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When Hollywood releases a violent action film, 'loosely-based' on truth, it's certain that Hollywood is about to play fast and loose with the historical record.
16:33 Jan 19, 2016
Democrats do not help the poor. That is nonsense for the consumption of the uninformed. They weaken society so they can apply their control to the masses.
18:33 Jan 17, 2016
On August 15, 1945 Japan surrendered, with the surrender documents finally signed aboard the deck of the American battleship USS Missouri on September 2, 1945, ending the war.
04:12 Jan 16, 2016
State of the Union oratory quality is in decline, in line with the dumbing down of the population, and is likely to gloss over anything of importance.
16:21 Jan 9, 2016
Trump's ferocious attacks on Hillary Clinton suggest she doesn't have the strength or stamina to be president and she was a disaster as secretary of state.
18:16 Jan 7, 2016
The culprit in this illicit activity is the NSA, that accumulated information showing Israeli officials trying to turn lawmakers against the Iran deal.
12:12 Jan 7, 2016
The Pentagon's sluggish pace approving transfers was a direct derivative in President Obama's decision to remove his Republican Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.
15:55 Jan 2, 2016
Time to ease up on self medication, media pill pushing, magic elixirs and pills that promise to fix everything from depression, erectile dysfunction to wrinkles.
14:27 Dec 31, 2015
Meanwhile, at Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E),is helping meet California's goal to slash greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and grow the economy. PG&E is aggressively supporting PV and other renewables, energy efficiency, and making huge
14:03 Dec 31, 2015
Sometimes honoring Obama was attempted repeatedly. Stanley Chang, a former Honolulu City Councillor tried seven times to get something named after Obama.
05:05 Dec 29, 2015
All around the world, blacks are victims to mass slaughter, by the hands of other races and by their own people, but this is not new.
02:53 Dec 29, 2015
Prophet King Nazir Muhammad claims his religion cures hereditary PTSD, learned inferiority complex and other mental issues, saying they are lucky rather than blessed.
04:52 Dec 28, 2015
Yes Virginia, there is still a Santa Claus, but he's hanging on by the skin of his teeth and the last remnants of his long white beard.
03:05 Dec 28, 2015
A CIA counter-terrorism briefing in 2001 told Gingrich the potential recruiting base for Islamic Extremists was then 39-65 million people.
22:50 Dec 26, 2015
The effort to stop war; terrorism; global warming, hunger, poverty refugee crisis; equalize disparity between the Haves & Have-Nots; is lip-service BS.
19:27 Dec 25, 2015
Congratulations to Donald Trump for beating his three closest competitors combined, by denigrating others and being a stand-up comic, not as good as Seinfeld.
03:07 Dec 23, 2015
This March will demonstrate to the nation that black women are interested in moving forward on their own and black men are not invited and not wanted.
14:49 Dec 22, 2015
Some people often snore as they sleep and do not know why. Reading and applying this article will help you sleep peacefully without any snoring.
13:33 Dec 22, 2015
The Nation of Islam may fade away after the demise of Louis Farrakhan, but followers of The Religion of Power think Prophet King Muhammad may take his place.
19:56 Dec 13, 2015
The November test was held near Chabahar close to Iran's border with Pakistan. The confirmation on Monday was reported on the Fox News website that cited Western intelligence sources.
12:06 Dec 13, 2015

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