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A very interesting interview overall. It seems a shame to comment on the veracity of the documentary, 'A Girl and a Gun' without being able view any piece of it except the trailer.
12:43 Nov 29, 2012
The election of President Obama has shown this and the obvious racial hatred masked as simply not agreeing with his policies is so obvious to the race of people that feel the disdain for their color.
17:58 Nov 24, 2012
Dwight: I read your article re NPRA today - very clear and captured the issue well - a couple of comments follow. I am a former executive with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) and Chair of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Owners Committee.
18:23 Nov 18, 2012
The Obama stumble and trip, First Debate debacle took its toll on him. The virtually guaranteed rebound has not materialized.
18:49 Oct 24, 2012
Was Vice President Biden not aware that the audience could view both of them at the same time? Did he think that rude and boorish behavior would not be noticed?
06:51 Oct 13, 2012
Constitutionalism is the way of the nation. But the profounder of parties don't like the follow the norms of the constitution and existing laws. There is establishing the anarchism by such destructive activities.
07:01 Sep 9, 2012
Attempts at censorship are abhorrent to the 1st Amendment. Both unions and corporations are assemblies of people and as such are free to coordinate their money, time and talent to communicate their political views through speech and press.
09:18 Nov 28, 2011
True, people change their names but usually not more than once. Also a red flag was that the brother-in-law, that was so close to the family. I haad no idea she was born with another name. How could that have never come up.
06:13 Nov 25, 2011
The Serbs are the main victims of this regime because it is the Serbs who have historically opposed the re-birth of fascism in Europe. It is a fight that continues today.
06:51 Nov 12, 2011
I do believe someone is after them but I don't think it is a drug cartel. If it was, Joe's brother and/or mother would be dead by now.
16:12 Mar 15, 2011
The past year has been full of humanitarian causes involving Kris like Music Empowers, Haiti, Heiffer, TOMS Shoes and Little Kids Rock. It's sad that he's such an awesome individual, yet he gets no exposure because he's not doing anything scandal
17:53 Jan 24, 2011
I watched the show Disappeared many times on the Mcstays and I believe her sister did not look truthful, by her demeanor, when defending her sisters reasoning for changing her name there is way and I mean WAY more to that then is being said!! I can
17:48 Jan 13, 2011
She urged Islamic scholars to check misuse of Islam on the 21st of December 2010 at a prize distribution ceremony of Islamic Foundation in Dhaka. If we look at the practices of her government, we feel confused about what actually she meant by misuse
16:12 Dec 27, 2010
At long last the Frontier mine has been closed. Good move. First Quantum had done very little for the impoverished people of Katanga Province, yet, they boast of being the largest tax payer in DR Congo.
15:17 Aug 28, 2010
Air Trek Air Ambulance of Punta Gorda, Florida is still continuing to have issues with the Federal Aviation Administration.
14:34 Aug 23, 2010
It all started in the year 2003 when I was logged in to the Harvard website, where I was listening in to the conversations of the Harvard students.
12:52 Jul 29, 2010
Bush also said atheists should not be considered American citizens - maybe they got on him for a deeper reason other than merely being a religious man.
11:08 Mar 23, 2010
Senator Chuck Schumer, 'my senator,' sold-out my interests for aero-mercantile profit. He continuously receives aviation-industry campaign contributions.
07:55 Mar 22, 2010
They needed a bigger place, could afford it that far inland, but were bittersweet about leaving the beach and the home that they had their two babies in.
05:38 Feb 27, 2010
One of its objectives is to foster public consolidation in a national referendum under its vision of demographics and security with respect to Israeli expansionism (a right wing objective).
17:20 Feb 12, 2010

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