California is Burning – Point of Origin Unknown


(Transcription of audio podcast)

California fires viewed from a flight into Los Angeles, by Will Roberts.

Well, as I write this I am sitting in the LAX airport heading in California to do a little talk at the Gene Autry museum. Now, no matter what I was doing in LA this weand the budget on this little Hollywood project is going to top the charts.ek, I could not beat the full-scale production that they have going on there. They are calling it … CALArmageddon. At the last count, they have kindly asked almost a half million people to leave their homes.

Flying closer to the smoke from CALArmageddon fires.

Flying into LA has given me an interesting view of the smoke and affect this fire is having on this part of the country. For some SoCal folks it is just another heavy smog day. I don’t really have any problems with LA smog, however, if you do, you might just want to stay indoors, unless you live in San Diego.

Flying closer to the heavy smoke above LAX.

These folks are past the invitation to leave and now have about 30 minutes to take what you can. And all these here folks from southern California have been crossing their fingers that they would not slide into the ocean because of an earthquake. Now with these fires ah raging they are reconsidering the dip in the ocean, it might do them some good. The damage that California faces to their homes will be probably the largest ever. Falling at a close second is the mortgage industries fire that is still raging and does not see signs of stopping.

Heavy Smoke over California.

I don’t know what to expect when I get to California, however keep posted to my column and I will keep you posted. I have my camera and my audio recorder. Pens and papers prove useless in this type of story. I will leave my comments short today to give you time to call anyone you know in California that may need your help and support. Go to them … Just call or email, everyone there has email on their phones. And if you don’t know anyone just sit back and wait, because I know your help will be needed in some way. Besides, they have dispatched the government to help and it may take us citizens to set a fire under them to get things done. If you are in California and reading or listening to this, our thoughts are with you. And by all means, email or call me if you have a GOOD story to tell I will come a running.

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