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During the Second World War the status of Albanians in Kosovo was unchanged, even though Kosovo was set to be declared a sovereign entity.
15:09 Oct 28, 2015
The USA and Canada were never at war, never at odds and never in conflict, yet there has always been a border fence between the two and no one complained.
13:09 Oct 21, 2015
In a war one must fight. Abbas plays the long game, while the world reacts to the effects of his lies. Time to fight Abbas, and Israel-yes, you can!
15:40 Oct 18, 2015
The Nation of Israel, identity of the land is like a personal ID card that all Israelis must remember and maintain.
14:37 Oct 18, 2015
An amazing and meaningful exhibition at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. A Magen David should be hung on every Jewish home just like a Mezuzah
04:04 Oct 15, 2015
This is a religious war, to exterminate the Jews and create a land free of Jews. Does that sound familiar? Go back eight decades, the similarities are striking.
00:21 Oct 15, 2015
Pope Francis' recent visits in America left a deep positive impression on people because their messages had a common denominator: humanism, philanthropy,
14:55 Oct 14, 2015
The old house and its rooms are quiet, with only the sounds of creaking wood and decaying plaster. Finger marks on doorframes and scuffmarks on floors the only reminders of families that once lived there.
04:38 Oct 14, 2015
Ari Bussel, with Jewish and Druze friends visits at Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem at Christ Church, near Jaffe Gate, in the Old City of Jerusalem.
06:16 Oct 12, 2015
Jerome Irwin says the world needs a new Paradigm of Light, with signatories to a Covenant of Ideals that speaks to the common aims and goals of humankind.
04:55 Oct 12, 2015
My generation shares love and respect for immigrant grandparents. Grandfathers worked two jobs, sharecropped local ranches and grandmothers spent long hours on cannery lines.
17:49 Oct 9, 2015
Prophet Muhammad mandates that all followers of the religion of power must vote Republican, because Republicans, not democrats have supported blacks.
05:38 Oct 6, 2015
Ari Bussel says it must have been preordained, that Jews and Christians will come together, the Saturday people and the Sunday people.
16:58 Oct 3, 2015
Nurit Greenger responds to Nehad Ismail's response to her letter to Jordan's King Abdullah II who is furious after Amman was accused of destabilization.
20:48 Sep 29, 2015
Nehad Ismail rebuts the letter by Nurit Greenger, Letter to King of Jordan, reminding Nurit of the facts as they exist now and not 2000 years ago.
18:00 Sep 28, 2015
In the 1967 war things did not go well for Hashemites. You were told not to enter the war, but did, and Israeli-Jews retrieved what belonged to them, Judea, Samaria, and the old part of Jerusalem
16:45 Sep 26, 2015
Why Albania didn't vote together with the United States on the raising of Palestine Flag at the United Nations Headquarters?
21:52 Sep 24, 2015
King Nazir Muhammad examines the Question of why men feel the need to abuse women? He says there is a deeper reason to this sickness than we think.
16:57 Sep 23, 2015
Taking expensive vacations might not be for you and you need to save money while enjoying yourself away from home. To save money on a vacation, take some considerations into account.
13:59 Sep 23, 2015
Barack Obama is a political bully. He does not represent the American nation, he bullies America. Only 20% of Americans support the deal he cut with Iran.
19:51 Sep 17, 2015

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