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Movie reviewer, Kam Williams reviews the movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and gives it 4 stars. Williams says this film is a sublime whodunit designed for cinephiles with sophisticated palates.
09:09 Mar 26, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the movie, 'Noah' 4 stars and shares it with NewsBlaze readers around the world.
11:27 Mar 25, 2014
Brotherhood spokesman Aly Naouito then proclaimed that, 'When Jews live somewhere, they spread like cancer, and the economy only belongs to them.'
15:56 Mar 24, 2014
The elusively taunting tale playing out in the UK's territorial tourist Caribbean mecca of the title, centers on a thieves' den of sinister capitalist slackers sipping tropical cocktails while plotting further takeovers around the planet.
06:43 Mar 24, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams reviews the movie, American Revolutionary for NewsBlaze readers
10:03 Mar 23, 2014
Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun
08:29 Mar 21, 2014
The arguably-feminist flick film revolves around three independent women, a police detective, a hardened whore, and her late protégé new to the streetwalking trade. At the point of departure, we find officer Yoshida (Miko Muzuno) collecting
16:33 Mar 20, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams interviews Russell Simmons, a native New Yorker currently residing in Los Angeles with his two daughters. Here, he talks about his new book: Success through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.
14:08 Mar 19, 2014
Once an addict always an addict? Or is substance abuse an affliction one can kick completely?
19:31 Mar 18, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams gives the movie, 'Shirin in Love' 2 stars. Williams states that the film is a formulaic romantic comedy that eschews breaking new ground in favor of resorting to a slew of shopworn Hollywood clichés.
13:17 Mar 17, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun for movies opening the week of March 21, 2014.
06:48 Mar 17, 2014
Movie review Kam Williams gives the movie, 'The Single Moms Club' 3 stars. Williams states that this Film is an unabashedly-sentimental salute to single-moms from all walks of life!
08:26 Mar 15, 2014
Movie reviewer, Kam Williams gives the movie, Veronica Mars 3 stars. He tells his fans to consider this edition of Veronica Mars because it is compelling enough even to hold the attention of folks unfamiliar with the original TV show.
07:20 Mar 13, 2014
or some reason, the writers decided that a prelude to the big adventure was needed and threw in a few scenes in which the aging grandmother is seduced by a 30 year-old man.
19:11 Mar 12, 2014
Nia's portrayal of Officer Sasha Monroe on the hit crime drama 'Third Watch' netted her a couple of NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Drama series.
12:59 Mar 11, 2014
Movie reviewer, Kam Williams shares his weekly previews that make choosing a film fun for movies opening the week of March 14, 2014.
10:04 Mar 11, 2014
Among other things, we learn that the commander of the Persian 1,000-ship armada is the warrior goddess Artemisia (Green), a Greek traitor who turned against her own people for good reason.
06:14 Mar 8, 2014
March 7, SXSW hosts it's third annual Taco Meet Up at Palm Park. This event - open to Film, Interactive, Gold and Platinum badges - allows guests to network with fellow SXSW attendees and try tacos and sides...
16:03 Mar 6, 2014
The acceptance speeches were uniformly gracious, with both Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto's proving to be particularly moving. Perhaps the only one with a glaring faux pas was Cate Blanchett, who inexplicably went out of her way to thank Woody Alle
17:21 Mar 5, 2014
Lisa's feature documentary is Oscar's Comeback, in which 2 worlds collide at a unique annual festival in all-white town that celebrates their black native son, early 1900s homesteader-turned-film-pioneer, Oscar Micheaux.
16:33 Mar 5, 2014

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