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Shalom means wholeness, and this event unifies diverse communities under the banner of the blue and white flag of the state of Israel.
4 days ago
The closed-system that is earth, prevents any external factors from increasing global warming.
00:01 Nov 22, 2015
We are one heart attack or retirement away from losing the 5-4 majority, and then the Second Amendment window closes. The gun-rights groups will be to blame.
22:22 Nov 20, 2015
The man doesn't understand how he gave his small fortune to a fortune teller. He hopes to prevent others who need a friend from doing something dumb.
11:41 Nov 19, 2015
Florida House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee approved the bill, CS/HB 163, in a 7-6 vote with two RINO Republicans voting against the bill.
20:03 Nov 18, 2015
A wardrobe featuring the face of the Devil underwent an exorcism performed by a team of psychics, but it wasn't the wardrobe that was smashing things.
05:10 Nov 15, 2015
Fighting back in a case of mistaken identity in a society of selfies, memes, posts, and internet self promotion, but there is a downside.
14:17 Nov 12, 2015
Chaffetz is also the head of The House Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The committee is currently investigating further into the usage of the suitcase-size device.
14:32 Nov 11, 2015
A student refused to move out from her desk, and that caused the policeman to act. The viral video may not have shown the whole scene.
14:39 Nov 10, 2015
The question for the court is simple. Is the possession or carrying of a firearm by default lawful or unlawful under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments?
14:28 Nov 10, 2015
Improved October job growth figures and a 5% unemployment rate look good on paper, but Millennials may not be smelling roses, Generation Opportunity says.
14:53 Nov 6, 2015
Two senators expressed concerns about the Stingray's ability to harm privacy, even though the IRS says it can only be used with a court order.
15:50 Nov 4, 2015
The Trans-Pacific Parnership or the TPP is a free trade agreement currently being negotiated by nine countries - the United States, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.
14:15 Nov 4, 2015
Showrunners at Syfy spice things up on Ghost Hunters this season, with the addition of Ghost Mine Lead Investigator and fan favorite Kristen Luman.
19:18 Nov 1, 2015
Christie accidentally got on the quiet car. Upon breaking the protocol of the car, Christie realized the gravity of his mistake and got off the train.
15:20 Oct 31, 2015
A woman climber who had fallen and was severely injured in the Mount Washington area is now safe and undergoing medical treatment.
16:32 Oct 16, 2015
Domesticated crops were modified to resist pests and increase the crop yields. This modification, combined with chemical sprays, may have destroyed these crops' immune systems.
16:09 Oct 16, 2015
Civil society can ensurehat governments uphold the commitments embodied in this document, and can advise when the Mandela Rules need further improvement.
14:21 Oct 14, 2015
Speaking on the Economics of the Internet, Catherine A. Novelli said the internet is considered as fundamental to US commerce as highways, power grids.
15:42 Oct 10, 2015
The participants of the Summit make nuclear security commitments at the Summits in the form of a Work Plan, Communiques, national statements, and joint statements.
17:54 Oct 9, 2015

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