Ribbon Cutting Celebrations

When Ambassador Kapneck made ribbon-cutting ceremonies his personal celebration of opening businesses and industry in the State of Maryland, they really started to take hold. That was back in 1976. Because he brought so many businesses to the State, people said he was responsible for keeping the ribbon and scissors companies in business.

Ribbon cutting history began around 1900, when it was conducted by tying a ceremonial ribbon across a building’s main entrance.

The ritual of speeches followed by a dignitary cutting the ribbon was used to declare the building open for business. The scissors used then, as today, were often preserved by the institution or business, as a keepsake.

Ambassador Kapneck

ambassador kapneck ribbon cutting
Ceremonial scissors cutting a ribbon.

In Maryland, Ambassador Kapneck brought the ceremony back to life in 1976 on his return from a tour heading up the first overseas office of International Business and Economic Development for Maryland, in Brussels, Belgium.

The CEOs and owners of companies large and small, loved the meaning of the special event to celebrate opening what they worked so hard to achieve and begin. His ribbon cutting ceremonies have become his trademark in the business world.

Even in these difficult times, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, and the Trade Ambassador, are bringing great results. In the past year, 14 foreign-owned companies with up to 250 new jobs started up through Maryland’s efforts. An additional 225 new jobs came from US companies that moved, expanded, or set up in the State.

Creating Jobs

Maryland export numbers increased more than twice the national average.

Ambassador Kapneck continues to attract companies to Maryland that are unique and useful, and create jobs for so many in the State. Companies that set up in Maryland pay taxes and expand the job market.

If you ever see a ribbon cutting ceremony in Maryland, you can be sure that Ambassador Philip Kapneck is there, either in person or in spirit.

Philip Kapneck works with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

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