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One of the world's wealthiest bachelors marries Nicky Hilton. Can regular women even come close to the extravagance displayed at the wedding?
21:23 Aug 15, 2015
While raw food diets for pets are on the rise, the ASPCA, FDA and others warn that it could increase risk of salmonella and other infections.
21:04 Aug 15, 2015
Steve Maman is running an operation saving the lives of the Yazidi girls from the Iraqi ISIS hellhole, because he cannot stand idly by.
19:37 Aug 14, 2015
Geographically located at the multi-cultural crossroads of three European regions, (Italy, Germany and France), Locarno makes a suitable staging area for new films from all around the world...
19:15 Aug 14, 2015
The announcement has come at a perfect time with the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas about to commence this weekend.
16:33 Aug 14, 2015
With the ongoing strong partnership in commerce, over the past few years, India has become the second fastest growing source of foreign direct investment into the United States.
16:13 Aug 14, 2015
ISIS attacks resulted in the displacement of an estimated 2,000 people from nearby Syrian villages.
15:59 Aug 14, 2015
Palestine groups particularly the Popular Resistance Committees and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for massive resistance against Israeli government.
17:44 Aug 12, 2015
An injured full grown male common leopard aged ten years was captured and received medication after being caught by Wild Life Trust of India.
16:01 Aug 12, 2015
The divide between Apple and Android users may be narrowing. Apple has quietly announced ambitions to bring some of its apps to Google's Android market.
21:43 Aug 11, 2015
President Ghani's government made progress in key areas over the past year, from appointments and anti-corruption initiatives to establishment of the Electoral Reform Commission.
21:08 Aug 11, 2015
This morning Republican Candidate and Shock Jock Donald Trump ducked every chance to give details on ANYTHING during early morning CNN interview.
05:37 Aug 11, 2015
High quality and carefully handpicked engineering resources for tech entrepreneurs to get daily updates and inspirations from to help scale their business.
07:23 Aug 10, 2015
4 Deserts Race Series - Participants race in extreme desert conditions across four continents to raise money for charity.
17:41 Aug 9, 2015
Iraq heats up at the same time as an intensification of the siege imposed on Camp Liberty Residents by the government of Iraq and the Iran puppet masters.
17:15 Aug 9, 2015
Revised plan helps the government comply with its international pledges by taking action to cut down on greenhouse gas pollution from the largest sources.
16:39 Aug 9, 2015
The number of legal blogs have dramatically increased over the past couple years. But not accounting for these facts means not all are very successful.
08:27 Aug 8, 2015
The murder of Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion, sparked an outpouring of sorrow and anger across the world. Messages of support and love for Cecil filled social media.
08:23 Aug 8, 2015
The authorization included Turkish military to go after ISIS and other terror groups, and also allow othe foreign troops particularly USA to launch operations from Turkey.
08:23 Aug 8, 2015
Human Growth Hormone helps the human body, especially children who have a deficiency leading to short stature. The benefits are generally fairly rapid.
18:23 Aug 6, 2015

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