Pope Francis Always Infallible When Speaking on Faith and Morality


Pope Has Two Aces

How many have derided Pope Francis lately for being very lax with Church standards on gay marriage, fertility matters, and Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)? The Catholic Church has withstood constant rock-throwing even from other Christian faiths. The Catholic Church will always be around. Other faiths may disappear for various reasons.

People keep forgetting – or they just don’t know – the pope is always infallible when speaking on faith and morality. The pope, however, can be fallible if he makes a prior decision on the winner of any sports game, or anything associated with future predictions. But ‘AGW’ is theoretically out of bounds. He is not a scientist or meteorologist. Remember how back in Galileo’s time, he was relinquished to ‘house arrest’ due to belief in heliocentrism (orbit around sun).

This panorama, shot from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, shows pretty much all that there is to Vatican City. Taken during our recent trip to Rome.

Galileo Under House Arrest

Galileo’s championing of heliocentrism was controversial when most subscribed to geocentrism (orbit around earth). Opposition from astronomers doubting heliocentrism forced investigation by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, which stated heliocentrism was false. Galileo later defended his views which ‘appeared’ to attack Pope Urban VIII and alienated the Jesuits, both of whom had supported Galileo previously. He was tried by the Holy Office, found suspected of heresy, and forced to recant. When the real science was determined, Galileo was exonerated, but dead shortly thereafter.

Pope Francis is scheduled to release an encyclical – a teaching document – addressing climate change June, and highlighting this topic when he addresses Congress in September. It seems he has been much maligned with talk about receding icecaps, more storms, savage weather, higher temperatures, lessening shoreline, etc., etc.

He does not seem to be getting the correct information about additional ice in the polar areas, lessened hurricanes than in the recent past, longer growing seasons, no unexpected sea-rise, and CO2 much less than it was several eons ago. For these matters, he is entirely dependent upon Vatican resources, and can be mistaken as the papacy was with Galileo.

Catholic Politicians

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a very religious conservative, is a politician embracing Francis, as well as many others. Jindal was one of the few relating his apparent differences of opinion with the pope on matters like evolution and the Big Bang. Francis has revealed both theories are compatible with Catholicism.

Actually, both could be very true, but we will probably not find out for a very long time if either theory is correct. In January, Rick Santorum (possible presidential candidate) was somewhat agitated by Francis’ “off the cuff” remarks about Catholics not needing to “breed like rabbits,” but he would still continue to heed the pope when “he speaks as the leader of the Catholic Church.”

One thing does seem forgotten, though. Francis’ “off-the-cuff” remarks are typically mistranslated from Latin, French, or whatever language the pope was speaking at that very minute.

‘Cafeteria’ Catholics

Democrats such as Kerry, Biden, and Pelosi are simply “cafeteria Catholics” and do not profess the true Catholic Faith. Among many others, these stances on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage differ so widely from the Catholic Church they have essentially excommunicated themselves – formally, or by self – caveat. The pope can bend or break on issues such as “AGW,” Big Bang theory, Cuba, evolution, science, etc., etc…, but he cannot on faith and morals. Even the pope can learn a few things. But he’ll be the first person who will admit it.

On the other hand, some will stand by “AGW” until the day they die. Tough way to learn the truth.