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Planet X Cover-Up? - Now you see it, now you don't!


Is a Planet X beyond Neptune?

After the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846, there was some speculation that there could be another planet that existed beyond its orbit. This as yet undiscovered planet has been given many names, but is more commonly known as "Planet X"

A YouTube video (see below) shows the presence (in 2007) of what might be Planet X on Google Earth, but a more recent attempt to view this image is no longer possible, as the area concerned has been "blacked-out"

Some people (perhaps those involved in the cover-up?) have suggested that maybe there is a technical reason why this particular area was not mapped. But as this appears to be the only area on the map with a black oblong box covering up the stars/planets underneath, it would seem a strange coincidence.

Planet X

There have been apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the gas giants (especially Uranus and Neptune) suggesting that the gravity of a large unseen planet could have disturbed Uranus enough to account for the irregularities.

The search to discover the reason for the apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the gas giants continued and Robert Harrington (during the 80's and early 90's) calculated that any "Planet X" would be roughly three times the distance from the Sun than Neptune, its orbit would be highly eccentric, and strongly inclined to the ecliptic and the planet's orbit would be at roughly a 32-degree angle from the orbital plane of the other known planets.

Earlier, in 1972, Joseph Brady claimed that the irregularities in the motion of Halley's Comet could have been caused by a Jupiter-sized planet beyond Neptune that is in a retrograde orbit around the Sun.

However, in 1993, using data from Voyager 2's 1989 flyby of Neptune (enabling a recalculation of the gravitational effect of Uranus), Neptune's newly determined mass was used in a new calculation and the supposed discrepancies in the Uranian orbit vanished.

Speculation on Planet X

Speculation on the existence of a "Planet X" can frequently be found on the internet and some astronomers have not ruled out the possibility of a planetoid, roughly the size of Earth, ejected outward by Neptune early in the Solar System's formation and currently in an elongated orbit between 80 and 170 AU from the Sun.

Some have suggested that Planet X will appear in the year 2012 (a popular end of times date) and the current climatic changes are due to its approach. There is no proof of this yet, but I would not dismiss this theory as completely impossible.

Are Google involved in covering up the existence of "Planet X"? The blacked out area on their map is certainly going to fuel suspicion, and if this is some "technical" error, maybe they can update the view to put people's minds at rest?

The Unexplained ExploredThere has been speculation that "Planet X" (if it exists) will pass extremely close to Earth, and has done many times before. Could this account for some of the disasters our planet has witnessed in the distant past?

Unfortunately, our governments prefer to keep the population in the dark on almost any event that concerns our future (including UFO's and Climate Change), but if "Planet X" is heading our way, we will eventually see that for ourselves. Unless Google can find some way of blacking out the sky before that happens!

Planet X Book

The book "The Unexplained Explored" covers the subject of "Planet X" as well as topics like: UFO's and Aliens, Chemtrails, Future Dreams, Ghosts, ESP, Life after Death, Roswell, The Bermuda Triangle, Déjà vu, Dowsing and much more, and can be downloaded for just $8.75

The location of what might be "Planet X" and the "blacked out" portion of the map on Google Earth, can be found using these numbers: "5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58"

You may find the following links on "Planet X" of interest:

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