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Starting with Salmon asparagus and a veggie platter, this was so tasty. Since I love seafood, salmon is one of my favorites. The Salmon is with horseradish in a crusted salmon with roasted asparagus, peppers and mixed greens.
06:31 Nov 3, 2013
Despite his All-State level play, however, no Division 1 college recruited Jeremy. So, he enrolled at Harvard University, which does not offer athletic scholarships.
13:06 Oct 31, 2013
The Division A league is Somalia's most popular sporting event. Hundreds of Somalis pay daily visits to the facility trying to know when the first competition will be held at the Stadium.
15:23 Oct 15, 2013
The late Ali was known for his great role in the promotion of Somali sports and in particularly basketball and athletics. According to the Somali Olympic committee the Late Ali had lent a forceful commitment in the development of Somali sports
18:27 Oct 13, 2013
The SFF executive committee has praised the Safahi FC coach Ali Mohamed Absuge (Ali Bu) for accomplishing his duties in accordance with the international laws of the game and for respecting the local league principles.
18:38 Oct 7, 2013
The renowned martial arts school- Jin Wu Kung Fu, will be offering a very special new class; Shaolin Kung Fu for Motion Picture, Martial Arts Training for Actors- Screen Combat, Stunt Work, and Fight Choreography, Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, in downt
19:52 Oct 3, 2013
Still just one New Zealand win from seeing the cup leave the U.S., Oracle is once again struggling to win and get one race closer to the 9 wins needed to take the cup.
14:36 Sep 23, 2013
Once again Oracle pulled out a win to extend the race at least one more day. It seems New Zeland just can't slam the door on Oracle and the race goes on to 14 - to the joy of viewers.
15:06 Sep 20, 2013
Team New Zealand has been on the verge of winning the Cup for almost a week now. Today it was light winds which threw a monkey wrench in the celebration plans.
14:15 Sep 20, 2013
Given the good wind conditions many watchers expected this to be the final two races of the 2013 America's Cup and the Emirates N.Z. team won race 11 but was unable to sew up the Cup.
14:27 Sep 18, 2013
The Cup Races live again today, here are some links which will enhance the experience.
13:14 Sep 18, 2013
If you are a sailor and a techie then you probably wish you were right on the boats. Here's the next best thing.
11:14 Sep 17, 2013
Can't get enough of the race? Here's a link to the official twitter feed and definitions of some special terms.
21:56 Sep 16, 2013
Anyone who thought the rules of American football were complex should avoid racing boats at all costs. But this year's action in San Francisco Bay has been exciting even if you don't know your windward from your leeward.
18:53 Sep 15, 2013
OJ Simpson promoter and manager Norman Pardo is looking for a manager himself, and recently contacted talent manager Bruce Edwin of A-list talent management firm Starpower Management to be represented by the firm. This story reveals the details.
04:58 Sep 4, 2013
Yankee Wives is a sexy, irreverent comedy that looks behind the scenes at six women thrown together because their husbands happen to play for the same Major League Baseball team.
18:22 Aug 30, 2013
Meanwhile, on Thursday afternoon the Somali Football Federation (SFF) organized a very colourful farewell ceremony at the Lido Sea Food restaurant in the Lido beach resort of Mogadishu where the SFF officials thanked the instructor for the huge effo
15:46 Aug 24, 2013
After five days of a marathon job the capital Mogadishu has witnessed a very colourful ceremony which intended to mark the conclusion of the course in the presence of high profile Somali FA and government officials where the trainees were presented
20:43 Aug 21, 2013
In her speech during a meeting with FIFA instructor Ulric Mathiot at the civil service development Ministry on Wednesday where she received FIFA fair play award from the expert on the behalf of the world's top football governing body FIFA.
06:43 Aug 17, 2013
The secretary General said the first phase of the construction will be concluded on the 28th of August 2013, while the second phase will start then.
15:58 Aug 16, 2013

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