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Working man Darnell Lewis is stuck on the wrong side of the tracks in South Central L.A., living the opposite life to Mr. King who has money all around him.
13:05 Mar 23, 2015
High-action movies, starting with The Gunman, with Sean Penn, directed by Pierre Morel, plus the sci-fi Insurgent, with Shailene Woodley and Taylor Lautner in Tracers.
05:36 Mar 23, 2015
Sean Penn showcases his abilities in drama and action, as an assassin who leaves the scene of the crime only to return years later, expecting his girlfriend to be still waiting.
05:17 Mar 23, 2015
Besides covering the Obama administration, April's responsibilities include hosting 'The White House Report,' a syndicated show airing on about 300 radio stations around the country. The Morgan State grad still lives in her native Baltimore which is
04:26 Mar 23, 2015
Why have Christian churches kept members in the dark for over 2,000 years? What did the church hierarchy know that wasn't being shared? Why the secrets?
15:55 Mar 19, 2015
Kam Williams chats to Shailene Woodley, who starred in the drama White Bird in a Blizzard, and solidified her stature as a versatile actress in The Fault in Our Stars.
05:34 Mar 18, 2015
Oblivious to everything and overwhelmed with passion, Hugh sneaks up from behind and knocks out the girl he's just made love to by covering her face with a cloth dipped in chloroform.
16:06 Mar 17, 2015
Hollywood has a reputation for producing stories with Happy Endings, so how this dark tale slipped through the net I have no idea. Perhaps the industry is so enamored with the over-rated Cooper/Lawrence alliance that they decided anything goes.
07:05 Mar 14, 2015
An aloof boy with a stinky medical problem was raised by his eccentric mother in a house converted into a museum dedicated to the memory of an obscure Mexican musician.
03:26 Mar 14, 2015
Jimmy warns his son. Mike calls the cops, ignoring his father's advice to avoid the local police since they're bought and likely in cahoots with the Maguire crime family.
20:32 Mar 13, 2015
Written and directed by Frank Whaley, the character-driven coming-of-age flick is very dependent on the generation of chemistry between the leads.
06:11 Mar 13, 2015
That is only one of several storylines in a romance-driven sequel which unfolds more like a daytime soap opera than a fully fleshed-out feature film. Scene after scene is simply a setup for another transparent love triangle.
20:05 Mar 11, 2015
Adam Sandler says he got a kind of identity crisis when his screen dad Dustin Hoffman may or may not have turned into him, and he talks about annoying bright lights, bad landlords, and soup
05:09 Mar 11, 2015
Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler has to be considered a big disappointment, given the high expectations set by his impressive earlier offerings.
05:04 Mar 11, 2015
The plot thickens as it becomes clear that the exasperated shrink isn't up to the task, and the subject gets the better of their intense sessions.
22:50 Mar 9, 2015
This is a fresh and nearly flawlessly conceived yarn. A combo earthy nymph (Zoe Kravitz) with kindred amphibious desires releases her inner mermaid at the local swimming pool.
05:27 Mar 9, 2015
After settling on seven promising proteges, Coach White doesn't know whether their cash-strapped families can afford to let them run track in lieu of laboring as farm workers
05:26 Mar 9, 2015
This year, the Women Film Critics Circle presents their second annual WFCC Award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival, for Best Film By Or About Women.
18:14 Mar 8, 2015
In the antebellum era, when minstrel shows took the US by storm as the country's first popular form of entertainment, African-American males were portrayed by white men in blackface as servile or surly.
17:24 Mar 8, 2015
This should be a story about achievement and patriotism and glory; but instead it's a tale of prejudice and castigation and ingratitude.
04:31 Mar 7, 2015

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