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That is only one of several storylines in a romance-driven sequel which unfolds more like a daytime soap opera than a fully fleshed-out feature film. Scene after scene is simply a setup for another transparent love triangle.
20:05 Mar 11, 2015
Twenty- and thirtysomethings confront the confusion of technology with identity in 'My Technology,' a new play of ensemble creation conceived and directed by Deena Levy.
19:11 Mar 11, 2015
Adam Sandler says he got a kind of identity crisis when his screen dad Dustin Hoffman may or may not have turned into him, and he talks about annoying bright lights, bad landlords, and soup
05:09 Mar 11, 2015
Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, The Cobbler has to be considered a big disappointment, given the high expectations set by his impressive earlier offerings.
05:04 Mar 11, 2015
Great Kills by Tom Diriwachter is a darkly comic tale of a get-rich-quick scheme in Staten Island that goes awry. Features Joe Pantoliano, noted for starring roles on Broadway, film and TV.
04:58 Mar 11, 2015
The plot thickens as it becomes clear that the exasperated shrink isn't up to the task, and the subject gets the better of their intense sessions.
22:50 Mar 9, 2015
This is a fresh and nearly flawlessly conceived yarn. A combo earthy nymph (Zoe Kravitz) with kindred amphibious desires releases her inner mermaid at the local swimming pool.
05:27 Mar 9, 2015
After settling on seven promising proteges, Coach White doesn't know whether their cash-strapped families can afford to let them run track in lieu of laboring as farm workers
05:26 Mar 9, 2015
Theater for the New City presents 'Martyrs Street' By Misha Shulman. Chilling tale of two houses in Hebron examines the take-over of Israeli and Palestinian societies by religious extremists.
21:48 Mar 8, 2015
This year, the Women Film Critics Circle presents their second annual WFCC Award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival, for Best Film By Or About Women.
18:14 Mar 8, 2015
In the antebellum era, when minstrel shows took the US by storm as the country's first popular form of entertainment, African-American males were portrayed by white men in blackface as servile or surly.
17:24 Mar 8, 2015
In an evening of one-acts, food is used as a motif to examine the daily clashes in life and the social and personal issues behind them.
16:34 Mar 7, 2015
This should be a story about achievement and patriotism and glory; but instead it's a tale of prejudice and castigation and ingratitude.
04:31 Mar 7, 2015
World master in the ancient healing technique of Reiki, Jaclyn Kalkhurst provides life changing experiences for clients in Los Angeles.
05:00 Mar 6, 2015
A sensational kidnapping that captivated the Dutch nation, a high-octane drama based on a real-life crime back in 1983.
14:32 Mar 4, 2015
The coroner quickly concludes an old lady died of natural causes, but her young neighbor suspects otherwise, much to the frustration of her fiance.
03:42 Mar 4, 2015
Here are three not-to-miss big budget films for this week that will bring delight and color to your hectic days ahead, starting with Chappie, and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel followed by independent and foreign films.
17:13 Mar 3, 2015
At romantic Caffe Pinguini in Los Angeles, we find Tom Hallick, known for Gangster Squad, and his wife Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli.
14:59 Feb 28, 2015
An Army vet, in love with a CCNY secretary, would win her by setting up a be-bop jazz club on Ninth Avenue with the help of a black saxophonist he befriended in the service and a couple of low-lifes he has met along the way.
13:12 Feb 28, 2015
There were no upsets in terms of the major categories, with Julianne Moore (Still Alice) and Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) prevailing in the lead acting categories, as expected
03:55 Feb 28, 2015

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