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The extent of smoking promotion was revealed following the release of documents from old, previously sealed anti-smoking court cases.
11:54 Jan 30, 2016
To change the future of the world, show the children who will lead it one day what can be. Consider this: Jerusalem has presented us an open book, and it is up to us to turn the page.
18:58 Jan 28, 2016
The Florida Supreme Court narrowly limited questions to be argued - whether Florida's Open Carry ban violates the Second Amendment or the Florida Constitution.
11:59 Jan 28, 2016
Take a culinary journey and tantalize your taste buds with some of the more popular dishes at The Grill at Twin Peaks, an excellent gastronomic experience.
11:57 Jan 28, 2016
Shocking news from Prophet - King Nazir Muhammad. The Prophet plans to sell his Religion and join The Church of Scientology for a huge amount...
02:27 Jan 28, 2016
Charles Nichols recommends not giving the NRA money, so it will collapse under its own bureaucratic weight, ending the nation's largest gun-control organization.
15:12 Jan 27, 2016
A cybersecurity expert warns that some big-name antivirus programs have serious flaws. No system offers complete protection, so here is what to do.
15:46 Jan 26, 2016
The US Secretary underscored that the alliance between the two Pacific nations, anchored on the bedrock of shared values and history.
08:54 Jan 26, 2016
Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the White House with Australian trade officials and Pres Obama had USTR Mike Froman, Asst. Secretary Danny Russell
03:08 Jan 26, 2016
Controversial Prophet, King Nazir Muhammad, founder of The Religion of Power says a financial plague will be brought down as a social punishment on blacks.
01:19 Jan 26, 2016
The nuclear agreement has not encouraged Iran to back off the horrific executions. In fact, they take advantage of Western policy weakness by killing more people.
16:25 Jan 24, 2016
The West's deal has brought everything to Iran but virtually nothing to the Arab Gulf countries, putting Iran in a much stronger position.
05:07 Jan 24, 2016
This is a story of HOPE, a story of schoolchildren in Whitwell, Tennessee, who continue working on project Paper Clips, started in 1998 that continues today.
05:14 Jan 23, 2016
She stated that Syrian regime has besieged 12 of those 15 areas, and its callousness is evident in harrowing images-and at least 35 deaths from starvation since the beginning of December.
23:29 Jan 22, 2016
Why do holiday parties sometimes cause people anxiety, or even jeopardize their careers? Melissa Thompson looks into the dos and don'ts of office parties.
16:34 Jan 22, 2016
Brandon Jones chats with himself about writing, grammar and other unfunny stuff, but makes his insanity for writing as funny as parallel parking a bumper car.
14:53 Jan 22, 2016
Mr. Kirby underscored that the United States stands ready to help the new Presidency Council and other Libyan leaders implement the Libyan Political Agreement.
14:33 Jan 22, 2016
Secretary Kerry reiterated President Obama's statement that the United States will stand with its allies and friends in the region.
04:21 Jan 22, 2016
From faux wood blinds and creative environment friendly fuel for the fireplace, here are a few ways to green your home a little bit this year.
18:20 Jan 21, 2016
Channel Lounge acts as the midwife to the birth of a new sound that's gonna shake things up like an Etch-a-Sketch that no one saw coming, says Brandon Diddy Jones.
04:11 Jan 21, 2016

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