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Costa Rica Medical Tourism on the Rise with Europeans


Any realtor, and there are plenty, in Costa Rica will tell you that they are seeing a massive influx of European investors in Costa Rica. What is the attraction?

Accessible. Starting November 2, 2010, Thomson Airlines will be offering direct flights between Liberia, Costa Rica and London, England. Thomson Airways is the third largest airline based in the United Kingdom by total passengers carried and the world's largest charter airline; offering scheduled and chartered flights from the UK to many destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

Liberia? What's in Liberia?

Clinica Biblica Waiting Room vs. USA Waiting Room. Which do you prefer?
For one it is being dubbed the "business hub" for Costa Rica's most popular tourist and investment destination, Guanacaste. Liberia International airport was also recently granted over $30 million to increase processing capacity to around 1500 passenger simultaneously by building another terminal. Additionally, press releases like the one mentioned above whereas major airlines are announcing increased flights to Costa Rica, places like Canada, Europe and the UK, are finding the country much more accessible.

Located only 2kms from the Liberia International is the revolutionary future site of the Costa Rica retirement community, Sun Ranch. Sun Ranch is unlike anything previously seen in Central America. The project will feature an 18 hole Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed course, branded hotels and most notably, a new Costa Rica hospital by world renowned and JCI accredited Clinica Biblica. The concept of locating the full service Medicare facilities onsite of a medical tourism project is unique to the Sun Ranch.

JCI (Joint Commission International) is a world recognized organization that gauges and certifies hospitals around the world for quality of care, technology and other aspects. This is a snippet from their web site:

Our standards and evaluation methods stand alone in the world as unique tools designed to provide quantifiable benchmarks for patient care quality and drive positive changes that get noticed by clinical staff, patients and management.

Clinica Biblica is consistently at the top of the Latin American Hospitals review by America Economica and is additionally praised as Costa Rica's best choice for medical tourism clients.

For a growing numbers of travelers, the lure of combining affordable medical care with attentive room service is a chief draw for packing a suitcase and boarding a plane.

Medical tourism is an emerging market in Costa Rica with patients coming from all over the world for not only more affordable procedures but also the quality of care. In many cases the technology used in private hospitals like Clinica Biblica tends to be of higher quality than you would find in socialized medical systems of say Canada for example.

The benefits of selecting Costa Rica as your medical tourism destination are numerous however the obvious is the locale itself. What would be finer than enjoying your recovery while basking in the hot tropical sun of Costa Rica? White sand beaches, turquoise blue water, lush jungles and fresh fruit are all on the menu each and every day. You could kill two birds with one stone per se and enjoy a nice relaxing vacation while receiving the best Medicare possible. Not to mention saving up to 75% on the cost of medical procedures.

John Scheman, Director of Development for Clinica Biblica says, "Projects like the Sun Ranch in Guanacaste are evidence of our commitment to providing our patients with leading-edge medical practices and the facilities to make their stay as comfortable as possible."

And if you are concerned about language barriers: there's no need. Clinica Biblica knows that the vast majority of their patients come from foreign countries and accommodates this by employing English, French and Spanish speaking staff.

As prices rise in the EU for Medicare, more and more are investigating the option of taking their medical needs, combining it with a world class vacation and saving thousands, by choosing the Costa Rica medical tourism option.

Don G Halbert is a professional in Costa Rica marketing and copywriting. You can reach him via Newsblaze or contacting him on his personal web blog above.

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