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'League of Legends' Most Popular Online Multiplayer Games in The World

Award-winning online multiplayer title from Riot Games captures the attention of more than 2,000 aspiring professional gamers in the top European and North American leagues

Turtle Entertainment GmbH, the eSport Company, today announced the growing popularity of League of Legends (LoL) within the Electronic Sports League (ESL). Produced by Riot Games, League of Legends is one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the world, and it has become one of the most successful titles in the ESL, Europe's biggest league for competitive PC gaming.

Weekly ĄGo4LoL" tournaments in Europe and North America attract up to 400 teams with 2000 participants. In addition, Turtle Entertainment recently added League of Legends to the highest European division of the ESL Major Series, and the highest national league for computer games in Germany, the ESL Pro Series.

ĄGo4LoL" sets Cup record with 1,135 players, promises big prize money. The ĄGo4LoL" tournaments continue to be very successful in both Europe ( and North America ( Over 200 teams with more than 1,000 players compete weekly in League of Legends for a monthly prize of 1,000 Euro in the ESL, and 1,000 US Dollar in the National ESL respectively. With 1.135 players participating on April 10th 2011, LoL set a new record for a one-day online cup in the ESL.

LoL represents in the highest eSports divisions - ratings hits on the WebTV channel ESL TV* The best League of Legends players compete in the highest eSports divisions of the ESL. In this season of the ESL Major Series the best European players compete for prize money of 10,000 Euro.

On ESL TV, League of Legends matches break records: 35,000 concurrent viewers tuned in for the qualification tournament of the ESL Major Series in North America. Only the very best teams of North America compete in the LoL-Premiership for total prize money of 10,000 USD. In addition, LoL is a new discipline of the ESL Pro Series, Germany's highest division, with more than 20,000 Euro in prize money.

"In recent months League of Legends has developed into one of the most popular eSports titles in the world. The game's impact continues to grow even further thanks to the ESL's prize money tournaments in 2011", said Sebastian Weishaar, Vice President International Business. "We always believed that in order to capture the attention of the eSports community, we would first have to focus on crafting League of Legends into a global phenomenon", said Marc Merrill, president of Riot Games and executive producer of League of Legends.

"Today, a year and a half since we launched the game, League of Legends is taking the eSports scene by storm - the ESL's embrace of the game is a big step that we're really excited about."

Turtle Entertainment GmbH

Turtle Entertainment is a leading gaming company in the field of competitive gaming and electronic sports. Founded in the year 2000 the company is currently offering its services in more then 37 countries including the US and China. Core of Turtle's services is it's online portal called Electronic Sports League (ESL) which became a highly popular destination site for competitive computer gamers around the world. The portal reaches up to ten million visits a month (IVW) generated by more than 2,8 million registered users.

Turtle Entertainment broadcasts ESL events via ESL TV, ESL's web-TV service, since 2007. The headquarter has 135 employees and is located in Cologne, Germany. Turtle Entertainment owns the majority of the Chinese eSports league PGL (Pro Gamer League) since 2007. Important business partners of Turtle Entertainment are global corporations such as Intel, Deutsche Post, Dell, Volkswagen, Sennheiser, ASUS, Microsoft, adidas, TrendMicro, SteelSeries, Supermicro, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Further information is available at

Electronic Sports League

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the largest and most important league for gamers in Europe consisting of more than 2,8 million registered members and more than 680,000 registered teams. ESL is operated by the company Turtle Entertainment GmbH since 2000 and offers more than 3,500 professional leagues and amateur ladders from a variety of games. Nearly 400.000 matches per month are being played worldwide using the ESL technology. The ESL website currently reaches above 1,6 million unique visitors a month and about 35.000 new players register every month.

Further information:

League of Legends, Riot Games' debut title, celebrated its first anniversary on Oct. 27, 2010. Since its launch in North America and Europe, millions of players have downloaded the game to engage in session-based, multiplayer battles against rival teams. Built by a veteran development team, including original creators of the popular, player-made mod Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends combines elements of both strategy and competitive action genres. *About Riot Games, Ltd.

Riot Games is a direct-to-consumer video game developer and publisher of premium, competitive online games. The company was established in 2006 and has quickly become a leading global developer and publisher of premium free-to-play online video games for hardcore gamers, launching their debut title, League of Legends, in October 2009. To date, more than one million gamers play League of Legends and log more than half a billion minutes of playtime each month. For more information, please visit www.riotgames.comand

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