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Memory is the tutor of humanity, but the problem with memory is it forgets to read the minutes of the last meeting. And not remembering those minutes is kills a second time.
7 days ago
Ambassador Samantha Power says the US is deeply concerned about recent steps that appear to have effectively created a new settlement south of Gush Etzion.
16:08 Jan 30, 2016
To change the future of the world, show the children who will lead it one day what can be. Consider this: Jerusalem has presented us an open book, and it is up to us to turn the page.
18:58 Jan 28, 2016
The culprit in this illicit activity is the NSA, that accumulated information showing Israeli officials trying to turn lawmakers against the Iran deal.
12:12 Jan 7, 2016
Ambassador Power said the UN institution celebrates in its charter the equal rights of nations large and small (other than Israel).
15:31 Dec 21, 2015
This is a close quarters expose of life in a town being the bullseye target of the wicked terror organization, Hamas, which fired rockets at the civilians.
11:05 Dec 7, 2015
In Germany in the 1930s it began with creating an image of an evil Jew, it ended with 6 million Jews murdered. We are heading towards that scenario now.
03:21 Dec 2, 2015
Shalom means wholeness, and this event unifies diverse communities under the banner of the blue and white flag of the state of Israel.
14:48 Nov 25, 2015
Be inspired by Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer's work, where they never give up and redefine life, supporting victims of terror in need of long-term care.
22:32 Nov 17, 2015
Bring the awareness of Israel's contribution to the world to everyone's life; make it so well known that Israel's enemies cannot hide behind their lies.
03:32 Nov 17, 2015
The antisemite European Union passed a law to label Israeli goods to dissuade people from buying them, thereby supporting the BDS movement.
19:53 Nov 13, 2015
The Palestinian Authority (PA), is a human rights criminal organization that indoctrinates Palestinian youth with hatred, and the world pays it to do so.
02:01 Nov 9, 2015
During the event, which was a celebration of life and freedom, Rabbi David Baron of Temple of the Arts honored Mitch Flint, 92 year young, for his brave decision, against many odds, to go help Israel in time of great need. Mitch and Rabin have fough
15:05 Nov 5, 2015
Is Oslo becoming a derogatory word? The Oslo Accords failed miserably. Many Israelis paid with their lives and health because of this faulty, myopic agreement.
21:14 Nov 4, 2015
Israeli-Druze professionals are about to form Israeli-Druze advocacy group NGO to start ongoing public diplomacy campaign and be spokespersons for Israel.
20:30 Nov 1, 2015
Why, since 1967, there has been and continues to be Arab terrorism against Jews in the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel.
15:33 Oct 29, 2015
Prime Minister Netanyahu said the wave of attacks is driven directly by incitement from Hamas the Islamist movement and from Mahmoud Abbas and the PA.
15:26 Oct 28, 2015
Magen David Adom stands between life and death, saving lives in Israel, thanks to the generosity and support of people who clearly understand the predicament.
18:31 Oct 26, 2015
The USA and Canada were never at war, never at odds and never in conflict, yet there has always been a border fence between the two and no one complained.
13:09 Oct 21, 2015
In a war one must fight. Abbas plays the long game, while the world reacts to the effects of his lies. Time to fight Abbas, and Israel-yes, you can!
15:40 Oct 18, 2015

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