melting ice caps and every other piece of evidence does nothing to change minds about climate change.

That's why many people believe the President who has done so much for banks and big business is actually a socialist. So was Andrew Carnegie I suppose.

To those liberals and big government fans - is it sinking in yet that just printing more money is a lot like writing bad checks? Should we have more or less confidence when Alan Greenspan goes on Sunday talk shows (August 8, 2011) and says the U.S. CAN'T default because "we can always print more money?"

Why does not one mainstream TV news anchor or reporter ask if this makes sense? Just stupid? Or, have they been told that to do so would cause further panic?

Printing more money devalues the dollar - the traditional way for a country to solve a debt problem - the U.S. did it several times in the past but admitting that would be a disaster so only those informed enough know that a Greenspan Greenback is only paper and ink but gold and silver are money.

If it is wrong for an individual to do something, then how can it be right for a group of individuals to do it?

To those who say unemployment is all Obama's fault (the ones who actually believe that, not just the people seeking political advantage) - is it possible that the Bush/Obama stimulus actually DID work and things could be much worse now? Did you forget that the crash, housing crisis and surging gold prices began long BEFORE he was elected? Post hoc ergo proctor hoc?

If ONLY U.S. schools taught logic, economics, (or much of anything)!

To the Tea Party - is it possible you are right in demanding moral responsibility in Washington but wrong in thinking a politician has morals? Can I agree 100% with your aims but still think your timing leaves something to be desired?

Perhaps someone who has never been adrift at sea in a small boat can't intuitively grasp what seamen refer to as "Lifeboat Rules." What it means is that when you are running out of food and water, drifting into a storm, and the boat is leaking, that isn't when you refuse to help because of a moral objection, it is time for everyone to row to shore where you can argue at leisure.

Instead of merely appealing to God for help you might ask if God really helps those who help themselves. So, pray, but keep rowing.

Climate change - Perhaps 99% of scientists are wrong and human actions haven't contributed to it, but since reducing carbon emissions would help, why abandon the only green energy source - nuclear power?

Millions die of pollution, starvation, and flooding while a scant few die from nuclear accidents (far fewer in 40 years than the number of coal and gas workers killed every year), but people still think windmills are the answer - ignoring the lack of rare earth elements needed to build even a tiny fraction of what is needed.

Washington politicians still talk about Afghanistan as if we were actually going to win some sort of victory despite the fact that no invader in history has ever won a war there. Using absolutely brutal tactics and modern equipment even the old Soviet Union (not Russia) failed.

Oh, yes - TANSTAAFL.

One of the oldest lessons taught to cavemen or Adam and Eve but really believed by very few.

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

It actually applies to you, not just everyone else.
TANSTAAFL - Believe it, because, whether you believe it or not, you and your children WILL live it.

John McCormick is a reporter, /science/medical columnist and finance and social commentator, with 17,000+ bylined stories. Contact John through NewsBlaze.

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