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Palestinian Group Apologizes to UNICEF - NewsBlaze Retraction


In a recent story at NewsBlaze, it was disclosed that a Palestinian group, that received funds from UNICEF, had placed a UNICEF logo on a poster advocating the destruction of Israel.

PYALARA, a Palestinian youth organization supported by UNICEF created an advertisement featuring a giant ax splitting the Star of David, above a UNICEF logo.

The headline for the story, UNICEF Supports Palestinian Hate Ad, by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik was written by Alan Gray, NewsBlaze editor, and incorrectly drew the conclusion that UNICEF approved the ad.

Christopher de Bono, UNICEF media chief, told NewsBlaze, "UNICEF was not consulted by PYALARA about the use of its logo in a poster announcing a youth broadcast. Neither the poster nor the television programme it advertizes reflect UNICEF's policies or its views.

"As soon as this incorrect use of the logo came to its attention, UNICEF contacted PYALARA to demand an explanation and to seek rectification. UNICEF has also demanded clarification as to the actual process and context in which the logo was used.

"UNICEF's policy is clear on the use of its logo. Standard agreements with partners require prior approval in writing for the use of the UNICEF brand. PYALARA did not follow this process and UNICEF approval was not sought or granted.

"PYALARA has since presented its apologies to UNICEF and has given us assurances that it will conduct an enquiry to avoid similar incidents from occurring.

"UNICEF's partnership agreement with PYALARA ended in January 2010. Prior to this, UNICEF had worked with PYALARA from 2000 to provide children and young people with a forum to voice their ideas and reach out to their peers. UNICEF's support was for media training, video documentation and peer-to-peer counselling, both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. Until this year, UNICEF provided approximately US$100,000 a year to PYALARA.

"In light of the latest development, UNICEF will be carefully reviewing any proposed future partnerships with PYALARA."

NewsBlaze admires the work of UNICEF and regrets the inference that UNICEF approved the use of it's logo for this purpose.

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