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The Rewrite is a delightful romantic romp written and directed by Marc Lawrence (Miss Congeniality). It is the fourth collaboration between Lawrence and Hugh Grant
02:22 Feb 16, 2015
Clay Walsh, an unassuming gentleman retreats to a quiet Midwestern town to run his Aunt Zella's antique store, and finds an attractive free-spirit in Amber Hewson.
13:58 Feb 15, 2015
Prairie Miller investigates on-stage reimaginings and revelations, with Nevermore, A vividly conceived musical fantasy, focusing on the iconic and tragic Edgar Allen Poe.
05:09 Feb 15, 2015
A boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, could use a few lessons in etiquette, ala My Fair Lady's Eliza Doolittle.
04:03 Feb 15, 2015
When Black Boys Die is the second in a series of five plays by William Electric Black, called GUNPLAYS, that address inner city violence and guns.
06:23 Feb 13, 2015
This historical drama is a skillful study of the enlightened and complex queen of Sweden who was reared as a man but fought a lifelong struggle to prove that a woman could rule as a king.She ended the Thirty Years War but abdicated amidst financial
14:43 Feb 12, 2015
Prior to that, she starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac in the comedy Soul Men as well as in This Christmas, opposite Regina King and Mekhi Phifer. Her performance in the latter project won her an Asian Excellence Award for outstanding
12:25 Feb 12, 2015
In Judgment on a Gray Beach, by Elia Schneider, themes of exile and totalitarianism are explored by a condemned man on a beach with ten sheepish antiheroes.
11:28 Feb 12, 2015
For the delight of audiences five to 105, Chechoslovak-American Marionette Theater performs an ensemble Featuring four performers, and marionettes
03:39 Feb 12, 2015
The film is adapted from a period in Boorman's own life back in the 1950's, when primarily perplexed young men were begrudgingly conscripted into the army. And to not only unfathomably fight other people's battles in an essentially anti-communist Am
01:42 Feb 12, 2015
New play by Lu Hauser portrays Gregor Samsa as torn between his father, who wants to keep him on the straight and narrow with a full time job, and his friendship with artists of the Yiddish Theater, who want him to join and write for them.
23:56 Feb 11, 2015
Watching movies is one romantic way to spend the special day with someone we love. Kam Williams starts the list with Fifty Shades of Grey and Kingsman: The Secret Service.
20:58 Feb 11, 2015
Travis forgot about the unresolved romantic tensions which contributed to the breakup, given how Barry had an unrequited crush on Anna
13:57 Feb 11, 2015
Julianne Moore met with Prairie Miller to talk about getting into ferocious character for Seventh Son, as scary witch Mother Malkin.
06:44 Feb 10, 2015
An estrogen-fueled sepia posse of Marieme (Karidja Toure), Lady (Assa Sylla), Adiatou (Lindsay Karamoh) and Fily (Marietou Toure), are rudderless rebels without a clue.
04:06 Feb 9, 2015
This epic unfolds like a classic origins tale by introducing a plethora of characters and filling in their back stories. A housekeeper in Chicago discovers she is to inherit the earth.
04:10 Feb 8, 2015
Pasquale Esposito and Dino Natali take the audience to the cities and places that shaped Enrico Caruso's life and made him an international star.
19:32 Feb 7, 2015
These are the must-see movies before everybody else join the bandwagon of love stuff before the Valentine's celebration!
19:31 Feb 7, 2015
Stars come out for the Fit Expo, Los Angeles, held this week and weekend at L.A. Convention Center. This story explains more.
18:06 Feb 6, 2015
Tasha's memorable portrayal of Angela in Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married, Too? sparked the spin-off series focused around her relationship with her husband.
05:28 Feb 6, 2015

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