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Saudi Arabia

Lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair, head of an independent human rights organization, the Saudi Arabia Monitor of Human Rights, has been facing persecution from Saudi Arabian authorities.
14:04 Jul 13, 2014
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. says the Saudis denied a visa to a Jewish journalist. What are they thinking? Has US influence been flushed down the toilet?
19:04 Mar 28, 2014
Nehad Ismail says Obama has disappointed the Saudis, with his insipid ever-changing weal foreign policy in the Middle East, ignoring the rise of forces controlled by Russia and Iran.
15:56 Mar 24, 2014
This situation is certainly a matter of concern for India. Apart from the terrorist activities in Pakistan, the world should also notice the roots of those extremist activities in Saudi Arabia, as a result of which the roots of communalism and Islam
07:47 Mar 8, 2010
A scholarly analysis of India's standpoint on Kashmir and cross-border terrorism might consume volumes. Our focal point here is to ask why India is keen to enjoin Saudi Arabia to solve Indo-Pak issues.
17:19 Mar 3, 2010
Sarkozy, King Abdallah to meet in Riyadh. Among other issues such as the Middle East peace process, the two leaders are expected to discuss the Iranian nuclear weapons development program.
18:38 Nov 17, 2009
Last week members of different faiths gathered in Geneva to continue the interfaith dialogue initiated by Saudi King Abdullah in November 2007 when he visited the Vatican and met Pope Benedict XVI.
07:09 Oct 7, 2009
'The GCC countries will receive in December a cost estimate for the railway project,' an informed source in the GCC told The Media Line. 'Then, the countries will have five months to respond to the proposal.
08:52 Sep 2, 2008
Crossfire War - Tehran - Riyadh - Sarajevo Watch - Global Theatre: Tehran - Riyadh - Islamabad - Damascus - Ankara - Tirana - Sarajevo - Pristina/Brussels - Vienna - Warsaw
18:02 Jul 27, 2007
Crossfire War - Tehran - Riyadh WATCH - West - South Asia Theatre: Tehran - Riyadh - Ankara - Baghdad - Damascus - Beirut/Jerusalem - Cairo - Delhi; Saudi Interior Minister States Serious Cooperation Between Tehran - Riyadh
02:47 Apr 8, 2007
Crossfire War - RIYADH WATCH - West Asia Theatre: Riyadh - Tehran - Damascus - Doha/Cairo - London - Washington; King Abdullah Declares U. S. Led Occupation of Iraq Illegal - Washington Asks for Clarification
09:51 Mar 30, 2007
Crossfire War - Ankara - Tehran - Riyadh Watch - West Asia Theatre: Ankara - Tunis - Tripoli - Damascus - Riyadh - Baghdad/Cairo - Jerusalem - London - Washington - Paris - Rome; Turkey Invited to Arab League FM Meeting for First Time
12:39 Mar 3, 2007
Crossfire War - Riyadh Watch - West Asia Theatre: Riyadh - Tehran - Damascus - Ankara - Beirut/Paris - Rome; House of Saud Purchases Lebanon's Army
05:52 Feb 24, 2007
Crossfire War - Tehran - Damascus - Riyadh Watch - West Asia Theatre: Tehran - Damascus - Riyadh - Beirut/Paris - Rome; French Military Medics Forced out of S. Lebanon Village by Hezbollah - Youths Stone Spanish Troops
17:59 Feb 20, 2007
Crossfire War - Moscow - Berlin - Washington Watch - Eurasia Theatre: Moscow - Berlin - Washington/Tbilisi - Baku - Ankara - Tehran - Riyadh; Russia's Economic Move South - Pres. Putin Arrives in Riyadh for Two Day Visit - Indications of Moscow's
04:53 Feb 12, 2007
Crosfire War - RIYADH WATCH - West Asia Theatre: Riyadh - Baghdad - Tehran/London - Washington; Prince Turki Al-Faisal 'America Came into Iraq Uninvited It Should Not Leave Uninvited' - Occupation - Defeat to Continue Ad Infinitum
08:23 Nov 5, 2006
Crossfire War - RIYADH WATCH - Eastern Mediterranean Theatre: Riyadh - Ankara - Beirut - Damascus - Tehran/Rome - Cairo - Jerusalem - London - Washington; Islamic Axis Ankara - Riyadh Co-Chair Regional - International Review
08:30 Oct 14, 2006
Crossfire War - TEHRAN WATCH - Pacific Theatre: Tehran - Pyongyang - Beijing/Tokyo - Seoul - Moscow - Washington; Japan - US Advocate Severe Sanctions - Inspections of North Korean Shipping - Pyongyang Threatens to Launch Ballistic Missiles
19:17 Oct 10, 2006
Crossfire War - Eurasia Theatre: Tokyo - Singapore/Riyadh - Islamabad; Japan Seeks Reassurance on Oil Supply as Saudi Crown Prince Embarks on Three Nation Tour
03:57 Apr 9, 2006
Iran Offers Nuclear Weaponry to Islamic Governments that Support Jihad. Though Ahmadinejad maintained the official line, this statement is part of Iranís strategy of deception.
19:06 Sep 16, 2005

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