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Wisconsin Teacher Salaries - on Record!


Public is public, you pay these bills so look here for what your child's teacher really earns before you decide just whose side you are on.

For a quick comparison, here are some sample salaries of administrators:

Jan Veal, Principal- Oregon School District
Salary: $99,922

Bonni Haber, Principal- Shorewood School District
Salary: $99,860

Cynthia Gannon, Principal-Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Sara Behrendt, Principal- Waukesha School

Jeff Copson, Principal- Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Dennis Bissett, Principal-Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Michael Sukawaty, Principal- Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Michael Bralick, Principal- Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Joseph Beine, Principal-Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Randall Kunkel, Principal-Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Michael Sukawaty, Principal- Waukesha School
Salary: $99,852

Charles Templer,Principal- Suamico School
Salary: $99,747

Mark Tenorio, Principal- Whitefish Bay Sch
Salary: $99,628

Charles Wedig, Principal- Franklin Public School
Salary: $99,569

Shelley Weiss, Principal- Waunakee Community
Salary: $99,543

James Bouche, Principal Lakeland UHS Sch
Salary: $99,500

Shawn Mcnulty, Principal-Mukwonago School
Salary: $99,500

Kelly Burhop, Principal- Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School
Salary: $99,460

Robert Mcnallie, Principal-Verona Area School
Salary: $99,423

Keith Shaw, Principal- Manitowoc School
Salary: $99,421

William Bush, Principal Algoma School
Salary: $99,380

Michael Johnson, Principal-River Falls School
Salary; $99,304

Nicole Schaefer, Principal-Madison Metropolitan
Salary: $99,295

Deborah Ptak, Principal Madison Metropolitan

These are just the published facts.

John McCormick is a reporter, /science/medical columnist and finance and social commentator, with 17,000+ bylined stories. Contact John through NewsBlaze.

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