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Former first American female astronaut, Sally Ride, 61, dies of pancreatic cancer. Ride remained active with NASA-related events. She also wrote children's books and stressed the importance of learning math and science.
19:03 Jul 25, 2012
The students who were selected for the tour ranked in top three positions in this year High School Leaving Certificate examination and top position holder of High Madrasa examination conducted by Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA).
07:19 Jul 6, 2012
TouchTomorrow: An Interactive Festival of Science, Technology and Robots at WPI
09:03 Jun 15, 2012
Marvel Studios is working with NASA to transmit a special screening of Marvel's The Avengers to the International Space Station.
19:45 Jun 1, 2012
She explained that a Code of Conduct will help maintain the long-term sustainability, safety, stability, and security of space by establishing guidelines for the responsible use of space.
11:56 Jan 19, 2012
Do any exoplanets have similar characteristics to earth? Are any in that 'goldilocks zone', which give the capability of harboring life as we know it? Can we even see it, given its immense distance?
13:34 Nov 28, 2011
Other speculation about Comet Elenin was that it could have possibly been the blue star predicted by Nostradamus and others believe that it is the remnants of the 13th Planet, Nibiru, which has also been referred to as Planet X.
19:20 Nov 8, 2011
Assistant Secretary Frank A. Rose for Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance today reported that 6,000 metric tons of debris are orbiting the Earth.
10:32 Nov 4, 2011
With the Space Shuttle era shortly coming to an end, it is encouraging to know that space exploration will still continue, even if this will be on a different level.
11:16 Jan 18, 2011
'Starry Messenger' was one of Galileo's most revolutionary works. A new play of the same name by Ira Hauptman, directed by Susan Einhorn, will be presented by Theater for the New City January 27 to February 13, 2011.
08:53 Jan 5, 2011
The Technology Acceleration Program and Regional Innovation Cluster for Aerospace and Clean Energy is a manufacturing park focused on rapid new product development. Production will be developed to assist growing Colorado businesses.
11:11 Dec 14, 2010
The life form NASA discovered in the Mono Lake, California (which is poisonous), this bacteria is made of arsenic, something that was thought to be completely impossible.
07:12 Dec 2, 2010
NASA is holding a news conference on December 2nd, has extraterrestrial life been discovered?
05:55 Nov 30, 2010
According to a recent article, a German UFO expert, Hartwig Hausdorf, claims that the NASA probe Voyager 2 has started transmitting 'strange, unintelligible signals'
20:59 May 15, 2010
The latest findings are said to be 'full of evidence that supports the existence of life on the surface of Mars, or in subsurface water pools, early in the planet's history.'
15:53 Nov 26, 2009
NASA next-generation Ares space vehicle test was apparently completely successful; it was also about as exciting as a coddled egg. Anyone ever heard of P.T. Barnum?
10:08 Oct 28, 2009
The first probe, weighing more than 2 tonnes and travelling at a speed of around 5,600mph, will hit the surface first, followed by a smaller craft a few minutes later.
08:06 Oct 8, 2009
When India's maiden moon mission Chandrayan I aborted, everyone thought India's mission failed. But the ISRO scientists held their nerve and did not disappoint the country and world community.
17:37 Sep 25, 2009
Many have suggested that the Sun was responsible for these climatic changes and pointed out that low (or non-existent) solar activity often appeared during cooler periods on the planet.
13:47 Jun 7, 2009
This exciting development was anticipated by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester, which launched a new programme on Human Space Flight, led by former NASA astronaut Professor Jeff Hoffman, in 2008.
14:27 May 20, 2009

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