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Israelis Will Act Severely With Zero Tolerance Against Their Foes

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Only sixty-six years ago Nazi Germany and its enablers were brought to tier knees, thus were forced to end perpetrating the worst crimes against humanity even known in the history of mankind.

The Germans, lead, by their Führer, Adolf Hitler, came up with the worst kind of murder and torture methods, along which they killed, in cold blood, SIX MILLIOM INNOCENT JEWS, TWO MILLION of them were CHILDREN!

And the world stood by to let it happened until, almost, not one Jew remained alive in Europe.

SIX MILLION JEWS were exterminated, and the Germans, proudly, kept a fastidious record of their atrocities.

For a while, the world leaked the wounds inflicted on it during the four years of the bloody WWII. For a while, anti-Semitism became a loathed word and its practice outlawed. The world understood, a depraved mistake was made and Jews hoped and prayed that human beings would learn from history and they vowed 'NEVER AGAIN.'

Sorrowfully, this was then and we are living in the now, onward. The world could not rid itself of anti-Semitism, an incurable disease from which it is now suffering again in abundance. Today, the leading force of anti-Semitic practices in the world are the Moslems, the Islamofascists. If before Anti-Semitism was perpetrated against Jews, as individuals, or as a congregation, now it is directed at the State of Israel, which the anti-Semites call the Zionist Enterprise where 5 Million Jews live.

The 21st Century anti-Semitism methods include the Holocaust denial, thus opening a wide door to justify pulling off another one and threats are made to annihilate the State of Israel, coming from Iran and organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

People, organizations, political leaders and the media at large constantly dehumanize, demonize and attempt to delegitimize the Jewish State of Israel. They call the Jewish State a "Nazi State," an "Apartheid State" and they blame Jews, living there, to be genocidal, killing Aras in the millions, or using disproportionate force when they need to defend themselves. Anti-Semitism is now openly practiced in all forms and Jews' lives are in danger in all four corners of the world.

Additionally, the State of Israel, which is the only place a Jew can call his or her home is restrained from practicing its sovereignty and having to defend herself from the ongoing onslaught of the Arabs.

The world has one set of rules along which it operates and functions. But for the Jews and the Jewish State it has concocted another set of rules, along which it expects the State of Israel to operate and function. It will not dare apply it on itself. So, 'Dear World', why complain about Jews and the Jewish State behavior while you collectively, have set the tone and have been the best example of vile behavior and an excellent teacher of treacherous behavior?

I no longer care if anyone thinks or points fingers at Israel or Jews for being evil when they need to defend themselves. Let the world remember that we, Jews, had good teachers. The lesson took 2000 long years and included the Romans, who killed millions of Jews and expelled the rest from their Homemade Judea, the Spanish Inquisition and bloody Crusades, anti-Semitism, libels and persecution all over Europe for centuries.

So you see, 'Dear World', we, Jews, had a very good teacher, you! Collectively, you have taught all of us every single dark evil that can be perpetrated by a human being. We learned it on our skin and with our lives. We died by the millions learning this. Can you imagine, world, how many Jews would be living on earth today you did not constantly and perpetually, killed us?!

What the Jews are doing is not evil by comparison to what you have taught us evil is all about. We can be called angels of goodness by compassion to you. In general we, Jews, treat people well and we give them no reason to act up against us. We treat our Arab enemy fairly, even though all they want is to see us all dead. But because we are nice they push the goal post farther. They keep on testing us to see how far they can push us, or when they can break us.

So let it be known, if anyone acts up against us, Israel and Jews, they must know that we will respond and defend our interests in all means available to us. Israelis will act severely, with stiff penalties and zero tolerance against their foes. Perhaps Israel's foes will have to learn the hard way to not mess around with the Jewish State and Jews. The bully in the yard will only stop when you stand up to him. Israelis need to end all confusion. We, Jews, are, by far, not the guilty party. The government of Israel must end its ambiguous schizophrenic policy. More sanity and reasonableness needs to prevail among us. The onus is on us, Israelis and Jews to acknowledge, with pride that we are Jews! And then raise our arms as a sign, do not mess with us, we are made of kindness and wisdom, but also of power.

Nurit Greenger sees Israel and the United States equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom and since 2006, has been writing about events in these two countries. Contact her by writing to

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