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Rape and Run - Illegal Alien Rapes 7 Year Old, Gets Away


An illegal alien in New Mexico is on the run, apparently trying to return to Guatemala, where he came from. The 28 year old man is accused of raping the 7-year-old daughter of a family that had rented a room to him.

Sante Fe police issued an arrest warrant for Mario Humberto Cortez-DelCid last Thursday. The girl had been raped on multiple occasions, over the past two months.

Cortez-DelCid had threatened the girl not to tell anyone, but finally, she told her grandmother. The man confessed to the assaults when the girl's mother confronted him, and then he fled.

It is alleged Cortez-DelCid would take the girl to his room while her father was in the shower, preparing to go to work. The man, who had been employed at Santa Fe Lowe's Marketplace and Kmart, asked his employers for money to get back home to Guatemala before disappearing.

Santa Fe police say he is wanted on eleven counts of criminal sexual penetration.

Now he is back in Guatemala, the Santa Fe Police Crimes Against Children Unit says it has started the "long and tedious process" to attempt extradition of Mario Humberto Cortez-DelCid.

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