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Ronnie McBrayer says hitting the road is not religion, it is the true way to live. And while love is often a road less traveled, it is the worthiest of journeys.
5 days ago
Ronnie McBrayer says when we avoid suffering at all cost, we fail to see it costs us everything, for if we cannot tolerate anything, we never become people of faith, character, or maturity.
15:20 Jul 17, 2014
Not long after these events played themselves out across our cable television news shows, Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument went on tour.
14:02 Jul 8, 2014
Man's challenge on the pathway of life, is to overcome its obstacles and endure its sometimes painful, demanding, and often, austere conditions and endure.
17:04 Jun 29, 2014
Here is mature faith: It is far more than a cheerful outcome contrived within our imaginations, or a happily ever after post-scripted to every story we tell.
06:45 Jun 25, 2014
Has Satan started to claim conservative pundits, including Joseph Farah, of World Net Daily, and conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage?
20:44 Jun 21, 2014
What comes to their mind when they think about God is not a beneficent image. And while they can speak of God as 'Creator,' 'Lord,' even 'Mother,' the idea of Father is associated with far too much pain to be useful. So let me be clear that th
16:31 Jun 20, 2014
Before we breathe a word about the gospel or good news, we should be properly prepared. What is the proper preparation? Well, it's not about having all the theological answers...
05:33 Jun 12, 2014
Robert D. Ashford writes a few words about a good friend whose life has ended, but remains in the memories of his family and friends.
15:25 Jun 10, 2014
The first blast in Jos took place in the bus terminal, killing about 10 people. However, scores more died in the explosion in the busy market.
23:45 May 25, 2014
We have been given the power to face each uncertain day; the love to overcome the hatred and bitterness that surround us; and self-discipline when everything else seems so out of control; for our security is not dependent upon the strength of our mi
08:12 Apr 23, 2014
In parts of Europe - particularly in the countries of Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania - Christians bring their branches to church on Palm Sunday, though they do not carry palms.
16:57 Apr 19, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer says he is OK with not knowing everything. He knows more than he used to, but he says it doesn't mayyer, as long as he knows enough.
11:35 Mar 21, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer reminds us that the greater part of the pain and regret we carry around with us is the result of not accepting this truth about ourselves...
07:00 Feb 9, 2014
Kimberly Jones explores how extremist militants exploit religious ideology to fit their agendas, so religion becomes an excuse for the evil acts they do.
13:54 Feb 2, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer advises us to run our race, keep our eyes on the finish line, not be distracted by things that can divert us off the track; finish the course.
17:21 Jan 30, 2014
These quotes from early Christian Fathers indicate we are spiritual children of God. If they are correct, we humans are the children (angels) of God, made of flesh and bone...
06:41 Jan 24, 2014
How can we re-generate the love of God and country, if we have lost sight of why we are free? Only in a free society can Christianity flourish and grow. People flock to this nation not just to make money but to receive, or gain freedom
11:57 Jan 20, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer says the most skillful artist is not necessarily the one with the best thoughts or ideas, the biggest public platform or the one who is a mass of pure talent.
09:20 Jan 18, 2014
Who is in God's Hall of Fame? It is unfortunate that Television polarization of heroes and villains and makes it clear even to the youngest of fans how to be good heroes or bad ones....
11:52 Jan 14, 2014

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