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Interesting movies for May 2015, opened May 15. They include the two big budget films, Max Max: Road Fury and Pitch Perfect 2. Remakes are still in vogue.
06:30 May 28, 2015
Vivica A. Fox, Tyson Beckford and Robert Ri'chard talk about a remake of Magic Mike in which a cash-strapped college kid hides his job as an exotic dancer.
05:33 May 26, 2015
Watch these movies before the end of May, especially Chocolate City, the remake of the 1982 Poltergeist and the sci-fi flick, Tomorrowland.
04:18 May 26, 2015
The documentary film focuses on the lives of underpaid workers at Manhattan's Hot & Crusty (H&C) bakery where the Latino staff members are underpaid and their complaints are not heard.
09:53 May 25, 2015
A conversation with actor Dolph Lundgren delves into combating global sex trafficking as an action hero on screen, trading in brains for brawn as a former Fulbright Scholar
21:13 May 24, 2015
This spring alone, Zoe has a half-dozen films released in theaters, including the blockbusters Insurgent and Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as Good Kill, The Road Within, Dope and Treading Water. Here, she talks about life and about her latest movies.
16:52 May 18, 2015
Alice, a manic depressive bipolar diehard Oprah fan becomes rich, and creates a TV series about herself, an emotional exhibitionist who couch potatoes love.
06:24 May 4, 2015
Rose sat down to talk about the Ross Katz directed bittersweet dramady, while finishing off an alfalfa burger and diving into an accompanying plate of fries.
17:38 Apr 24, 2015
And 'how the art world stopped thinking about inequality and learned to love the bling.'
07:24 Apr 17, 2015
Kevin James talks to Kam Williams about his role in the Paul Blart: Mall Cop sequel
04:37 Apr 17, 2015
Freida Pinto, born in Mumbai, India, showed an interest in acting early on, participating in community theater and school productions.
20:54 Apr 16, 2015
Romance, war, adventure, vengeance are some of the common themes for the new DVD releases of the week. The King of Masks and Like Sunday, Like Rain are two.
16:12 Apr 16, 2015
A schoolgirl humiliated by a classmate takes a humiliating revenge in return, then comes up with the idea of forming The Sisterhood, secret society for girls.
15:51 Apr 16, 2015
When August asks Signe if the slaying on a video is real, she says, None of your business! That piques his curiosity, and he slowly sinks deeper into a quagmire.
06:09 Apr 14, 2015
Maguire is on the line to Arts Express to talk about his current NYC joint exhibit of paintings with his film, Blood Rising.
17:20 Apr 11, 2015
Spring is finally here and time to say goodbye to the winter blues. Watch the hottest thrilling movies opening this Friday, April 10, 2015!
06:18 Apr 9, 2015
Prairie Miller has a conversation with actress Leighton Meester about her new movie, Like Sunday, Like Rain, an other side of the tracks economic crisis.
06:19 Apr 3, 2015
To prevent herself from being lonely, a Japanese crime writer takes off from Tokyo to San Francisco where she meets a mysterious Japanese guy from Reno.
00:11 Apr 3, 2015
Lent season is here! Unfortunately, most of the movies are full of violence, profanity, drugs and nudity. Thanks, Hollywood, but check Boychoir.
16:17 Apr 2, 2015
Do You Believe? is a timely movie as Lent approached. Directed by Jonathan M. Gunn, this faith-based film chronicles the religious experiences of characters in the story.
15:04 Mar 31, 2015

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