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Reports say the notorious Islamic State group claimed responsibility of the attacks in the Mediterranean country as posted in social media pages.
21:53 Nov 13, 2015
Lebanon is known for its un-demarcated and porous border with Syria that offers opportunity for terrorist infiltration in both directions.
13:41 Apr 12, 2014
Incidents of terrorism also increase and threatens security situation in Lebanon with the ongoing dangers from Hezbollah's support for the Assad regime and the flow of violent extremists, whether they be from the al-Nusra front version in Lebanon,
14:39 Mar 2, 2014
The United Nations has now set up tents for some of the newest arrivals in Lebanon, thus creating Lebanon's first formal tented settlement for Syrian refugees.
02:41 Jan 11, 2014
Chatah, a Sunni Muslim, opposed to Hezbollah's political and military role in Lebanon, was on his way to attend a meeting when the explosion occurred.
21:48 Dec 30, 2013
Reports say an Al Qaeda member named Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility of the attack.
11:08 Nov 20, 2013
In a press statement by Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf, the US government strongly condemns the terrorist bombings at the al-Taqwa and al-Danawi mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon.
18:29 Aug 24, 2013
To neutralise Hezbollah, to weaken Iran, to save Lebanon and to save the Syrian people, the regime of Bashar al Assad must be dismantled, by military force if necessary
19:05 Oct 24, 2012
He also voiced concern over the spate of violence and kidnappings which have raised fears of renewed sectarian conflict in Lebanon.
13:24 Sep 6, 2012
Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland stresses that without a doubt, challenges remain for the people of Lebanon.
09:29 Mar 16, 2012
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Norman Farrell who replaces Daniel Bellemare, whose three year mandate with Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) ended Wednesday.
06:43 Mar 3, 2012
UNIFIL is responsible for helping foster stability in southern Lebanon.
09:13 Jan 26, 2012
The mission, which has been operating since 1978, currently has just over 12,000 peacekeepers from 35 countries deployed in Lebanon.
10:57 Jan 16, 2012
Tensions have ballooned in advance of an indictment by a United Nations tribunal investigating the killing of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri. It could implicate members of the Shiite Hezbollah movement and lead to an outbreak of violence, acco
07:57 Apr 5, 2011
As usual it is much easier to be negative and critical than be positive offering remedies. I for one don't wish to be in the shoes of those responsible for running the much maligned channel.
15:34 Oct 4, 2010
Anyone who thinks Hezbollah is just an Israeli problem is fooling himself. And anyone who thinks Iran's VEVAK and Revolutionary Guards are not active outside the Middle East is terribly wrong.
16:30 Oct 25, 2009
Three years on, Hezbollah rhetoric and Iran-Syria-Hezbollah linkage have changed little. Changes include Hezbollah's extended reach South of the open US border and the number of weapons controlled by Hezbollah.
15:04 Jul 7, 2009
A series of bombings in northern Lebanon and Damascus, followed by mutual accusations, are a matter of concern to world powers, including the United States and France.
06:33 Oct 2, 2008
Leaders of Lebanon's two most influential parties may soon meet in an attempt to resolve the paralyzing internal political conflict in Lebanon.
04:34 Sep 24, 2008
Crossfire War - Rapid Fire News=Tehran-Islamabad-Ankara Watch-Eurasia Theatre: Iran Remains Defiant on Nuclear Weapons Program - Deadline on Saturday to Be Ignored; Hezbollah-UNIFIL
14:45 Jul 30, 2008

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