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IDEAS Los Angeles technology and entertainment forum, presented by Tel Aviv University in collaboration with The California Israel Chamber of Commerce.
15:38 Jun 21, 2015
Traditionally during floods, animals are evacuated to higher areas and hill ranges of Karbi Anglong crossing the NH-37. The national highway has become a death trap.
06:22 Jun 21, 2015
Militants launched a deadly suicide attack in neighboring Chad that killed at least 24 people. Chadian forces retaliated by launching operations against Boko Haram bases in Nigeria.
06:19 Jun 21, 2015
June is National Acne Awareness Month. Acne is a growing problem, skyrocketing by over 200 percent in the past year. Here are some natural ways to treat it.
06:16 Jun 21, 2015
Salma Hayek, the 48-year-old superstar, says she does not exercise. Instead, she holds her body in such a way that keeps muscles activated all day long.
06:16 Jun 21, 2015
The organization submitted a memorandum to Sri. P B Acharya, Governor of Assam, describing the reason for the unprecedented increase in corruption
16:41 Jun 20, 2015
The mullahs regime condones and prescribes torture, on men, women and children, and the world powers think they can appease and negotiate with such monsters.
07:14 Jun 20, 2015
Prevention includes pushing governments to ensure space for dissent and religious freedom to reduce perceptions of marginalization and enable communities to find their voices
07:05 Jun 19, 2015
As more and more people use cosmetic surgery to improve their bodies and faces, the General Medical Council (GMC) is urging plastic surgeons to give their patients more time to think.
06:23 Jun 19, 2015
The State Department country report on human rights, says China engaged in the severe repression of Tibet's religious, cultural, and linguistic heritage
06:08 Jun 19, 2015
The Journal of Clinical Oncology claims scientists used a genetically modified herpes virus to treat patients suffering from an aggressive form of skin melanoma.
22:45 Jun 18, 2015
According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of the dogs in the US are either obese or overweight. Learn how to identify and prevent dog obesity.
19:24 Jun 18, 2015
Despite its high price, Microsoft's new controller offers countless advantageous setups and modes to satisfy the most hardcore competitive gamers no matter what types of genres they play.
18:44 Jun 18, 2015
Controversial Lesbian Messiah, King Nazir Muhammad announces he will become a woman, helped in his decision by Bruce Jenner. He will become Queen Nikki
18:15 Jun 18, 2015
American diplomats advocate for basic human rights, and champions from civil society change people's understanding of what children have the right to expect.
07:24 Jun 17, 2015
A tea shop was buried in a landslide after heavy rainfall at Ratacherra village along the NH-44 connecting Barak Valley in Assam and Tripura, Mizoram.
07:05 Jun 17, 2015
MoEF and Government of Assam are to deposit Rs. 1, 00,000 each, with the Director, Kaziranga National Park for conservation and restoration of flora and fauna
23:44 Jun 16, 2015
This War of Mine will take away every comfort of life as you know it and it's up to you to survive. But this is far from your typical post-war, zombie game.
19:59 Jun 16, 2015
Mr. Controversy, Prophet King Nazir Muhammad says the music industry needs a shake-up, and that shakeup will come when Prince records Michael Jackson's Beat It.
18:14 Jun 16, 2015
The Chicago Blackhawks outplayed the Tampa Bay Lighting to win the 2015 Stanley Cup in Game Six at the United Center in Chicago.
04:04 Jun 16, 2015

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