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You see, the NFL seems to have buckled to political correctness or more accurately religious persecution of Christianity in the case of quarterback Tim Tebow who openly displays his affection of God by kneeling and pointing up to Heaven.
12:46 Apr 13, 2014
NFL draft guru Wayne Bainbridge gives you the stuff that you need to know, on picks for the NFL draft, past present and future.
08:51 Mar 21, 2014
Only five areas in the country will be receiving the designation of Promise Zone [Slush Fund]. What the White House didn't say is 'Promise Zones' are relegated to just five areas of the country.
18:30 Jan 15, 2014
Some states have opted out of ObamaCare but this week seniors on social security are learning this will cost them $1200 per year in reduced payments.
01:15 Nov 29, 2013
All these facts stunned the citizens of Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln's hometown and the site where Obama chose to declare his candidacy for president in 2007.
16:46 Nov 20, 2013
Many 'Auto immune' diseases such as Chrons, have eventually been found to be caused by a bacterial infection in the gut, now a devastating form of arthritis joins the list - rheumatoid arthritis.
13:48 Nov 5, 2013
Powerful American Artist- Caryl M. Christian Levy Discusses Her Body of Work in this exclusive audio interview with Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel.
23:40 Oct 28, 2013
It finally came down to a single winner take all race with both teams tied at 8 points with only 9 needed to take the cup. Race 19, 34th America's Cup Series.
13:38 Sep 25, 2013
After an absolutely amazing series in which the Oracle U.S.A. team went from keelhauled bloody mass to the biggest comeback kids in Cup History, the teams are all tied up at 8 points each in a 9 point series so the next race winner takes the cup.
13:00 Sep 25, 2013
Wind continued to increase and the next race looked like it would be delayed until Wednesday but dropped suddenly just before the start.
13:14 Sep 24, 2013
Once again wind conditions are likely to delay the races.
12:26 Sep 24, 2013
Still just one New Zealand win from seeing the cup leave the U.S., Oracle is once again struggling to win and get one race closer to the 9 wins needed to take the cup.
14:36 Sep 23, 2013
Once again Oracle pulled out a win to extend the race at least one more day. It seems New Zeland just can't slam the door on Oracle and the race goes on to 14 - to the joy of viewers.
15:06 Sep 20, 2013
Team New Zealand has been on the verge of winning the Cup for almost a week now. Today it was light winds which threw a monkey wrench in the celebration plans.
14:15 Sep 20, 2013
Given the good wind conditions many watchers expected this to be the final two races of the 2013 America's Cup and the Emirates N.Z. team won race 11 but was unable to sew up the Cup.
14:27 Sep 18, 2013
The Cup Races live again today, here are some links which will enhance the experience.
13:14 Sep 18, 2013
If you are a sailor and a techie then you probably wish you were right on the boats. Here's the next best thing.
11:14 Sep 17, 2013
The infamous cruise ship has been pulled upright and is now being floated, there is a live feed.
22:22 Sep 16, 2013
Can't get enough of the race? Here's a link to the official twitter feed and definitions of some special terms.
21:56 Sep 16, 2013
Anyone who thought the rules of American football were complex should avoid racing boats at all costs. But this year's action in San Francisco Bay has been exciting even if you don't know your windward from your leeward.
18:53 Sep 15, 2013

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