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Do you believe in pixies; sprites or leprechauns? Many of our ancestors did. Those pixies aren't all ancient. Some are quite new.
04:31 Jan 15, 2015
Start the year of the ram with the hottest of the hot movies opening this this weekend!
04:17 Jan 15, 2015
It is 1970, in Los Angeles, and Private Eye Larry Doc Sportello is totally wasted, but his ex-girlfriend needs help with her philandering billionaire boyfriend.
21:17 Jan 9, 2015
Anthony Bourdain talks to NewsBlaze movie critic, Kam Williams, about his life, career and his Peabody and Emmy-winning TV-series, Parts Unknown.
20:42 Jan 9, 2015
Directed by two-time Oscar-nominee Lee Daniels (for Precious), the premiere of this nighttime soap opera is mostly devoted to introducing characters and setting the stage for the impending struggle to control the thriving family business. There's a
20:40 Jan 7, 2015
Next, he edited 'Total Chaos: The Art and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop,' an anthology of essays and interviews. Here, he talks about his latest opus, 'Who We Be: The Colorization of America,' which has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstan
14:53 Jan 7, 2015
Hollywood prefers to designate sheriffs here as heroic, along with feats by the Pemberton couple as saviors of the workers from dangerous working conditions.
05:26 Jan 7, 2015
After examining the divergent behavior of siblings Michla and Peter, director Reuveny devotes attention to how the pair's second and third generations have adjusted to life.
03:24 Jan 7, 2015
Of the many documentaries about Muhammad Ali, none are quite like this, up close and personal, with the entire film centered around the tapes Ali recorded of conversations he had with his children from the time they were able to talk.
19:37 Jan 4, 2015
The Liar's Dice drama is a stunningly crafted depiction of the fate of rural mountain culture in India today, infused with the potent sensibility of what is not said.
17:26 Jan 4, 2015
He elder lovebirds don't by the end make a grim transition into the usual end of life disease of the week melodrama. But there is an ensuing love triangle.
04:57 Jan 2, 2015
Unbroken, the story of Olympian airman, Louie Lamperini, is an honorable, historical drama, an uplifting tribute to the indomitability of the human spirit.
22:51 Jan 1, 2015
Prairie Miller says the James Agee Cinema Circle, defies the financially controlled, bought and paid for bogus Hollywood awards, with the JACC Anti-Oscars.
15:06 Jan 1, 2015
Who was General Tso? A military hero, or was his title merely honorary, like that of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Find out here.
13:27 Jan 1, 2015
Kam's Kapsules - first for 2015: Kam Williams gives us his first weekly 2015 previews, to help choose which films to see, including The Woman in Black 2.
12:42 Jan 1, 2015
Top of the list is the first feature-length biopic about Dr. King, which is hard to believe since the revered national icon was assassinated way back in 1968.
06:43 Dec 31, 2014
In 1971 Scott Parker purchased Watson's and changed the name to Watson Drug and Soda Fountain. During our meeting, we met Mr. Parker, who to this day is a Pharmacist at Walgreen's.
16:39 Dec 30, 2014
Gil Robertson, the African-American Film Critics Association founder, reflects on the organization's start and its progress, in a session with Kam WIlliams.
15:05 Dec 30, 2014
After spending a bountiful and festive Christmas eve, it is unwinding to spend the rest of the holidays by watching movies with family and friends!
14:07 Dec 29, 2014
Russell Simmons has been very active as of late in the Black Lives Matter movement, and not merely as a participant on the picket lines.
05:16 Dec 27, 2014

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