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Oil and Energy

Nehad Ismail has a special investigation into the falling prices of oil. Everyone blames Saudi Arabia, but there are other fundamental factors behind the crash.
16:17 Feb 3, 2015
He reports that a total of 20 countries and economies have continued to significantly reduce the volume of their crude oil purchases from Iran or have completely eliminated such purchases.
07:40 Jun 7, 2013
The United States also imposed sanctions on Kish Protection and Indemnity Club (Kish P&I), and Bimeh Markazi-Central Insurance of Iran (CII) for providing insurance or reinsurance to NITC.
07:26 Mar 17, 2013
Environmentalists and the Obama Administration help to keep US oil prices high, by blocking access to oil reserves in Alaska.
17:06 Nov 12, 2012
First quarter average gasoline prices were up 40 cents to $4.06-a 10.9 percent increase-while the average price in March was up 41 cents to $4.41.
20:15 Jun 30, 2012
US reliance on foreign oil has decreased, and that trend is expected to continue which is attributed by the the historic fuel economy standards established by President Obama.
07:33 May 3, 2012
Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs Ambassador Carlos Pascual stresses that Joint Coordinating Committee on Energy is fundamental to its ability to supply international markets.
08:20 Apr 24, 2012
Recognizing the energy transformation is already underway in Americas, the 'Connect 2022' Initiative was launched today to close the electricity gap in the region.
11:04 Apr 15, 2012
The reports also aim to provide guidance to policy makers and assist both public and private stakeholders to formulate, implement and monitor national strategies for effective poverty reduction through sustained productivity enhancement.
16:20 Jan 18, 2012
This week, the average retail gasoline prices in Sacramento fell 2.1 cents per gallon, to an average of $3.73/g yesterday.
07:20 Aug 8, 2011
The price per gallon for gas here in the U.S. is expected to hit the roof this month, mostly because retailers have begun cashing in on one of Americas biggest holiday travel periods.
18:14 Apr 23, 2011
As the mainstream media discusses the ever rising price of crude oil and the effects it will have on us at the pump, it makes you wonder was the last spike in oil prices responsible for the U.S. economic meltdown in 2008?
18:36 Apr 18, 2011
Tonight Show Comedian Jay Leno touts his experience with American technology and how we can all beat high gas prices.
16:22 Mar 30, 2011
The national average has increased 21.5 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 76.5 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.
06:22 Mar 29, 2011
Feel the pain of not having a national energy policy yet? Don't blame speculators or dictators. Look in a mirror to see why prices keep going up.
13:03 Mar 8, 2011
While some commentators complain about oil prices being caused by speculators, they never seem to mention that any investor can lock in oil/gas prices by purchasing an ETF.
12:03 Mar 8, 2011
When there are fast price increases or decreases some stations always lag behind in matching the changes at their pumps. Use an online tool to find the cheapest gas in your area.
09:32 Mar 8, 2011
The only reason commodity mercantile exchanges were created was for merchants to protect their products from future falls and rises.
11:52 Mar 5, 2011
The worldwide collapse of honey bee colonies threatens famine and yet the press pays it scant attention, treating it as an exotic feature story.
12:17 Mar 1, 2011
According to a report by Jesse Ventura, the recent BP Gulf Oil Spill was no accident, but a deliberate attempt to depopulate the Gulf coast area, motivated by profit.
11:23 Dec 26, 2010

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