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Thanks to slavery, Black Americans lack nothing but the will to use what they have learned to build and manage any land they desire inhabit.
07:03 Aug 5, 2015
Mark Levin was talking about how destructive to our society is a big government and the result of that day's program herein is the lesson of that daY, from August 4, 2015
19:59 Aug 4, 2015
The IRS audited five members of an unnamed organization in February 2011, and Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS was a specific target, internal emails show.
16:56 Aug 3, 2015
Already the existing parks have deferred maintenance had reached $11.5 billion, including $5.6 billion for park roads, $1.8 billion for buildings, nearly $474 million for trails, $255 million for waste-water systems, and $62 million for campgrounds.
21:36 Aug 1, 2015
The controversial bio pic about Michael X could show black youth they had a champion years ago, but he was gunned down by the people he represented.
19:19 Jul 30, 2015
Rush Limbaugh reminded listeners Democrats first raised the rebel flag over the South Carolina Capitol. Democratic Sen. Earnest Fritz Hollings originally wanted it.
18:29 Jul 27, 2015
Say NO to Iran deal rally. Neither Obama nor John Kerry are allowed to relinquish the United States' sovereignty to the UN, for any reason.
18:14 Jul 27, 2015
Trump and McCain were statistically tied in their favorable percentage of Republicans. Ironically, those polled gave the billionaire developer a very favorable opinion.
17:33 Jul 27, 2015
Microsoft Windows is at it again as they engage in their new strategy in boosting business security. Already some business on the internet are taking advantage of this innovative move that the company is making towards making the internet a safer pl
06:23 Jul 27, 2015
Who made the idea of buying land? Why were certain people left out of receiving this paper so they could buy land?
06:40 Jul 24, 2015
A Monmouth poll conducted among likely Iowa voters from July 16-19 shows Scott Walker leading Donald Trump by 9 points and Trump leading Ben Carson by 5
06:34 Jul 24, 2015
King Nazir Muhammad reviews black men and white men, to see who is the better man, the Black Man or the White Man? An the answer to that question is...
05:53 Jul 24, 2015
Racism is a real and natural human condition that we will never escape, black people must stop being afraid to be racist. Everything in nature is racist.
16:37 Jul 22, 2015
Rather than subsidizing student costs, public policy should reduce costs driven higher due to the easy availability of government-sponsored student loans.
16:41 Jul 20, 2015
King Nazir Muhammad asks what is a black life worth? He says a mandatory life insurance law will finally make black lives worth something.
17:06 Jul 15, 2015
Prophet and Founder of The Religion of Power, King Nazir Muhammad has found a way to return America to prosperity, starting with Florida, through real estate.
17:09 Jul 14, 2015
A miracle of the nation of Israel is that Jews from all over the world, with different mentalities and cultures, arrived, unified and created a modern Jewish-Israeli culture.
16:34 Jul 13, 2015
Today, America fractures into Spanish, Arabic and dozens of other languages that constitute differing worldviews and cultures incompatible with the American Way of Life.
06:21 Jul 13, 2015
The total amount the White House will send to South Carolina is $29 million, more than all the other recent tragedies combined, and organized immediately.
02:55 Jul 12, 2015
Trump got hit more than once in recent days. Last week, Univision announced it would not air Trump's Miss Universe pageant, and NBC followed their lead.
06:50 Jul 11, 2015

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