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Frosty Wooldridge says we are poisoning out planet - the animals, the land, the food we all eat, and ourselves, and there are things you can do about it.
16:59 Jan 30, 2014
However, when loggers got hold of them in the latter part of the 1800s, they cut down over 98 percent of those noble trees. They cut them for lumber, railing, railroad ties and houses. One ranger said, The General Sherman redwood could provide woo
15:38 Jan 20, 2014
The most persistent and strongest winds will occur on Monday and Tuesday, but could still linger into Wednesday.
15:31 Jan 14, 2014
Many have seen the frigid cooling, and many now believe in 'global cooling'.
17:44 Jan 13, 2014
Moira Cue of The Hollywood Sentinel reports here findings from Nasa concerning plants, and how they can help purify our air in everyday life.
09:52 Jan 8, 2014
What type of assets is Sprott Resource Corp. seeking? Private equity firm Sprott Resource Corp. recently sold off nearly $76 million in gold bullion, but don't count the firm out of precious metals yet. What is the firm shopping for with its new-fo
00:45 Dec 22, 2013
By Monday, most of the direct effects from the storm will diminish, and travel conditions will improve over the Central and Eastern states.
20:04 Dec 21, 2013
He explains that any supply disruption will increase global prices and the price we pay for energy at home.
19:10 Oct 18, 2013
After 17 years of NO warming within climate, some still hold fast to the 'AGW' theory.
09:47 Oct 13, 2013
Founders of the American non-profit organisation The Hummingbird Project, Marilyn McHugh and Chris Kennedy, delivered a talk on the topic Beneficial Soil Microorganisms.
14:35 Oct 10, 2013
Earth's water cycle encompasses the salt water of the oceans, the fresh water of rivers and lakes, and frozen icecaps and glaciers.
16:47 Oct 9, 2013
A noticeably arrogant EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told the National Press Club in Washington, 'These carbon pollution standards are flexible and achievable. They pave a path forward for the next generation of power plants.'
05:03 Sep 25, 2013
AccuWeather.com reports some good news is in store for flood-ravaged Colorado this week. The weather pattern responsible for the tremendous and deadly flooding is moving away.
17:37 Sep 16, 2013
Meteorologists and the public still have a great deal more watching to do this season and hoping that if and when hurricanes come calling they avoid populated areas.
20:24 Sep 13, 2013
This system will then drift into the Mexico mainland this weekend and may not have enough time to get very strong before doing so.
06:39 Sep 8, 2013
Tour de force performance by noted South African/West End actor examines the elephant to reveal the mind and soul of man.
18:15 Aug 29, 2013
German wind turbines dominate the countryside. Most reach more than 400 feet into the sky, taller than the Statue of Liberty, some stand more than 550 feet high to the top of the blade
06:15 Aug 28, 2013
According to Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, 'From a climatological standpoint, the flow of dry air over the basin now is likely to shrink in size and weaken moving into September.'
15:07 Aug 25, 2013
There are substitutes for lithium in most of its applications, but it seems that lithium has been consistently the preferred element material because it likely offers the best performance/cost ratio compared to other materials.
10:37 Aug 23, 2013
Just once wouldn't it be nice if people in coastal cities took some responsibility for their own care instead of complaining when they run out of food in two days and aren't the first ones rescued in a disaster?
15:42 Aug 22, 2013

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