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Dr. Syed Ghulamnabi Fai, serving time in US Federal Prison, writes about the unsolved Kashmir problem, in talks that always exclude the people of Kashmir
17:04 Jan 19, 2013
Over the last four years, we have made public-private partnerships a federal priority. We can grow and cut by focusing on growth in not only roads, water and energy, but also manufacturing, buildings and real estate.
07:55 Jan 2, 2013
Mr. Williams, as a filmmaker, I give you the highest salute, appreciation, and praise.
06:38 Dec 29, 2012
I will continue to work against partisan gridlock, as I have through my entire elected public life, reaching across the aisle and bringing people together to build consensus so we can focus on the issues.
11:18 Dec 18, 2012
The following are links to two magnificent, emotion-filled videos featuring performances by singer, musician and songwriter, Yedida Freilich, from Israel.
07:27 Dec 13, 2012
House Republicans alone cannot pass a law, but united you can stop any bill which violates the principles you publicly committed to support.
09:49 Dec 4, 2012
A very interesting interview overall. It seems a shame to comment on the veracity of the documentary, 'A Girl and a Gun' without being able view any piece of it except the trailer.
12:43 Nov 29, 2012
The election of President Obama has shown this and the obvious racial hatred masked as simply not agreeing with his policies is so obvious to the race of people that feel the disdain for their color.
17:58 Nov 24, 2012
The reviewer breaks Ebert's basic rule that a movie should be judged not on what it is about but how it is about it. Thanks be to the God of Obama and FDR and MLK and Mother Teresa that the reviewer is not considered a 'Top Critic' on RT.
10:11 Nov 20, 2012
Dwight: I read your article re NPRA today - very clear and captured the issue well - a couple of comments follow. I am a former executive with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) and Chair of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Owners Committee.
18:23 Nov 18, 2012
why is a crime for General Petraeus to have an affair? National security certainly can't be the reason, the White House leaks vital security information often
06:10 Nov 15, 2012
Near the finish line now, challenger Mitt Romney and incumbent President Barack Obama are on their last hurrah mission for votes in key swing states attempting one last round of motivational speeches on an exhausted electorate.
16:31 Nov 4, 2012
The President of the United States is proposing a new cabinet level position. The Department of Business is President's suggestion to solve the jobs problem.
07:26 Nov 2, 2012
Romney believes we have a place in it the world in the 21st Century, but he believes it can be that of 20th Century America, the absolute leader on everything.
08:49 Oct 25, 2012
The Obama stumble and trip, First Debate debacle took its toll on him. The virtually guaranteed rebound has not materialized.
18:49 Oct 24, 2012
Chasing down facts in the current administration seems to be a problem. We spent months trying to find who authorized sending assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels.
14:28 Oct 18, 2012
If they couldn't figure out that there might be a attack on the anniversary of 9/11 they should be replaced? Maybe they should be disbanded, we could save billions of tax dollars.
13:34 Oct 16, 2012
They believed in American exceptionalism, the promise of America.
07:57 Oct 16, 2012
Was Vice President Biden not aware that the audience could view both of them at the same time? Did he think that rude and boorish behavior would not be noticed?
06:51 Oct 13, 2012
I only wish that most in their communities would do the same. All together their votes would COUNT!
11:59 Oct 8, 2012

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