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This system will then drift into the Mexico mainland this weekend and may not have enough time to get very strong before doing so.
06:39 Sep 8, 2013
Tour de force performance by noted South African/West End actor examines the elephant to reveal the mind and soul of man.
18:15 Aug 29, 2013
German wind turbines dominate the countryside. Most reach more than 400 feet into the sky, taller than the Statue of Liberty, some stand more than 550 feet high to the top of the blade
06:15 Aug 28, 2013
According to Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, 'From a climatological standpoint, the flow of dry air over the basin now is likely to shrink in size and weaken moving into September.'
15:07 Aug 25, 2013
There are substitutes for lithium in most of its applications, but it seems that lithium has been consistently the preferred element material because it likely offers the best performance/cost ratio compared to other materials.
10:37 Aug 23, 2013
Just once wouldn't it be nice if people in coastal cities took some responsibility for their own care instead of complaining when they run out of food in two days and aren't the first ones rescued in a disaster?
15:42 Aug 22, 2013
Reports says 'Trami' is now moving to the northwest and away from the northern Philippines. It is reportedly moving to the west and predicted to become a typhoon before making landfall in northern Taiwan today.
04:59 Aug 22, 2013
'Chemophobia' seems to rule the local populace.
05:12 Aug 21, 2013
As the massive plume of Saharan dust pushing off the coast of Africa starts to dissipate, conditions favouring storm development become more likely.
08:06 Aug 13, 2013
AccuWeather says that far from being a slow start to hurricane season, this year is right on track, and may end up with more large storms than last year.
18:20 Aug 10, 2013
It's still too early to determine whether or not this will become an organized storm. Either way, moisture along with showers and storms will move through the Caribbean.
19:44 Aug 5, 2013
The Arkansas Department of Heath (ADH) said in a press release that the most likely source of the Arkansas infection is the Willow Springs Water Park, located south of Little Rock, Ark.
04:17 Aug 2, 2013
Dorian is essentially a tropical wave, or a very weak tropical disturbance at this time, but it still poses travel disruptions and perhaps occasional risks to lives and property.
19:29 Jul 31, 2013
The impact of indoor air quality, on airborne infections is often ignored or unknown even though it relates to the health of our lungs-one of the most vital organ of or bodies.
19:03 Jul 30, 2013
NOAA's surf forecast warned on Monday that surf along the east-facing shores of Oahu would be the most rough and elevated, hitting 14 to 20 feet Monday afternoon and evening.
18:55 Jul 30, 2013
After losing its tropical storm status on Saturday, Dorian is a tropical rainstorm racing westward through the southwestern Atlantic.
18:12 Jul 29, 2013
With any sort of oil drilling, you always have some risk. Offshore exploration, at least to some degree, carries more exploration risk. When you're onshore in a lot of these shale plays, you're not looking at if you're going to have oil, gas or
06:17 Jul 21, 2013
AccuWeather.com reports heavy rain could cause serious problems across the Four Corners region through the middle of the week.
11:20 Jul 18, 2013
A Hindi language book, 'Towards A Nuclear-free World', penned by Magsaysay Awardee, scientist and noted social activist Dr Sandeep Pandey and published by Vani Prakashan, was also released by two women activists from Kudankulam
16:48 Jul 14, 2013
Air, water and food are the three basic essentials (in that order) to sustain human life. One can stay without water and food for long periods but not without oxygen laden clean air even for a few moments.
12:05 Jul 14, 2013

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