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Robert D. Ashford tells an old story about a documented event that happened a long time ago. The document, a drawing, carries a message, even today.
16:20 Oct 21, 2014
King Nazir Muhammad looks at the state of the country and society that is in total chaos, because there is no structure and people don't care.
21:55 Aug 28, 2014
Public Citizen Ralph Nader is honored for his contributions to the advancement of fair-minded critical societies, Critical Thinking and Educational Reform.
16:17 Jul 20, 2014
Has Satan started to claim conservative pundits, including Joseph Farah, of World Net Daily, and conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage?
20:44 Jun 21, 2014
Despite our country's freedom and prosperity, Americans are not happy and numbers are falling. Chronic unhappiness affects all areas of our lives resulting in overwhelming physical and emotional health issues
19:08 May 24, 2014
Cookie Curci tells us that hugs are theraputic. In fact, a twenty second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin.
16:35 May 9, 2014
The Hollywood Sentinel reports here on how change is essential to success in life in this article by Bruce Edwin.
16:23 Apr 21, 2014
Frosty says experience is the best teacher. If you find yourself going down the wrong road, or the road isn't working for you, turn around and go back. When you return to your original location, strike out in a new direction
15:02 Mar 31, 2014
Now that things have settled (both literally and figuratively) from Ghost Mine season two some cast members have be reflecting on their experiences.
09:15 Feb 25, 2014
Jathan Janove is an author, trainer, executive coach and Director of Employee Engagement Solutions of Ogletree Deakins. In this story for the Hollywood Sentinel, he teaches the most effective way to apologize, and thus- get along with others.
18:25 Feb 20, 2014
Before dating becomes a possibility, before the 'first kiss, there are four questions every mother and father should ask their daughter.
17:01 Feb 8, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer advises us to run our race, keep our eyes on the finish line, not be distracted by things that can divert us off the track; finish the course.
17:21 Jan 30, 2014
Dove's latest film, which premiered at this week's Sundance Film Festival, asks us to re-access the 'selfie'
03:45 Jan 30, 2014
Frosty says to engage your creative dynamo, stay open to ideas via your open consciousness. Realize that form emerges out of the invisible field of the universe.
04:57 Jan 24, 2014
Ronnie McBrayer says the most skillful artist is not necessarily the one with the best thoughts or ideas, the biggest public platform or the one who is a mass of pure talent.
09:20 Jan 18, 2014
From 50, they face the last third of their lives with a sense of a downhill slide. Most never lived any great moments or vanquished any dragons let alone navigated a great sailing ship called the Black Pearl like Captain Jack Sparrow. None took off
06:05 Jan 18, 2014
Frosty Wooldridge says it takes effort to nurture a friendship, and it can't all be one way, it must be two way and the friendship bank needs to be topped up.
04:28 Jan 16, 2014
The coming millennium promises to bring even more to modern motherhood. Today's working mom seems a far cry from the Harriet Nelsons, Donna Stones, June Cleavers and Margaret Andersons of my childhood-dedicated homemakers who were once the epitome
15:47 Jan 13, 2014
Cookie Curci falls back on crescent wrenches, screwdrivers, and a 6-year-old kid, to open today's easy open products
22:49 Jan 11, 2014
Moira Cue of The Hollywood Sentinel gives advice on working with the law of attraction.
04:34 Jan 9, 2014

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