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Most small businesses have not developed a mobile app for their business, despite believing it could help drive sales and help engage with customers more effectively.
5 days ago
Just as it looked as if Ebola could be beaten a single new case in one country shows the fight is far from over. See new report by Doctors without Borders.
5 days ago
With the coming of spring, the warnings from the Washington state health department have increased about the dangers of Hantavirus exposure.
5 days ago
Considerable progress has been made in different countries globally in protecting public health policy from tobacco industry interference, but certainly lot more work needs to be done.
5 days ago
Nepal is in the spotlight in the South Asian region for demonstrating high commitment to tobacco control and also acting on the ground.
5 days ago
My meeting with Barak Lurie, son of Ra'anan Lurie, the famous cartoonist who made an amazing impression on me when I was a teenager, living in Israel.
7 days ago
WHO FCTC Article 19 sees a world where governments can protect people from harmful products like tobacco, and can recover the costs of treating tobacco-related disease from the tobacco industry
16:21 Mar 20, 2015
A hard-working waiter, Brian Maixner of Wichita, Kansas, has received a tip that will change his life and give him plenty of reasons to smile.
14:52 Mar 20, 2015
With recent technological advances in battery power and life, Dyson launched its 'Fluffy' cordless vacuum, claiming it has twice the suction of other cordless models.
16:22 Mar 19, 2015
The locality is turning up to be a spitting image of the other notorious border townships of Bokajan, like Lahorijan and Khatkati.
16:15 Mar 19, 2015
Teeja Devi confronted all odds in male-dominated world of 'agriculture' where women despite doing most labour seldom get credit or recognition, and succeeded in making a mark!
16:09 Mar 19, 2015
3 million EUR in funding helps the project over three years, for training and non-formal education programs, small business support and community awareness around livelihood and human rights.
12:52 Mar 19, 2015
Boston's annual St. Patrick's Day political breakfast brought out the political jokers withe their mainly flat jokes, with just a few highlights.
12:52 Mar 18, 2015
The casualties are still unclear. But the move comes after Al Shabaab said it will respond to Kenyan MP Suggestion for negotiations to stop attacks inside Kenya.
04:40 Mar 18, 2015
The attack took place on Thursday evening in the village of Abaq-Xaluul, outside the town of Bardhere. Witnesses said the vehicle was destroyed in the drone strike.
03:07 Mar 18, 2015
While ploughing, a farmer in Assam heard the hard shell of the grenade, rifle and the ammunition against the metal end of the plough and the curious peasant dug up the area.
16:27 Mar 17, 2015
Kimberly Jones investigates the horrible dropping of a weaponized barrel bomb with chlorine gas by the Assad regime, in direct violation of UN Resolution 2209
12:57 Mar 17, 2015
Prophet - King Nazir Muhammad, widely known for his avocation of universal lesbianism as a means to curb domestic violence, now says his new books are heaven sent miracles.
05:09 Mar 17, 2015
What consumers are unaware of is the fact that if they recently obtained a credit report online from (one) of the three major credit bureaus, you probably overlooked the arbitration terms located near or at the bottom of the bureau's Web page.
05:07 Mar 17, 2015
Ms Harriet Mathews OBE is appointed Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Republic of Somalia to succeed Mr Neil Wigan, extending the relationship between the UK and Somalia.
04:05 Mar 17, 2015

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