Governor Schwarzenegger Tours Green California Summit


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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today toured the Green California Summit. The governor says California is at the forefront of green technology and public policy, applauding those who work in this vital area. He said that companies and people who work in the green technology area are preserving our resources, protecting the environment and making a difference to our communities, the state and around the world.

Governor Schwarzenegger toured the Expo with Linda Adams, the California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary, who spoke at the conference on Tuesday.

The governor’s tour of the Expo hall, with over 260 exhibitor booths, begain with the green vehicles, that included several vehicles from Folsom Lake Dodge, a Clean Diesel vehicle from Bosch and several innovative electric vehicles.

Before moving into the conference hall, Governor Schwarzenegger stopped off at The Speakman Company booth, where he learned about OASYS, the company’s latest innovation. OASYS, a technological breakthrough in Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling, saves 80% in energy costs over traditional cooling and uses no harmful gases.

Next to the Speakman Company booth was The Energy Education Foundation, a foundation that acts as a bridge between government, industry and education. Bill Cullifer, the Executive Director introduced several participants to partners that could help them achieve their green goals. Many cities sent staff to participate in the conference and expo. The foundation fulfilled part of its charter by acting as the bridge between many of them. [ ]

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