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If Open Carry and Campus Carry are watered down with hostile amendments, those responsible for their demise must not say they support the Second Amendment.
4 days ago
Florida House of Representatives passed a bill to convert concealed carry permits to handgun carry permits, allowing handguns to be carried openly or concealed.
6 days ago
The Florida Supreme Court narrowly limited questions to be argued - whether Florida's Open Carry ban violates the Second Amendment or the Florida Constitution.
11:59 Jan 28, 2016
Charles Nichols recommends not giving the NRA money, so it will collapse under its own bureaucratic weight, ending the nation's largest gun-control organization.
15:12 Jan 27, 2016
Clarence Walker, the NewsBlaze Legal Business Writer investigates the cases of people denied employment or a decent place to live because of a criminal record.
03:48 Dec 16, 2015
Charles Nichols asks why were the San Bernardino shooting victims unarmed? The answer is partly because of the National Rifle Association.
17:21 Dec 11, 2015
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has accused Google of tracking school children's personal information, including their Internet searches.
04:47 Dec 8, 2015
The US supplement industry is worth $15 billion. But that figure did not stop federal officials from swooping in to arrest six executives of a Texas supplement manufacturer.
04:15 Nov 27, 2015
Mr. Gura's new concealed carry lawsuit will make the same mistakes as his old lawsuit plus new mistakes. He should limit his lawsuits to challenging bans.
23:39 Nov 20, 2015
Florida House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee approved the bill, CS/HB 163, in a 7-6 vote with two RINO Republicans voting against the bill.
20:03 Nov 18, 2015
The US Supreme Court announced it has again postponed a decision on whether or not it will grant the petitions in three separate Second Amendment appeals.
03:51 Nov 17, 2015
Chaffetz is also the head of The House Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The committee is currently investigating further into the usage of the suitcase-size device.
14:32 Nov 11, 2015
A student refused to move out from her desk, and that caused the policeman to act. The viral video may not have shown the whole scene.
14:39 Nov 10, 2015
The question for the court is simple. Is the possession or carrying of a firearm by default lawful or unlawful under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments?
14:28 Nov 10, 2015
Having read so many of their briefs I can predict one of the things NRA lawyers will say in their challenge to the City of Los Angeles magazine ban.
06:07 Sep 2, 2015
One can only hope that the en banc decision is published soon but there is no time limit for the court to issue its decision and may take years.
00:06 Sep 2, 2015
Windows 10 is easy to install and fast to use though some features have a learning curve. The one-sided legalese can be fun light summertime reading.
14:10 Aug 11, 2015
The number of legal blogs have dramatically increased over the past couple years. But not accounting for these facts means not all are very successful.
08:27 Aug 8, 2015
Two former Louis Berger International executives, Richard Hirsch and James McClung, pled guilty in the Federal court in Trenton, New Jersey.
16:06 Jul 22, 2015
After the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Court reaffirmed one of America's founding principles that all are created equal
15:33 Jun 29, 2015

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