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UFO and Alien Mystery Explored


The following information is a further extract from the book "The Unexplained Explored".

Although UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) could refer to any object (Earthly or Extraterrestrial), most of us have now come to associate the letters "UFO" with a craft from another planet. The previously popular term "Flying Saucers" is less common nowadays, as many of the sightings have revealed shapes that do not resemble "saucers"

Despite a large number of people who believe that UFOs exist, there is perhaps an equal number who do not. This might be because some see it as a conflict with their religious beliefs, although it is not certain why. Quite recently the Vatican stated that if life should be discovered on other planets, these "aliens" would also be considered as God's creation.

To dismiss the possibility of life existing on another planet seems to defy logic, considering the vastness of the Universe. According to scientists, the Universe was created almost 14 billion years ago, with many planets forming much earlier than our own. If life also appeared on these planets, it is reasonable to assume that they may be more advanced than we are.

Ian Brockwell
Skeptics often ask "Why would an alien travel thousands of light years to our planet and not show themselves to us?"

There could be millions of reasons for that, but let us look at the most likely. An alien race capable of making such a journey must be more advanced than we are, so humans are not likely to possess any technology that would be of interest to them (or pose any danger). To make contact with us would change our way of thinking and perhaps alter our destiny? Perhaps aliens do not wish to interfere with our progress and simply want to observe it?

We do much the same when we are trying to observe wildlife on our own planet, we try to conceal our presence so that we can watch (or photograph) other creatures performing under natural conditions.

Some have asked "Why don't they try and communicate with us?" Let me answer that question with another question "When was the last time humans tried to strike up a conversation with an Ant or a Spider?"

If aliens see us in the same way we see some insects, why would they bother? It is only our human arrogance that makes us think we are important enough in this Universe to be contacted. As painful as it might be, we must accept that we could be considered as a "primitive" life form to others.

Even though our own planet has been around for approximately 4.5 billion years, humans (Modern humans) only appeared about 200,000 years ago. That is less than a blink of the eye in our own planets history and almost nothing when compared to the existence of the Universe (almost 14 billion years).

Let us consider what humans have achieved in the last 200,000 years and then imagine what another race could be capable of if they had been around five, or maybe ten times longer. Would that not make us "primitive" to our neighbours?

Should we be worried that there are probably alien races out there that can squash us like flies? Perhaps, but is there anything we can do about that? And if some alien race wanted to destroy us, could they not have done that already?

Whilst we may not rate too highly in respect of intelligence (as far as some aliens might be concerned), I do feel that we are of sufficient interest to them to warrant their care and protection.

I have a theory, or perhaps belief would be a better word, that certain aliens watch over planets like ours (and the creatures that exist on them) and move them when danger appears (some catastrophic disaster that would end that life). This might explain the appearance of many of the creatures that exist on our planet.

If we look back in history 250 million years ago, we will discover that some event occurred on our planet that caused a mass extinction, yet soon after this the dinosaurs appeared. How did such large creatures evolve in such a short time? Were they brought here from another planet? And were some of them moved again when faced with extinction 65 million years ago?

Is it not odd that such a wide variety of creatures have existed on our planet (big and small), yet the most dominant of these (humans) only arrived a relatively short time ago?

But why would aliens take the trouble to do this? Why not? If your house was burning down and about to be destroyed, would you not try to save your pet dog, cat or hamster if you could?

I am not saying we are alien pets, but maybe the same principle applies?

Although many people believe that UFO sightings are a fairly new phenomenon and started around the time of the famous "Roswell UFO incident" in New Mexico (July 7, 1947), this is not actually true. Whilst there are obviously no photographs of ancient UFO sightings, their images have appeared in many paintings and frescos going back many hundreds of years, long before flying machines were invented.

To be continued......

Ian Brockwell writes straight talking, honest stories that engage readers. Contact Ian through NewsBlaze.

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