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Written by Nurit Greenger from the original speech delivered by Philippe Karsenty, the worst nightmare of the French media outlets.

Philippe Karsenty, is a French national of the Jewish faith, who is well known for, so obstinately, standing up to France 2 TV Channel news when they reported a hoax story about Mohamed al Dura, an Arab-"Palestinian" they claimed the Israeli army killed.

Mr. Karsenty won his case and truth prevailed. Mr. Karsenty is now seeking to be elected to the French Parliament. I cannot think of a better than Mr. Karsenty, an honest, freedom loving person to take ranks in the French political arena.

On May 12, 2011 Mr. Karsenty delivered a speech to Temple Of the Arts congregation, in Beverly Hills California, which I attended. I am gladly sharing with my readers Mr. Karsenty's speech:

"Mohammed al Dura was a little boy who, at the beginning of the Arab 2nd Intifada against Israel, France 2, the French public TV, showed dying in his father's arms, shot and killed by the Israeli army.

This picture became an icon, an icon of hatred to the State of Israel.

Osama Bin Laden used it; American Journalist Daniel Pearl was killed to avenge the killing of Mohammed al Dura.

Most or all the Muslim countries have erected monuments, named streets and issued postage stamps to commemorate Mohammed al Dura's death.

But there is a greater problem: this report was a hoax; it was purely a staged scene.

For having said and published that it was a hoax, I've been sued for libel but have won the case.

But today, the talk is about French and Middle East policies.
I first want to say few words about my personal experience in French politics, then I will give an update about French politics regarding the Middle East and lastly, I will explain why I am running for elections to the French parliament.

My personal experience of French politics, I met Nicholas Sarkozy in 2002. At that time he was not even a minister.

Sarkozy then told me: "The Golan is Syrian."
I told him, "I disagree."

We agreed that we disagreed.
So, Sarkozy challenge me: "If you disagree with me, run against me."

I did but I lost.

At around the same time, I, with some other people, discovered the al Dura hoax.

I immediately understood that wrong politics are based on wrong information.

Lies in the media influence politician and then, they make wrong policies.

So, I fought on al Dura and I won the trials against France 2 and Canal+, a French private TV which slandered me in a 52 minutes documentary, designed to support the al Dura hoax.
I'm proud to say that now, I'm the worst nightmare of the French media outlets.

French politics regarding the Middle East

France is a military dwarf but it is an important country to watch out for because France can be a big troublemaker:

France has a permanent seat at the UN,
France has the 2nd largest diplomatic network,
France has an impact on world politics, and
France had a historical role in the Middle East.

French politicians have always been very close to Arab dictators. Charles De Gaulle was terrible in this aspect. Valéry Giscard and Francois Mitterrand were bad. Jacques Chirac was the worst; he, liked, too much, dead Jews. He spent his mandate to commemorate the Holocaust in order to have a blank check to blame Israel whenever he could and wanted.

Some people had great hopes on Nicholas Sarkozy but he is has been very disappointing. Sarkozy didn't do and is not doing much better than his predecessors. Sarkozy always had nice words for Israel but nothing has really changed in the grand picture. The Quai d'Orsay - French Foreign Affairs - still has the power and they still follow the Politique Arabe de la France. As soon as he was elected, Sarkozy invited the Hezbollah to Paris; in 2007, Gadhafi was invited to Paris, as a guest of honor; Bashar al Assad of Syria was also a guest of honor in Paris for the Bastille Day of 2008.

Recently, France has sold anti-tank missiles to the Lebanese Army. Whose tanks will the Lebanese Army target?

And on a more personal level, after I won my al-Dura trial, as a real slap on my face and on Jews' faces, Sarkozy offered the Legion of Honor to Charles Charles Enderlin, the French journalist responsible of the al Dura hoax.

I have two questions:

Is Obama good?
Do you think Sarkozy is better?

So, let's talk about Sarkozy's lasted decisions's record:
Last February, when the USA vetoed at UN on the condemnation of "Israel's colonization", Sarkozy voted in favor.

When the USA opposed the Goldstone Report, Sarkozy didn't.
Sarkozy condemned Israel for the interception of the Navi Marmara flotilla to Gaza boat.

Alain Juppé, France new foreign minister, declared a new French policy, which is to talk to the "moderate Islamists", the Muslim Brotherhood! Go figure that out.

And of course, France wants to recognize the Palestinian state, next September at the UN!

Despite all that, Sarkozy seems to be the only acceptable choice for the Presidential election in 2012 and I'll probably vote for him. This is how bad the political selection is.

I'm running for parliament in 2012, under a newly created seat and need your support.

In 2002 I lost against Sarkozy, but in 2008, I was elected deputy mayor of the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine n the western suburbs of Paris, where Sarkozy was previously the mayor.

I am now a candidate for the French parliament, the National Assembly. The elections will take place on June 2012.

I'm running for a newly created seat: the French people living abroad in Israel Italy, Greece and Turkey - Israel being the largest part of the constituency - will elect their own MP.

It is a unique opportunity to gather a real and strong supporter of ours, Israel and the US values, at the French parliament who in then expected to convey a strong pro-Israeli, pro-democracy, pro-Western message in the French politics.

This MP will not be one, among 500 other MPs. He will be the one who will be interviewed in the media outlets when Israel, Turkey, Greece and the Middle East will be in the news.

I really believe that running for this seat is the logical extension of my fight against the frauds in the media. It will help me to positively influence French politics and media, in a more favorable way.

Since I am already the worst nightmare of the French media outlets, that will strengthen my fight for truth.
There is nothing more that I would love to become than the worst nightmare of the French political elite, the French establishment and of the Politique Arabe de la France."

Sharing this article with as many will not only help Philippe Karsenty to have a broader exposure but will strengthen the likelihood of him being elected to the French Parliament, where a man like him is badly needs.

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to

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