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Cookie Curci looks at the funny things we do and say, that don't seem to have a connection with the modern world we live in, but that we still use.
04:07 Oct 18, 2015
Among special programs at this year's Viennale will be: Choreography of Desire - A Tribute to Tippi Hedren, focusing on the legendary classics, THE BIRDS and MARNIE, that were produced under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock...
17:50 Oct 10, 2015
It's the 40th Anniversary season for first organization to specialize in chamber music and songs by women composers.
16:43 Oct 9, 2015
The Miracle of Long Johns is a theater critic's suspenseful tale of dedication, patience, endurance, humility and surprise.
19:23 Oct 7, 2015
The famed documentary play traces the American quest for racial equality from the earliest days of the republic to the Little Rock crisis of 1957.
16:42 Oct 3, 2015
From October 8 to 25, Theater for the New City will present the world premiere of a new play by Mario Fratti, 'Wives,' in a double-bill with his breakthrough play, 'The Academy.' Taken together, the two plays illustrate the changing nature of the ba
04:30 Oct 3, 2015
This race hate documentary chronicles neo-Nazi relocation to Leith, a small town in North Dakota, and what the locals did to get rid of the supremacists.
19:32 Oct 1, 2015
August Strindberg Rep presents Strindberg's play, The Storm in October, 2015 as part of a month-long exploration of the author's final works.
18:59 Oct 1, 2015
August Strindberg Rep to present Burnt House, a mysterious whodunit by Strindberg, as part of an exploration of the author's final works.
16:09 Sep 30, 2015
La MaMa to present Dario D'Ambrosi's award-winning version of 'Medea' with a chorus of actors with diverse abilities from Teatro Patologico di Roma.
20:54 Sep 29, 2015
The year is 1960. The television empire is on the rise and cinema's only hope for survival is to adapt.
17:23 Sep 29, 2015
Three very close African American women grapple with friendship, sisterhood, love, life, faith and HIV in our modern world as they take different paths.
18:46 Sep 28, 2015
The award-winning Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel is a truly great getaway for families and companies holding corporate events, and the cuisine is divine.
18:30 Sep 28, 2015
Pretending to be someone you're not comes at a cost. A comedic drama about the way past and present can collide to jeopardize the future.
15:53 Sep 28, 2015
Artists use movement to explore a young girl's fight for her life against a dark and mysterious force.
15:42 Sep 28, 2015
Two one-acts employ creative storytelling, music and movement to examine addiction, mental illness and gender power. A re-imagining of the Medusa myth.
21:57 Sep 24, 2015
Let it Come Down is a unique hybrid story inspired by deposition transcripts from a malpractice lawsuit, the relationship between a therapist and patient.
19:00 Sep 24, 2015
The year is 2015. The world is in disarray: global warming; political unrest; economic collapse; bicycles on sidewalks. Who can save us? The League of Extraordinary Blondes!
18:16 Sep 24, 2015
New play by Jonas Hassen Khemiri is a look at the way our cultural backgrounds dictate who we are and fuel the stereotypes that trap us.
14:03 Sep 23, 2015
Your Name on My Lips, a Musical by Eric Sirota: True Art. True Love. Looks at the way we crave love and how hard we will work to sustain it.
00:20 Sep 23, 2015

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