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The Security Council sent three relevant messages to the world about Yemen, in an attempt to stop fighting and to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need.
14:43 Jan 2, 2016
Secretary Kerry said in the past, U.S.-Cuba dialogue was narrow, relatively sterile, and rare. But recently, dialogue for both countries has been comprehensive, businesslike, and routine.
04:10 Dec 26, 2015
Bahrain advocates a concerted Gulf-wide anti-terror effort, preferably under the aegis of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to create regional alliances.
16:51 Dec 23, 2015
According to Ambassador Power, almost everywhere there is conflict, there is also human trafficking, and it is in every country.
14:39 Dec 22, 2015
Ambassador Power said the UN institution celebrates in its charter the equal rights of nations large and small (other than Israel).
15:31 Dec 21, 2015
Russia continues to occupy Ukraine's autonomous region of Crimea in defiance of international law, in defiance of its treaty obligations, the Helsinki Final Act, and the resolution passed by 100 members of the UN General Assembly.
12:11 Dec 21, 2015
Many countries speak of labour welfare but few sincerely work towards improving the lives of expatriate labourers. Bahrain is one of those rare nations.
12:34 Dec 14, 2015
This is a close quarters expose of life in a town being the bullseye target of the wicked terror organization, Hamas, which fired rockets at the civilians.
11:05 Dec 7, 2015
NCRI says Qassem Soleimani, the notorious commander of the terrorist Iranian Qods Force was severely injured in Syria this week.
16:06 Dec 3, 2015
According to Mr. McGurk, the coalition that has 65 members are coordinating efforts across multiple lines of effort, cutting off the finances, contesting them militarily on the ground.
15:36 Dec 3, 2015
Bahraini government did what was needed after the events of 2011 when Western media created an impression that legitimate aspirations were suppressed.
01:13 Dec 1, 2015
According to Ambassador Pressman, the US believes that enhanced focus on good governance by the countries of the region is essential.
15:33 Nov 30, 2015
However, Secretary Kerry said with assurance that the US government has every single effort being made by Homeland Security, by the FBI, by Interpol, by intelligence communities exchanging information, and people are working hard at this. And so far
05:20 Nov 29, 2015
In the aftermath of the attack, Tunisia's president Beji Caid Essebsi declared a state of emergency throughout the country and a curfew in the capital.
12:00 Nov 26, 2015
Iran, intent on destabilizing the Kingdom of Bahrain, increased in anti-Bahrain activities since the 2011 troubles, have taken it nowhere.
11:52 Nov 26, 2015
The world's shipping companies are looking for new ways to deal with the economic slowdown, including the possibility of mergers being on the table.
04:18 Nov 26, 2015
The coalition against ISIS have liberated Tikrit, liberated Baiji and liberated Kobani, and they have lost a quarter of their territory.
13:18 Nov 23, 2015
Some media, most backed by Iran, notorious for trying to create trouble in Bahrain through men and arms, continue to paint Bahrain in dark hues.
00:22 Nov 21, 2015
Thousands of deaths were recorded by the Syrian Network for Human Rights, 1,771 deaths in Syria just in October, including 1,284 at the hands of government forces.
23:20 Nov 20, 2015
Be inspired by Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer's work, where they never give up and redefine life, supporting victims of terror in need of long-term care.
22:32 Nov 17, 2015

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