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Fake Alien Grey Video - CGI Making It Difficult to Tell The Difference


In the past it was so much easier to spot the fake UFO and Alien photos, because the old methods of photography (cine film in particular) could not be easily manipulated, although some managed to achieve a credible result on occasions.

With CGI it really is extremely difficult to know for sure, and the only thing that usually gives the game away is the quality of the images we are seeing. We are so used to viewing blurred photos or images of inconclusive lights in the sky, people are skeptical of clear pictures.

Of course, one day someone will capture the real thing on their camera, but who is going to believe them?

The latest video of an "Alien" can be seen HERE, and you will see what I mean by the quality. The people you can hear in the background don't seem all that excited by this "encounter", which is another indication that it is a fake. Would you be joking around if you came that close to an Alien?

Alien Grey Hoax Video

I am as keen as anyone else to see real proof of alien existence or a UFO, but it is important to highlight the fakes when they appear, to make people aware that it happens.

There are still many people who believe that our planet is the only one to support life in the Universe, so we (those who do believe in Alien life on other planets) need to present information on this subject in an unbiased manner, and with a scientific approach.

Hopefully, when real proof does come, we won't need a photo or video to convince anyone.

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