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Florida House of Representatives passed a bill to convert concealed carry permits to handgun carry permits, allowing handguns to be carried openly or concealed.
3 days ago
In New York City at the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, Ambassador Power stressed the need to not be bystanders.
5 days ago
Russell W. Dickson interviews Mark Garbarino at Walker/Stalker Con 2015, chats about creature suits, puppets, prosthetic make-up, and The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.
6 days ago
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and everyone is thinking about the best way to say I love you. For a tech-obsessed sweetheart it takes more than flowers.
7 days ago
Shocking news from Prophet - King Nazir Muhammad. The Prophet plans to sell his Religion and join The Church of Scientology for a huge amount...
02:27 Jan 28, 2016
Controversial Prophet, King Nazir Muhammad, founder of The Religion of Power says a financial plague will be brought down as a social punishment on blacks.
01:19 Jan 26, 2016
This is a story of HOPE, a story of schoolchildren in Whitwell, Tennessee, who continue working on project Paper Clips, started in 1998 that continues today.
05:14 Jan 23, 2016
Memorizing and recalling the Bible is part of a glorious game to win millions in scholarship prize money.
14:53 Jan 2, 2016
#1 Amazon Author uses e-book technology to produce a publishing miracle, and he shows anyone else how they can do exactly the same thing.
17:00 Dec 31, 2015
This March will demonstrate to the nation that black women are interested in moving forward on their own and black men are not invited and not wanted.
14:49 Dec 22, 2015
Since controversial author and cannabis cult leader, Prophet King Nazir Muhammad, released his depiction of the god Allah, he has been called many things.
13:51 Dec 17, 2015
The US joined 177 other nations to adopt the UN Convention against Corruption. International Anti-Corruption Day is always observed on December 9 each year.
03:29 Dec 15, 2015
The San Diego chapter of the Alzheimer's Association has decided to withdraw from the nationwide group after the organization revealed plans of consolidating all its affiliates.
13:57 Dec 11, 2015
Whereas the Rasta's only purpose for using marijuana is for meditation, Muhammad's religion, The Religion of Power, uses it to create belief in self.
17:41 Dec 9, 2015
Shalom means wholeness, and this event unifies diverse communities under the banner of the blue and white flag of the state of Israel.
14:48 Nov 25, 2015
The closed-system that is earth, prevents any external factors from increasing global warming.
00:01 Nov 22, 2015
We are one heart attack or retirement away from losing the 5-4 majority, and then the Second Amendment window closes. The gun-rights groups will be to blame.
22:22 Nov 20, 2015
The man doesn't understand how he gave his small fortune to a fortune teller. He hopes to prevent others who need a friend from doing something dumb.
11:41 Nov 19, 2015
Florida House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee approved the bill, CS/HB 163, in a 7-6 vote with two RINO Republicans voting against the bill.
20:03 Nov 18, 2015
A wardrobe featuring the face of the Devil underwent an exorcism performed by a team of psychics, but it wasn't the wardrobe that was smashing things.
05:10 Nov 15, 2015

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